NFL Draft Rumor: Cold water for Eagles trade with Browns

We all know that the air is filled with lies this time of year as teams posture and pose to try and create scenarios for draft day. If a Philly report is true, the thoughts of trading the Browns fourth pick to the Eagles is just another in a long line of misinformed nuggets.

Citing a high-level Eagles source, CSN Philly’s Reuben Frank reports that the report of Philly’s interest in trading up to the fourth selection was “just another pre-draft rumor,” and there is “little chance” the Eagles would jump 11 spots in the draft’s first round.

Frank’s Eagles source did concede that Philadelphia and Cleveland have “spoken several times,” but that could have just as much to do with Browns G.M. Tom Heckert and Eagles coach Andy Reid’s longstanding relationship as it may with Philly’s intentions to make a costly draft-day maneuver.

But they did talk, right? So you’re saying there’s a chance??!?!?? As I said earlier in the day, I’m still enjoying this ride. Hope you are too.

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  • Lem

    “Frank’s Eagles source did concede that Philadelphia and Cleveland have ‘spoken several times’….”

    If anything the media probably has this reversed. Why couldn’t Cleveland be talking to Philly about moving from 22 to 15?

  • Jasonstout21

    Probably all lies…but great “dumb and dumber” reference Craig.

  • Jasonstout21

    Probably all lies…but great “dumb and dumber” reference Craig.

  • TheRobot57

    I’d expect them to trade up much more than down. They need to package some of those late picks and move up.

  • saggy


  • porckchopexpress

    More than the Hard Knocks look behind the scenes at training camp I would love to see a show that pulls the curtain back on the world between the combine and draft day. Pick a team and a couple of high powered agents and even a news source such as Yahoo sports and see how stories get created, and how the newsmakers decide which get run and which don’t. 

  • Mark

    This is a fantastic idea so it will never happen.

  • Max


  • Max

    you’d have a better chance getting inside the CIA

  • JoshKess

    Frank from Philly huh? Always Sunny?

  • woofersus

     True, and talks like that are generally just a framework of contingencies in case you suddenly think the guy you want is going to go a couple of picks early.  There are probably a ton of theoretical trade conversations that never come to anything every year, but when you’re on the clock it helps to already have an idea what it would take to move up a later pick.

  • Petefranklin

    Makes real sense if Kalil is available @4. If Mo is gone I want picks, and TRich or blackmon  might be there @15 anyway.

  • Adam

    Not a chance Richardson or blackmon are anywhere near there at 15

  • Jaker

    Very true. How about Richardson at 4 and Floyd at 15? That would be a monster haul for round 1. These are your weapons Colt, there are many others like them, but these are yours…