NFL Draft: Ohio State’s Mike Adams Failed NFL Combine Drug Test

NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine.

While other players have tested positive for marijuana and gone on to have stellar NFL careers, this is yet another character-based issue that will be chalked on to the draft capsule of the Buckeyes offensvie lineman. Per La Canfora, Adams has been “upfront” with teams about the drug test, and he has already completed a counseling program.

The Cleveland Browns have long been linked to a variety of offensive linemen, needing an upgrade at the right tackle position, with one recent mock draft having the team select Adams with the 22nd-overall pick. Once considered to be first-round talent, Adams will be fortunate to see his name called on Thursday evening after he follows a disappointing combine outing with this latest unavoidable bout of news.

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  • Kunal

     I wouldn’t mind getting him at some point in the second round

  • mgbode

    you have to be a grade-A moron to fail such a test that may cost you a million dollars (difference between mid-1st and late 2nd round).

    it might not, but the chance that it does should be enough for a rational individual to stop smoking for a few weeks, no?

  • Harv 21

    Not really his fault. He was told he only needed to prepare for the wonderlic test.

  • Hetz

    Exactly.  The one thing you have been working toward your entire life, a situation where you know you are going to be tested and where the consequences are immense. And you can’t put it down, not even for a month.  No way would I waste a draft pick on a guy like that.

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    1st round talent in the third round.  Pull the trigger.

  • TheRobot57

    Perfect for the Browns. If his stock falls we can grab him later and focus on weapons. Who cares about weed?

  • cmm13

    If the Browns selected Adams in a later round along with the character issues that pre-dated with Taylor, Sheard and Little I would literally laugh out loud.

    Please remain seated at the stadium while cheering for our recently drafted, drug abusing, violent players…wouldn’t want you escorted out for “standing too long”.

  • Garry_Owen

    In his defense, he thought that in order to “pass” the drug test he had to have drugs in his system.  Any of us could have made that same mistake.

    To think that we might both have a degree and a diploma from the same institution  . . . Somebody please tell me he didn’t graduate.

  • Garry_Owen

    Mel Kiper has him graded as a “B” moron.

  • MrCleaveland

    Paging Ryan Braun’s lawyer . . .

  • RGB

    He didn’t know they were pot brownies. Seriously.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’ll pass maybe the third or later if he falls.  The first three picks must be SURE things.

  • You care about weed when he’s already in the substance abuse program his first year, and then pisses hot again and gets suspended.

  • Vagabond

    There’s irony in that he “studied” Criminology.  You should be more concerned that Family Resource Management is a major and that you can take Football as a graded credit at your alma mater.

  • TheRobot57

    You don’t think he’ll be careful and the coaches won’t be on him about that? It’s worth the pick.

  • Garry_Owen

    He studied Criminology?  “Know thine enemy,” I guess?

    The redeeming component of it for me (apart from the fact that most large universities offer disgusting courses and majors) is that my degree is a graduate degree.  I can be lumped in with the “Family Resource Management” majors, but it’s a loose lump, and one from which I hope I am easily separated.

    I hope.

    I really do hope.

  • MrCleaveland

    Kiper told him, “Fat, stoned, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

  • porckchopexpress

    To this day I will never understand why LeCharles opened up his offensive line academy right next door to that Tommy Chong Natural Medicine Center.

  • Harv 21

    seriously? if he chose to ignore advice, self-destruct and toss away a fortune before the draft, not sure why we’d expect commom sense after he’s receiving NFL paychecks. I’d take a chance on talent and hope that he’d mature, but only in the day 2 bargain bin.

    Between his epically bad combine and this, what he’s definitively shown is that he’s stupid and out of control. Caveat emptor.

  • mgbode

    don’t worry, Kiper just put that out there for page-clicks.  He’ll update it to grade-A just before the draft based on a “source”

  • TheRobot57

    Epically bad? Plenty of good tackles don’t test well in the bench press. I would hardly call a positive test for marijuana out of control. They are looking at Michael Floyd in this draft as well, he’s done worse than Adams.

  • I would like to think that he’d be careful and whatnot, but to be honest, the draft is about drafting skill that can stay on the field.  This is a red flag – not saying it’s a deal-breaker, but it cannot be ignored.

  • Adrian

    On the heels of the ESPN expose that said that something like 22% of all college football players have tried marijuana, this doesn’t bother me at all.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em, boys!

  • Harv 21

    Not sure we really disagree, unless you think he’s still a high pick. Think about it. He knew the drug test was coming. He has an agent advising him. Huge money depends on it, right now. And he decides, screw it,  he lights one up at the biggest moment of his life, within a few weeks of the test. Let’s assume they’re looking at Floyd (not sure how we know that, but …). He has underage drinking + DUI. Certainly a red flag. But this is the equivalent of Floyd showing up at the combine with beer on his breath, and also having a crappy workout, neither of which he did. They looked at Adams, that’s fine. But if a team assumes anything other than he’s a major risk, and they waste a high pick, they’re as dumb as he is.

  • TheRobot57

    If by “high pick” you mean the 37th we have then no. I think we can get him later than that. I expect them to trade into the 2nd and possibly trade up again. He could be late 2nd or early 3rd because of this, and I had a feeling he would fall anyway because of the depth at OT.

  • DontbringLBJback

    “Any of us could have made that same mistake.”  Well, not exactly, some of us have never used drugs because you get hooked.  He’s hooked.  PREDICTION: He’ll get suspended by the league at some point in his first year, and he’ll probably have to pay back whoever drafts him because there will be a “no drug” clause in his contract.

    It’s sad because so many of these kids coming out of college are messed up on drugs.  Smoking weed will probably cost him 20 million dollars over the next 8-10 years…

    Let’s all pray the kid truly goes clean and is able to turn this around.

  • Garry_Owen

    Um, I was kidding.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    -Insert joke about a tattoo that looks like a blunt-

  • MrCleaveland

     Only 22%? I’m surprised. I would have thought the rate would have been much higher, no pun intended.

  • Vagabond

     The graduate title is your saving grace.

    That said, you should really see a doctor if you have some loose lumps.

  • Garry_Owen

    I’m already seeing a team of psychiatrists. Think that’s good?

  • Woods

    Hmmm….  Adams tests positive at the combine.

    The good news is the Browns won’t touch him at 22 or 37.


    I must recognize the brilliance of mgbode, Harv21 and Gary Owen in this comment section.  Well done sirs.

  • Dog29

    hahahahahahahahahahah no in with kunal