Video: Ubaldo Jimenez beans Troy Tulowitzki

We only had pictures of the incident before now. This video is so new that it is still loading a bit slowly, but here it is!

(H/T @KevinKaduk on Twitter)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I always love the guys running in from the bullpen by the time they get there everything is over.

  • Humboldt

    This is frankly embarrassing. Just a bush-league show of “manhood” by our so-called ace.   

  • eldaveablo

    Did the Indians have a split squad game, or did most of the team stay in the dugout? Just seems like there are a lot more Rockies out there defending their player. 

  • chh11

    It’s too bad also. Perez could have some Farnsworth in him

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    5 game suspension = 1 start and fine for Ubaldo.

  • Win 1 4 Me

    The headlines of the article state Jimenez beans former teammate. Then the article indicates Jimenez drills Tulowitzki with a pitch. A beaning is when the batter is hit in the head. Tulowitzki was hit on the elbow. I’m don’t agree with what Jimenez did, it was very immature considering it was his last tuneup before the regular season, but let’s not mislead your readers by misstating the facts.

  • Sara

    When a pitcher hurls a baseball at the head of a batter deliberately, that baseball becomes a 90++ mph missile thrown with the intent to hurt the batter, obviously.  If the face or neck is struck in the right place, the injury could be permanent, if not life threatening.   But fans and sports announcers seem to treat this lightly just because a famous pitcher’s name is attached to the attack.  Some say, “…well, that’s baseball!”  Oh yea?  I call it deserving of being permanently fired, and, in a pitcher’s case, permanently suspended! 

    Everywhere I have held jobs, the company considered it grounds for immediate dismissal if someone lays a hand on another employee (like shoving or verbal attacks). 

    Remember Tonia Harding supposedly having something to do with the 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan?  Harding was eventually banned from skating!  Point is, women in professional sports are expected to be above reproach, and men get a hand slap.  The MLB’s hypocritical tolerance of crimes committed on the ball field is reprehensible!!