Scouts Inc: Browns Need Pretty Much Everything

ESPN’s Scouts Inc has released what they consider to be the definitive list of NFL team needs for the upcoming draft and, as expected, the Cleveland Browns have quite the list.

Topping the list of needs are essentially all things “offense,” spearheaded by quarterback, wide receiver, running back and right tackle.

Right now, their options at QB are starter Colt McCoy and veteran backup Seneca Wallace, but nobody expects it to stay that way. With two first-round draft picks, they will almost surely pick a QB with one of them. […]

There are some complementary receivers on this roster, but the Browns don’t have anything close to a difference-maker at this position. Greg Little is their best receiver, but at best he is a No. 2. As a group, it lacks consistent separation and it rarely gets deep. A vertical WR with speed would really upgrade this offense. […]

There is no explosiveness to this run game, and Cleveland’s best back, Peyton Hillis, left in free agency to Kansas City. Backup Montario Hardesty can’t seem to stay healthy, and Brandon Jackson is basically a third-down back with durability issues of his own. The Browns need a between-the-tackles runner to take some pressure off the QB position. […]

There is a big hole on the right side, as Tony Pashos has been released, G Artis Hicks is now in Miami and there aren’t any exciting developmental guys on the roster. They need an immediate starter.

For those keeping score at home, the Browns could use any player who plays on the offensive side of the football.

Interestingly enough, ESPN still lists “defensive end” as a need despite the team using essentially all of their free agency resources on replacements for the departed Jayme Mitchell. Rounding out the list is a linebacker — specifically weak-side — to help bolster the team’s weak run support and potentially fill in for Scott Fujita who could face suspension for his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty program.

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  • Garry_Owen

    “With two first-round draft picks, they will almost surely pick a QB with one of them.”

    Thanks, Mr. Juststartedwatchingthisfootballthingyesterday.  


  • Well, praise the gods that we didn’t dip our tiny toe into the Free Agent pool this year and fill any of these holes.  Rather, let’s “rely” on rookies from the 2nd, 3rd and possibly 4th round to play the majority of our games at exciting/important positions, like:

    1.  RT
    2.  RB
    3.  1WR
    4.  3WR
    5.  RG or LG
    6.  LB (we will need a new one once Fujita is banned for life)
    7.  CB
    8.  FS

    We should be fine.

  • Let’s hope you’re right that it is drivel.  Otherwise, can you imagine the noise of the tectonic plates shifting under Lake Erie if they take Tannehill at 4?

  • Garry_Owen

    If they take Tannehill at 4, or any QB in the first round (absent some stellar trade that nets us either Luck or Griffin), I will gladly draw my pitchfork from the oribiasi arms room. 

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I was basically thinking the same thing.

    “Hmmm, let’s have a look at the Browns’ roster.  Colt McCoy and Seneca Wallace at QB?  That’s not going to be good enough… they’re going to have to take a QB in the first round.”

    and later… “You know what, let’s just have them trade down to #3 so they can assure themselves of getting Ryan Tannehill.  Let’s project that since they were willing to sell the farm for RG3, they will also sell the farm for Tannehill.  Browns give up their 2 first round picks this year, 1 next year, 1 the year after, and 1 the year after that!  No first round picks Browns!  GET YOUR QB OF THE FUTURE NOW!”


  • Vindictive_Pat

    Ori, you got a mace in there?  I want to go medieval on their cans.

  • Let’s see…halberds…spears…Chuck Norris…swords…ah, here we go, maces.

  • Related, here is what ESPNInsider had to say about the Browns:

    Not only do the Browns have the fourth overall pick, they also pick 22nd in the first round. With 13 selections overall, Cleveland has more draft picks right now than can probably make the final roster.

    The Browns have taken the quantity over quality approach to drafting lately. That would be a huge mistake this year. If anything, they should be looking to trade up at times, packaging their excess picks to acquire higher-quality prospects. This team is starved for difference-makers.

    The first order of business is the Browns’ quarterback quandary. Cleveland made the biggest mistake of any team this offseason when it did not land the second pick overall to get Robert Griffin III. But that ship has sailed — time to move on. The Browns still desperately need a quarterback, which leads us to Ryan Tannehill. Assuming Andrew Luck, Matt Kalil and Griffin are off the board at No. 4, I would take Trent Richardson if I were in charge of the Browns. Tannehill should be a consideration. I firmly believe you can’t overspend for a franchise quarterback and am generally not a fan of taking a running back this early. But this case is different. Richardson is special. Richardson is the only player in this scenario whom I would put ahead of Tannehill on the Browns’ draft board.

    My approach now for Cleveland would be to build everything around Colt McCoy — even though I don’t believe he’s the team’s long-term solution at the position. I would go all in to draft a franchise quarterback early next year or to put a package together this year if Tannehill happens to slip in the first round. Adding a non-franchise quarterback prospect such as Brandon Weeden or Kirk Cousins makes little sense to me.

    This team has a ton of needs. The Browns need to be able to run the football. Richardson would be a terrific start to make that happen. Everyone is saying the Browns should go offense with all three of their early picks this year, looking at quarterback, running back, right tackle and/or wide receiver. I don’t disagree, but I also can’t say Cleveland is nearly set on the defensive side. This team needs a ton of work and has to put together an exceptional draft.

  • floydrubino

    Every team has a lot of holes but Cleveland’s weak offensive lines make a lot of these areas more noticeable. We can’t run the ball and until we can find a franchise qb we should be making our o-line the strength of our team. We need 2 guards and one right tackle and I am not sold on Alex Mack so maybe even a center. Lauvao and Pinkston have proved nothing and I want someone to push PInkston for a job. Resign Steinbach draft a guard and a tackle in the first 3 rounds and start making our o-line a strength. If we can run the ball the defense won’t be gassed too because maybe we can win the time of possession battle for once in 20 years.

  • Garry_Owen

    I want to gouge the eyeballs out of my head with every one of these draft projections and “expert analyses,” but I only have two, and it seems like someone is publishing some sewage every 8 minutes.  I don’t know why I keep reading about it.  Like a dog returning to its vomit . . .   April 26 cannot arrive soon enough. 

    Oh well.  I’ll see you tomorrow. 

  • Natedawg86

    Some drafts have us taking Weeden in the draft too.  Weeden?  Seriously, dude is old enought to retire by the end of his first contract.  Average age is 27 and people think we are going to draft a 28 year old with limited experience?

  • dwhit110

    Their premise is why their analysis is so stupid. The Browns need everything… so take THE BEST PLAYER AVAILABLE… No need to reach for a developmental QB

  • Garry_Owen

    But we need a QB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max

    wow…so simple, yet so profound. +1

  • Anewman714

    Disagree—-Browns need everything?–Dont see it that way. RB-WR-RT-G—-on offense LB on defense then fill the spots with best available. How in the hell people can say Colt is dont witht hat offense of last year, Peyton Manning would have QUIT. Give the kid a chance with a REAL offensive team and then see what happens—If he fails, we get Barclay next year

  • porckchopexpress

    Considering football pants resemble shortpants I suggest our “revolt” take a cue from the French rather than something midevil.   I see us more as the sans cullotte. marching through the streets of Paris, storming the Bastille

  • You forgot the ‘BREAKING’ headline, Scott.

  • Ritz

    “Interestingly enough, ESPN still lists “defensive end” as a need despite the team using essentially all of their free agency resources on replacements for the departed Jayme Mitchell.”

    That’s cause the replacements suck.

  • Sign TO

    My name.

  • Both of your last 2 comments are the type of intelligent statements that are rarely seen on other cleveland discussion boards (I won’t name the competitor),  but this is what keeps me coming back.

  • mgbode

    how about to replace Fujita and give us some speed at OLB instead of fill-in?

    L.David, R.Lewis, T.Lewis, S.Spence – I’ll take my chances with any of them.

  • mgbode

    hey, just think how well Aaron Rodgers played in his 28yo year (shouldn’t be hard, it was last year)

  • mgbode

    not sure we need CB.  Dmitri is adequate and I really like Ron Brooks in the 4th where he is currently projected (CB2 at LSU – which is DB University lately)

    starting LBers can be had in the 3rd / 4th as well.  L.David(2nd), R.Lewis(3rd), or T.Lewis/S.Spence(4th) are available. a starting RT can be had in the late 1st (Glenn), 2nd (Osemele) or 3rd (Schwartz). starting OGs can be found later in the draft (see Pinkston – lots of OTs moving to OGs in the 5th round area).

    Norwood isn’t a bad slot guy, but there are quite a few slot WRs in the middle rounds (running out of middle round picks though).  Let’s say we bypass this one.

    RBs come in all rounds of a draft though “guaranteed starters” are usually top2 round guys. WR1 generally are very high draft picks (more than most other positions – especially if you want early results).

    that leaves FS?   not many safeties are even rated as top2 round picks.  somebody should drop.

    ok, so let’s fill in your chart with these revelations 🙂

    RT – 1B – Cordy Glenn
    RB – 2 – David Wilson
    1WR – 1A – Blackmon
    3WR – 4B – Ryan Broyles (likely PUP to start year though)
    RG or LG – 5A – Senio Kelemete
    LB – 3 – R.Lewis
    CB – 4A – Ron Brooks
    FS – 5B – Eddie Whitley

    then, we can use the last 5 picks on BPA fliers.