NFL Rumors: Rams to Shop Jackson, in Hunt for Richardson

The Washington Redskins continue to haunt the Cleveland Browns during the off-season.

Per NBC Sports’ Evan Silva, The St. Louis Rams will reportedly shop long-time running back Steven Jackson this week as the 29-year-old bruising back is allegedly unhappy with his current contract. If Jackson is moved — with the reported price being a mid-round pick due to age, contract and mileage — the Rams would likely look to add Alabama’s Trent Richardson.

In an on-air broadcast, ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi speculates that the Rams, potentially feeling the running back could be gone by the time they select sixth-overall, could move up to the third, fourth or fifth spots in the draft, via the second-round pick they acquired in the deal with the Washington Redskins earlier this off-season.

The Redskins, in a legitimate duel with the Cleveland Browns, jumped to the second-overall selection — to select quarterback Robert Griffin III — by sending the Rams multiple first-round selections and a second-rounder for 2012. In late March, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher stated that the Browns were realistic trading partners with the Browns.

In the event that a team trades to the third spot in Thursday’s draft, the Browns would be forced to decide between USC’s offensive tackle Matt Kalil, LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne or Oklahoma State wide recevier Justin Blackmon. A trade down would also be a legitimate option with the Browns reportedly preferring staying in the top eight.

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(Source: Evan Silva)

  • Is Colt drastically better?

  • Yes.

  • Hmm…I really wonder.  Colt’s line has been given a lot of help by garbage time production. Take that away and he’s pretty awful.  He’s just not the answer and he doesn’t seem capable of reaching his receivers.

    Whether that’s a reflection on him or then or both remains to be seen, but I think its him more than them.

  • mgbode

    well, unless we draft Tannehill, we’ll get to see.   I don’t think drafting Foles, Osweiler, Lindley or Coleman in the mid-rounds will preclude Colt from starting the year.

    if we give him Richardson/Sanu, a RT, and another mid-round weapon (maybe Marvin Jones?) then he better put up or he’s going to be dumped no matter what our options are next offseason.

  • mgbode

    it hasn’t been 50 years yet.  still 2 to go.


  • Harv 21

    isn’t Green another Jordan Cameron? On the other hand these real tall, skinny TEs who can fly may be the cutting edge. As long as your RBs are really blocking and not just going through the motions.  

  • Runcordes

    My guess is that it would take a 2nd rounder to move into our 4th overall pick from the 6th. If they get a 3rd for Jackson, then they have to hope we will trade our 4th for their 6th and whatever else they want to throw in the mix.

  • As far as pure talent, Colt is light years better than Tommy Rees. Had Floyd had a Clausen caliber QB (nfl worthy talent) during his entire stay at ND, the story would be drastically different. I’m not arguing that there aren’t questions with Floyd but from a talent stand point, he’s fine. After Quinn and Clausen, ND has been a QB wasteland.

  • nah.  ladarius green is someone you need to game plan around.  playmaker.  you know where he is on the field at all times.  

    it _would_ be surprising if the browns dipped into TE again, but i was surprised when they took cameron last year.

    dont ask why, but i think green winds up with newton in carolina and they tear it up.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Maybe they can draft Fleener too that way they’ll have six TEs.  Nevermind that they didn’t know how to use two on the field at the same time.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Maybe they can draft Fleener too that way they’ll have six TEs.  Nevermind that they didn’t know how to use two on the field at the same time.

  • i hear ya man.  
    but harv asked for surprise picks.
    not for nothing but green had a workout in berea.

  • TSR3000

     I wouldn’t mind if we took Kalil. 

  • Harv 21

    a high pick for another TE or a d-lineman would aggravate me some. But I think Ben Watson is done, or close to it. He dropped some big passes last year, and those concussions are cumulative. If someone else emerges he might be a surprise cut.

  • mgbode

    nor would I.  I just see his value as higher at LT than RT and so another team that needs him there may be willing to pay more for that slot.

  • porckchopexpress

    Only problem is Minnesota has more of a say in it then we do, if we want a 1st and they want only a 2nd well…

  • porckchopexpress

    I think secretly Heckert wants St. Louis or TB to leapfrog us and take Richardson.  That way he can take Claiborne without anyone second guessing taking him over Richardson, or he can trade down to 8,9,10, and grab an extra second rounder.  And I’m pretty sure that is all you are going to get for a move down a few spots,  Washingtons insanity aside nobody is paying that premium to move into the 4 spot.  It is fun to hope though

    I said this somewhere else in here but can we all remember that the Browns are not going to be the ones setting the price on moving up for Richardson, Minnesota is.  You can’t ask for multiple 2nds, next years 1st, and Steve Jax if Minnesota only wants a second.  Just sayin’ I’m seeing impossibly high expectations for a move that is basically impossible to make.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Agree with that mgbode.  Also, let’s not forget the guy is playing for one of the worst offenses in the league the past 5 years, and he still racks up the stats… which is unusual for a team that is always having to pass in the 4th quarter because they’re behind.  But he’s a great pass catcher… 90 receptions in 2006.  That’s pretty incredible. 

    I’ll take S-Jax in a second.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Thanks for the clarification, mgbode.  🙂

    I’m only 36, so it’s been a lifetime for some of us!!! 

  • DontbringLBJback

    You’re right about some ridiculous expectations that people are throwing out there… but I don’t think S-Jax and there #33 (or #39) pick is too outlandish.  Two 2’s and next years 1st is way too much.  But my thoughts are that MN is not going to want Jackson as any part of a trade deal.  So, they have to work with the Browns, or try to trade S-Jax BEFORE draft day so they have the pick to use as trade ammunition.  But what are the chances of that happening?  Most trades happen the day of the draft because everyone is jockeying for position, and looking to see who’s on the board, and who’s gone.  But it’s a lot tougher to work out a 3 team trade scenario on draft day before pick #4 comes off the board.

    So to me, the best scenario for St. Louis and the Browns, is working out a deal now that includes S-Jax, and either #33 or #39 and they guarantee themselves Trent Richardson at #4.  They don’t HAVE TO deal with MN because there is NO WAY that MN takes Trich… it would be insane for them to pick Trich… so you know he’ll be on the board at 4.

  • Henry Brown

    Reiff, David, Weeden

  • Henry Brown

    Teams aren’t going for it. Philly wants a 5th/6th for Assante Samuel and nobody is taking.

  • Henry Brown

    Exactly, we’re doing them a favor taking on his contract.

  • Bryan

    Someone explain to me this:

    If the Rams want the 4th pick, and they are willing to part with their 2nd rounder to get it, why didn’t they just take Holmgren’s initial offer of 3 first rounders and the 4th pick for the 2nd pick, rather than take the ‘Skins offer of 3 first rounds, a 2nd rounder and the 6th pick?  They would have ended up in the spot they want (4th) with the same net gain in picks (3 firt rounders) with much less work.

    My view is that either the Rams are idiots or they are bluffing (or Holmgren lied about his offer of 3 first rounders).

  • mgbode

    yep, I fall into that category too, but we get to claim each and every year (we had to listen to our dad’s go on and on about those other years anyways)

  • Steve

    Because one of those picks is 22. The Rams are (probably rightfully so) betting that Washington’s 1st round picks will all be better than that. And at the time they may have thought the guy they wanted would still fall to 6.

  • Harv 21

    don’t know, pork, after two drafts and ignoring high profile FAs Heckert strikes me as pretty immune to second guessing. He took supposedly slow Joe Hade, he’s never sounded defensive about passing on Jones or taking Phil Taylor whn most everyone was shocked. It’s Holms who gets all beet red and haughty. I think Heck is going to do what he’s decided to do. And I like that. 

  • Bryan

    Your first point is fair.  Your second point, though, highlights why, if they were really set on one guy, they should have preferred our package.  By swapping 2 for 4 (instead of 2 for 6) they would have greatly minimized the risk of losing out on they guy they wanted.  They would have received one less pick in the process and (possibly) a weaker set of 1st rounders.  But if they really loved a guy at the top of the draft, that is a small price to get him with certainty (you know Minnesota is not taking a RB).

    My view is that, because they did not do this, its unlikely that they are really attached to any single guy in the top 6.  Which means this trade talk is likely hot air (or Holmgren lied to us).

  • akzipper

    Imagine this….Cleveland gets leapfrogged for both RG3 and Trent Richardson. Both with trades involving the Rams. With nothing to show for it. Wow talk about a nightmare draft!!

  • Josh Frisbie

    Weeden isn’t that good… Let’s put this into perspective here. Do u realize that I’d Barkley and Landry jones were in the picture he would be like the 6th best qb on the board? I mean come on people. Cot has not had a fair shake at things. Bad line, worse recievers an a run game that was inconsistent at best. U can’t just wish a franchise qb

  • Www Cookieman45856

    The browns should trade with st. Louis and get their first and jackson and hope blackman or kalil can fall to them witch is possible. With more picks from the rams the browns can load up.