NFL Report: Mike Adams visits Browns and Steelers

This isn’t a surprise at all, but it is the first report we’ve heard that Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams has indeed already visited the Browns-

“Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams has visited the Pittsburgh Steelers, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills and the Cleveland Browns, according to a league source.”

This comes from Aaron Wilson, who writes for Scout.com, National Football Post and covers the Ravens locally. He can be found on twitter @RavensInsider.

We’ve discussed the Adams to the Browns possibility before. As well as his poor showing at the combine. At the very least, you would imagine Adams would be a possibility for the Browns at #22.

The Steelers have the 24th pick. Scouts Inc. lists Adams as the 27th rated player in the draft.

  • If he’s willing to go work with LeCharles Bentley at his lineman school, I’m on board picking him. 🙂

  • Natedawg86

    pick him up at 37

  • mgbode

    just a curiosity:  isn’t Bentley’s OL school only for pre-draft (pre-combine)?  once the draft is done, veterans can start working with their teams as can rookies, so not sure how he would be able to have his camps.

  • RyInCbus

    Meh.  I’ll pass on Mike Adams.  He simply does not possess the type of work habits, strength and technique that you would typically want out of a right tackle; a guy who should be more of a road-grater, mauler type who’s strength is run-blocking.  Adams is more of a left tackle where you typically find guys who are stronger in pass protection and are able to protect the quarterback’s blindside when he drops back to pass.  I think the Browns would do well to look more at the likes of Ole Miss OT Bobbie Massie or Cal OT Mitchell Schwartz.  Both of those guys are way more physical than Adams and can be Day One starters at the right tackle position for a team with a right handed rushing attack.  What’s even better is that both those guys can be found in either the 2nd or 3rd rounds, unlike Adams who would most likely cost us #22 overall. 

  •  No, I believe Jason Pinkston has been there for the majority of this years offseason

  • jewpants

    exactly.  once you get past the 5+ 1/2(blackmon) ‘elite’ prospects, the draft is a big picture/long term game

  • mgbode

    poorly worded by me.  I meant to say doesn’t it end sometime before the draft (for rookies and veterans) since the players can work out with the team afterwards.

  •  then yes! i am pretty sure its an offseason only thing every year, so he wont be able to go until next year

  • TSR3000

    So many better OL prospects.  Get a good one at 22.