NFL Draft Rumor: Browns and Eagles talking deal?

A rumor linked to Tony Grossi’s musings is all over Twitter indicating that the trade winds could be blowing as we move closer to the draft. The meat of the rumor has the Eagles looking to move up to #4 presumably to take Ryan Tannehill. The Eagles have the 15th pick in the draft and also numbers 46 and 51 in the second round.

For the Browns, it takes them out of the running for guys like Richardson, Blackmon and of course, Tannehill. If it happens the Browns will have five picks in the top 51 which could allow them to fill more spots. It also gives them the bullets to trade back into the first round if they choose to go that route.

The trade being rumored does work out on the cliche, but presumably antiquated “NFL Draft Pick Value Chart.” Hopefully if the Browns do trade down they will pit the Eagles and a team like maybe the Dolphins against each other to really maximize the haul.

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  • lol ya your right…but i wasnt tring to sound like a know it all but martin and adams benched in the low 20’s…that is very weak and going against stronger guys up front on the oppents defense there going to get smked…..i just want are team to be good soo bad and dont wan them to mess up!!!!!!!!

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Don’t let your optimism and imagination be retarded here it’s kind of refreshing.  You had me fired up for a bit then I remembered we were discussing the Cleveland Browns.  Talk about a cold shower!

  • was just joking wasnt tring to affend anyone sorry

  • was just joking sorry but i thought upshaw great player two until i relized it was college talent he was going up against and only did the bench at pro day 22 times,thet worries me taken him his strength isnt up to par for the pro’s and cb’s and wr’s where lifting that much thats all

  • sorry was joking around…….i just think if we get a trade with no future number ones we are going out like chumps ,ive seen teams give up a future number one pick to move up for another second rounder…it just the guys availble is just as good as luck and griffin and teams reallly want them in kalil,claiborne,richardson,and blackmon…..man i just want are team to get what is fair

  • i know it problaly will never happen,  but for once i wish we where the aggreser ant think and do big and just go for it

  • lol…….hey a pipe dream,right!lo just throw stuff out there and just maybe they might see it or do it…but i know its not going to happen…but it could the other team would take the picks we just have to give them up and get the players but  .lol pipe dream really

  • if we get all fired about it maybe they will listen

  • its alot retarded..lol but its possible if we give the picks up…but is it worth it for 5 firsts and five seconds and rest of your draft to give up ten drafts probabbly not for the long haul but for the short one we might grabe some super bowls with talent

  • BomberDawg

    If they doe this, then they truly are the worst franchise in the league.  Get Richardson. Period.

  • TheRobot57

    That’s a really big stretch. The only way he’s there is if someone trades for the 3rd. It’d either be Kalil or Richardson then, you aren’t trading up to get either of them. Giving up the 22nd and a package of picks to get the 5th for Richardson would be stupid.

  • floydrubino

    I disagree. There are 2 tackles worth taking in first 10 picks. Depending on team needs who knows when they will go. If we can trade out of pick Reiff might not be there at #8 because St Louis might take him at #6. If we don’t get a tackle early we will have to draft someone like Massie way earlier than he should go as far as his talent level is. I wouldn’t want to trade down past St Louis if we do want Reiff. But if we can get some extra 2nd rounders and turns this into Osemele and Brock Osweiler or Brandon Weeden and we can get Decastro with the 15th pick and we still have 37th and 22nd pick we could use this to get some solid players.

  • floydrubino

    Those contracts are never as much as they say. They had no choice to offer him this money because of their situation and there were other teams interested in him. With the new salary structure in the nfl being lower they could easily still get Kalil and build their line up. Peters has achilles injury and he might not ever play at the same level again.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Oh I know the feeling believe me I had hoped they would use free agency to address some needs mostly RT but it didn’t happen.  That would have meant one more pick to address another need.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Who is they?

  • gm hecks and prez mike

  • ok wasnt sure on there salary space and the signing bonuses and all that

  • ok wasnt sure on there salary space and the signing bonuses and all that

  • you wouldn’t take kalil at four….trade 22,37 and future number one for rb richardson, then with other picks could trade back up in second round…..taylor was a solid choice with sheard lsat year so its kind of like we got a free 22nd pick…and we still would get two of the top talents in the whole draft…..second round talent or later and some players might slide…..fs mark barron maybe slide,cb dre kirkpatrick maybe slide…doubt those two but never know,cb janoris jenkins,wr alshon jefferry,dt jerel worthy,og keleichi osemele,…later rounds in third round cb trumain johnson,og brandon brooks,og brandon washington,te orson charles, wr patrick edwards,wr ryan broyles,wr jordan white,olb sammy brown,de/olb adrian hamilton,cb gilmore,cb harris,cb hosely,dt marcus forston,dt derek wolfe,lb danny trevathan,ss/fs winston guy.ect wr hill and wr wright could slide to second round but really doubt it.

  • TheRobot57

    You’re essentially giving up two possible starters for a RB. That’s not smart when you need as much firepower as you can get. By your own logic you see that 2nd round guys have great value. They’d be better off getting as many guys in the first two rounds instead of investing that much in a RB. If Kalil is at 4 they’ll still grab a RB within the first two rounds, there are great options. Plus you can try and package for a trade up from 22 to get Floyd. Or get Wright, trade up for another 2nd and try to get a RB and Fleener in that round.


  • would have been nice to get de mario williams and og carl nicks too

  • Derek

    I feel the bench press can be overlooked. Doing anything over 8 reps is endurance, not strength. lets compare a skill player not named trich one rep max to a lineman. I promise you it wont be close.

  • its tough to say they might go for him its kind of a crap shoot on who will take who——-   i guess top talent would be 1- luck,2-kalil,3-richardson,4,griffin 111,5-cb claiborne,6-blackmon,7-floyd,8-kuechly, 9-coples,10-poe,11- reiff,12-cox,13-decastro,14-ingram, 15-glenn,16- barron,17-wright,18-kirkpatrick,19-jenkins,,20- still,21-worthy,22-hightower,23-osemele,24-jefferry,25-gilmore,26 de curry,……………….perry has all the tools but looks lost at times,upshaw played great in college but his strength is a red flag,did bench 22 times,brookers did bench in pro day 21 times that not good is a red flag…………these players could end up still great who knows but are concerns.

  • Gdenis15

    lots of interesting ideas & wishing .. i agree with those that
    say TAKE RICHARDSON … the rest will fall in-place.

    GO BROWNS !!!!  

  • floydrubino

    Would be the worse thing for Cleveland to do. Best case scenario he is as good as Adrian Peterson and Minnesota stinks. Look at the teams that are winning superbowls. They have nothing invested in their running backs. Iwould love to have a great running back but it has to happen after we get the o-line in order first.

  • I highly doubt that H&H would trade down any further than #8, but stranger things have happened and this could be just another smokescreen, so who knows! If I were them I’d just stay right there at 4 and take either Richardson or Claiborne, ya can’t miss with either one IMO.

    More picks and to be able to get another 2nd or 3rd is always a bonus, but I strongly feel that the Browns really need the cream of the crop at 4 and 22 and I would just take the best available players in these first two, well at least #4 if anything else.

  • massie benched 20 times,martin benched 20 times,adams benched 19 times…….og brandon brooks over 30,og osemele over 30,matt kalil over 30,c molk over 40,decastro over 30……yes it is endurance but power.  for your d-linmen and 0-linemen this is very important to win the line of scrimmage with strengh and endurance,thats where games are won and lost in the trenches…plus your o-line works together as a 5 man unit a big power chain and are only as good as your weakest link,you can have the best left side of the o-line but if your right side is giving up pressures forced throws,sacks,tackles for loses then what good is having a great left side of a line or a great qb or rb when they have no time to do anything,  from left tackle to right tackle is just as important as the other…..i promise you if you had o-line of lt thomas lg glenn c mack rg brandon brooks or kelechi osemele rt matt kalil then if you traded future number one picks to one of the teams in vikings,tamps bay,or rams for rb trent richardson..running behind that big and powerful line it would be mulling you,bulling you over and be oppenents in the dirt and smashing them in the mouth and playing hard nose run over you smash mouth football,,,,,,,,yes they know where runinng itit but cant stttttop  us!!!!!!!!!!!!………..wr,cb its more about speed.  go under walterfootball.com and or nfl.com….pro days under waltefootball.com and nfl.com combine………..there are plenty of secondary and wr’s that lifted more then massie.adams,and martin and they got beat often pass blocking around the edge

  • i really like richardson and want the new adrian peterson,jim brown,peyton,emmeit smith,barry sanders on the our browns……….but running behind a shaky rt rg and lg its going to give him a complete diadvantage…..the only rb in my life time that was very successfull with a terrible o-line was barry sanders but can you even imagine what kind of rb he could have been with a great o-line…. trade 2013 and 2014 drafts for rams 2012 first round pick,two second round picks and third round pick. then draft first round-ot matt kalil ,rb trent richardson,wr kendall wright.  second round -og kelichi osemele,wr alshon jefferry,cb janoris jenkins. fourth round-wr ryan broyles and dt marcus forston. fifth round cb cliff harris and de/olb bruce irving.sixth round-olb sammy brown and wr patrick edwards. seventh round-de/olb adrian hamilton,lb danny trevathan,s winston guy or wr jordan white

  • BomberDawg

     He’s joking with you, bub.

  • BomberDawg

     At least I hope.  Or maybe he’s 9 years old.