Ubaldo Jimenez Drills Troy Tulowitzki in Possible Retribution

We may not have gotten an ace out of the Ubaldo Trade, but it sure looks like we might have gotten a hot-head bent on eternal revenge.

In today’s Spring Training game between the Rockies and Indians, Ubaldo Jimenez drilled his former teammate Troy Tulowitzki in the first inning on the first pitch to the Colorado SS.  No big deal, right?

Except that last week Tulowitzki made some unflattering comments to the local press concerning Ubaldo’s departure from the Rockies last season.  And that was after Ubaldo totally told a Colorado reporter how playing for the Indians was like “heaven” compared to the Rockies clubhouse.  Evidently this animosity goes back some time, at least since Tulowitzki received his massive contract extension (and Ubaldo did not) and perhaps all the way back to that one time when Troy stole Ubie’s favorite crayon during art class and then totally lied about it at lunch later that day.

Evidently the Bald One took notice.

Tulowitzki was removed from the game and taken to the clubhouse for X-rays.  Jimenez stayed in the game and let up 6 ERs, 5 BBs, 4 hits and 2 HRs over 4.1 innings pitched.

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  • DMohio

    There’s no “possible” retribution here. He drilled him and then pounded his chest and walked toward Tulo.

  • typo

    Is it too early to call him a one year wonder? Nothing about him impresses me.

  • Modellsux

    Agreed 100%. For the life of me I can not understand why a rebuilding team would make this trade.

  • cmm13

    If you’ve paid attention the Tribe for more than the past two years you know then that we only rebuild for a three to four year period to make a playoff run inside a 1-2 year window.

    The trade was made to shoot for that window last year and more particularly this year.

    If you are looking for something to not understand from the club this year it would be why the opted to sink the cash into Grady and Fausto when they knew Sizemore’s injury was more than what was made public and the whispers on Fausto.

  • EyesAbove

    I really hope he wasnt throwing at him purposely, but it certainly appears that way. If he was, it was a total punk move.

    5 walks and 2 homers today, I know its only spring training but Ubaldo has looked pretty wretched. Hope hes ready to go.

  • kjn

    If you look at his peripheral numbers, the ones that you judge a pitcher on like K and BB rates, he’s been pretty much the same pitcher for the past three years. ERA and wins are not the best stats to judge a pitcher’s skill on since they have less control over them.

  • kjn

    Part of me likes the passion, but it’s kind of a bush league move especially since it’s a st game.

  • TSR3000

    The only part of this story I care about is his stat line. And that part worries me.

  • Steve

     It’s too late to. The guy has already had 3 good years.

  • saggy

    Do i need to give my anti-sabremetrics rant again?  I don’t care about his K and BB rates.  I care that he is not a good pitcher.

    So here is the only number that matters: 1.

    that’s right, 1.  

    Meaning, take 1 look at the guy and you can tell he sucks.

  • Yup

    Oh? So you know actually scouting the guy and determing if he was worth the high price is also understandable? It one of the few times I agreed with Pluto when he questioned this trade when it happened. O’Dowd fleeced Antonetti and any armchair GM like Pluto or I could see it then. It baffles me that we’re supposed to just be happy the Indians were being “bold.” it is not enough! Is it too much to ask to be “bold” AND smart?

  • Steve

    Go ahead, give it, you’ll still be wrong about sabermetrics. K and BB rates are our best predictors going forward. Joe Schmo seeing a guy a couple teams might be the worst predictor going forward.