Thorpe: Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson Rookies With Most Upside

When the Cavaliers landed the #1 and #4 picks in the draft, it was imperative they land two impact players with those picks. We know Kyrie Irving has lived up to the top pick and then some, but there’s a fair debate as to whether or not Tristan Thompson was the right pick at #4.

ESPN’s David Thorpe, one of the sharpest talent evaluators in the media, think the Cavaliers might have nailed this draft. In his rankings of the rookies with the most upside, he obviously lists Kyrie #1 on the list, but surprising to some might be Tristan ranking #2 on his list.

2. Tristan Thompson

Take a look at the top 10 rookie rebounders (based on rebound rate). You’ll see guys who played four years of college, guys who have been pros overseas for years, and guys with huge, wide bodies that make it easy to soak up boards. And then there’s Thompson, who played one year in college and is still much weaker than most of his opponents. But that has not mattered.

Thompson really has very little clue how to play yet, especially around the rim, but he has been a very effective player on many nights. Given a few more years to figure things out, and considering he’ll be a long and elite athlete for a decade or so, it’s easy to imagine just how good he can be. He has All-Star potential.

Obviously there are a lot of ifs in there, but it’s exciting for Cavalier fans to know that Thorpe thinks so highly of Thompson’s potential. If Thompson even comes close to reaching that peak as a potential All-Star, the Cavaliers will be in good shape in a few years.

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    I for one, like many of your readers appreciate all of the hard work that you and the WFNY crew do. Don’t let the troll get to you. 

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    I can’t wait to see how many times you go to this well because knowing it really has nothing to do with the argument itself.. I forgot a name in a draft because I basically could care less who is taken in the draft other than Cleveland picks. You must get paid to know and scout all these players because how pathetic would someone be if they didn’t and just did that. Everything that I pretty much list is from memory of watching players live in games on tv. I might watch some you tube videos of players when there is a chance to we might take them but you got me I might slip up on a name from time to time. I wonder what is more important someone that can read a wikipedia page or someone that can look at talent and actually see where their ceiling is. Here let me get to your level of knowledge by clicking on this page that shows the draft list from last year. Alright done.

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    pucker up

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    So once again you speak on someone’s behalf. You must be omniscient.

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    No need to get defensive. I used “I believe” for a reason.

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    a note on the player that you meant to put in there:

    Kemba Walker

    37% FG
    32% 3pt
    4:2 Assist/TO ratio
    .020  WS/48

    He’s basically Lester Hudson (slightly better passer).

  • BrownsFanSF

    I’d say he was spot on (this is why i gave him the thumbs up).  We ready to talk about TT’s ceiling yet?

  • floydrubino

    Actually a million times I put Klay Thompson as the guy I wanted. My point is their is 10 or 15 guys I would want more than TT because he is the 15th- 20th ranked player around. It’s not just Kemba it’s a lot of players. I’m not worried about Kemba being better than TT because he already is.

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    I think it’s cool how you 2 finish each others sentences like an old married couple.