NFL Draft: Of misdirection and mocks…

Hey! Come to our draft party!

Hey! Come to our draft party!

We are getting closer and closer to the NFL draft and it is officially time to believe everything and nothing. The Browns will draft Ryan Tannehill. The Browns will draft Matt Kalil. The Browns will trade the pick to Miami or Philadelphia. The Browns have to draft an offensive player. Well, on second thought they could draft Morris Claiborne. The fact remains that the Browns have done a pretty spectacular job of keeping everyone guessing. I’m sure there’s still some ongoing debate even among the Browns decision-makers because even they don’t know exactly where everything is going to fall into place in a couple of weeks.

Fan perception is going to make this draft feel more successful to fans than previous drafts. Last year a lot of fans were excited about the trade with Atlanta because the Browns needed more picks this year to accelerate the rebuild. What fans didn’t know about was the Browns’ eventual selection Phil Taylor. This year because the Browns have the 22nd pick and 37th pick, Browns fans’ research and knowledge into guys all over the top 50 is much broader, I think. This knowledge of the players will have fewer fans scratching their heads as names are called for the Browns, regardless of which names end up being called. That’s a good thing, I think, because the Browns could use the good P.R.

What will the Browns do? The answer is that I have no idea. I can make logical cases for any number of strategies being good ones.

The Browns could draft a few guys this year, but focus on accumulating picks for next season. The Browns obviously wanted Robert Griffin III and failed to get him. That doesn’t mean they can definitively solve their problems with Tannehill or Weeden. If the Browns truly feel McCoy is their best bet this season, then they’ll want to accumulate picks for next year to take a run at one of the premier QBs coming out next season. That is, of course, assuming the Browns don’t have the number one pick themselves in 2013… (No. I don’t expect them to, but anything is possible.)

The Browns could keep the fourth and 22nd picks and then use 37 and future picks to get back into the first round this year. The Browns have a lot of picks and they can’t trade their compensatory ones, so it is reasonable to think they might keep both first rounders and try to trade back into the first round to add a third player in the top 32 this season. NFL rosters are only so big and the Browns have a lot of young depth that spent last year playing special teams and hanging around on the practice squad. Continuity year over year is good with prospects, so you have to think the Browns will attempt to package picks to make this draft a little more top-heavy.

None of this is unreasonable, by the way. The Browns can accomplish their goals in a variety of ways. The only option that I truly believe is completely impossible and totally off the board is that the Browns will just sit back and pick the way their picks are laid out now. I can’t imagine a scenario where they aren’t moving around and trying to make things happen to guarantee they get the guys they want.

So believe it all. Believe none of it. The choice is yours. I’m having a lot of fun and looking forward to seeing what Tom Heckert and his staff can accomplish. We’ve been waiting since this time last year for this draft since the Browns made that blockbuster deal. Now’s the time to really dig in and enjoy the ride.

  • Wow

    Good stuff Craig. I personally hope they take Richardson or Blackmon then use other picks to help the rest of the offense. We will see..

  • All of the talk is making my right eyeball bulge out of my head. I just don’t want us to be pick horders, saving picks for a rainy day. Look outside…it is raining. The fans, myself included, will lose their collective marbles if the Browns trade down. I just know I want them to keep the 4th pick for Richardson and then it is a crap shoot from there. No qb controversy this year please.

  • I’m not quite sure why, but Blackmon seems to be the last choice to me for #4… Behind Richardson and Claiborne…

  • TheRobot57

    I agree. We need more top-level talent than roster depth. I am really hoping they package some later picks to get as many guys in the first two rounds. If someone like Fleener drops to the 2nd I hope they try and snag him.

  • TheRobot57

    He really isn’t on par with Green or Jones from last year. I’d rather trade up to get Floyd.

  • Wow

    I heard a lot of good things about Claurborne too. Plus receivers can be had in later rounds.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The Browns don’t have to misdirect on purpose it’s just natural. 

    “Browns decision-makers because even they don’t know exactly where everything is going to fall into place in a couple of weeks,”  I couldn’t agree more I’m guessing they won’t know which direction they are going even on draft day.

    I’m glad your having fun looking forward to this draft Craig because I’m not.  I’m employing my Cleveland sports motto, “Hoping for the best but expecting the worst!”  At least this way I won’t be disappointed when they either A. Trade down and select Ryan Tannehill with their first pick; B. Trade down into the middle of the first round bypassing any number of top 10 players to select a couple more solid/decent/role players; C. Drafting another TE;  D. Draft another FB, ya know one that can catch for the beloved WCO.

  • Wow

    Claiborne I mean

  • Morrison720

    The Cleveland Browns just make me tired…..  It’s hard to get interested in the draft this year at all, no matter who we draft, how we trade, or who we sign I cannot see this team going better than 6-10.  Frankly, that’s hard to get excited about.  I’m tired of a new 5 year plan every 2 years, and how we tend to stockpile picks for “next year”. Ever since 1999, it’s been about “next year”.  The thing that amazes me is that people in Cleveland still shell out big bucks to go to these games.  I cannot understand why fans continue to financially support an organization that doesn’t seem to have a lot of commitment to winning.  I feel as if winning would just be gravy to this organization, as long as there are sellouts every Sunday, the team really isn’t all that worried about the state of the Browns.

  • colts draft luck,redskins draft griffin 111,vikings draft claiborne or blackmon  or trade with dolphins so they get tannehill,   kalil,richardson are there………….tampa bay takes what ever guys there between the two,or blackmon………rams don’t want blackmon…………so you got the colts wanting to trade down with you for kalil and picks from us we offered the rams for the second pick because like us but worse they neeed alot of talent……..then you got rams wanting to trade up or down with us,,we have the dolphins wanting to trade up with us to get there qb in tannehill and who knows we could get a deal kind of what the redskins got but maybe or probably not as much but could in clude extra first rounder or two or even ot jake long in his contract year and they are cutting there payroll because its too high……eagles are a)-helping there fiends out for upping the trade value in there pick or really wanting kalil as well and could include extra first rounder or more, we can get better ,down the road but its there third draft and takes five solid drafts to contend year in and year out

  • erchoov

    I wouldn’t mind seeing us trade down to 6 or 9.  15 just seems too far unless we’re picking up both 2nd rounders and a third or future 2nd.  We need a lot of players but we desperately need some elite talent.  We can still land Richardson at 6 and Floyd at 9.  At 15 we’d still get a solid player, but probably not an elite caliber unless we take a risk with someone like Hill.  Then you run a greater risk of them being a bust, which we can’t afford.  If we stay at 4, I’d love to see Claiborne.  Our defense could be so aggressive against the run and the pass with Haden and Claiborne as our DB’s.  They could move Sheldon to FS and that pass D would be amazing (hopefully). 

  • saggy


  • it be nice to draft ot kalil and trade our picks 22,37,and future number one up to rams or tampa bay for rb richardson…………then with other picks trade up in second round and get cb janoris jenkins,or even cb dre kirkpatrick if he falls,or wr alshon jefferry….also if we could add a og to the team in…og kelechi osemele,og brandon brooks,or even og brandon washington,also dt jerel worthy could be an option……later in draft dt marcus forston,dt derek wolfe,wr ryan broyles,wr patrick edwards,wr jordan white,cb trumain johnson in the third round,cb cliff harris,lb danny trevathan,olb sammy brown,ss/fs winston guy,lb vontaze burfict

  • i like claiborne..and he is the best cb….but cb janoris jekins was rated just barely notch below hadden when they played together and jenkins was younger before his trouble but he is and was young and everyone deserves a better chance….also cb dre kirkpatrick is tough ,big ,and physical cb ,adn he plays the run better,press coverage better and causes turn overs when they came to his side but often stayed away from his side of the field….these two are not much of a drop off if at all,also a sleeper from a small school is cb trumain johnson…probably as big and physical then all of them and has great upside and is a better prospect then the ravens first round pick last year in cb jimmy smith…..mid round to late rounds you can find nickle cb in jayron hosely,cb cliff harris,cb gilmore…ect alot of talent at cb,wr,and dt this draft

  • Edwardprochaska

    If you cant get interested in the draft this year then you just arent a browns fan and thats not hard to tell from your post.This team was turned over two or three years ago and its gonna take a year or so  to not only rebuild the depth but the starters.We are in good hands now and producing good talent through the draft..
    I said that the problem with this organization was it hasnt had a good foundation for the front office.We went a long time without a structured front office that consist of a president,gm and coach.And now we do and they are all on the same page.We are headed in the right direction as far as im concerned and like ive been for the last 40 years will be on the bandwagon.

  • i know it hard to see trade downs and rather have trade ups with more explosive players…..but i do see what there tring to do,its tough but its starting to work you can see improvement…….i guess what they are tring to do is add good to great football players at all postions…… see we need another fs and have ward on ss,then we need cb’s two at least,two olb,de,back up d-linemen,lg,rg,rt,3 wr’s,another te,qb,rb,fb…….if you have three or more of the top 60 picks every year…you can build a strong team in the long haul and usually takes 5 solid drafts to turn it around from year to year contenders after there 5th draft….this is there third draft coming up…..we do have talent and young talent on our team that will get better every snap….de sheard,taylor,hadden,ss t.j.ward,rubin,jackson,ot thomas,c alex mack,ss young,olb gocong,te moore

  • Big Z

    My sentiments exactly. No excitement. Once they whiffed on Griffin and let Hillis walk, I officially lost all hope for the season. Here’s to watching McCoy and the Browns’ inept offense fumble and bumble about the field for ANOTHER season without hope. I think we’ll definitely see some embarrassing losses at the hands of some of the NFC East and AFC West opponents on their schedule. 0 wins is entirely possible.

    I’m ABSOLUTELY not buying into the idea that Richarson can have such a huge impact on the offense either. The guy NEVER broke 100 yard game against LSU last year, the best defense that Alabama played against; how’s he going to fare against the Ravens and Steelers Ds?

    Not feelin’ it man…

  • Big Z

    You lost me at, “You got the colts wanting to trade down with you for Kalil.”

  • i guess im minority watching most games like im sure most have had……observation  all good players do not get me wrong……green had great qb play most of his college,floyd had average at best and if not worse…and had amazing numbers too and is just as big,strong,and fast as jones and stronger and a notch shorter then green…blackmon is a monster they know he is getting it every time and they cant stop him with 38 touchdowns in two years alone but did have solid qb play…….if it wasnt kalil or richardson….i would be happy with blackmon or floyd…last year hearing we might take jones i cringed and was disapointed only seeing his potential as number two reciever,so glad they traded down…taylor is a beast and happy with that pick and sheard in round two

  • colts want tanehill to go to the third pick bad…….colts are starting from ground zero and need a ton of talent not ready for qb yet…..if kalil falls to four they would take our trade…..kalil at 4,pick 22,pick 37 and a first next year and they can geab qb barkley who played nose to nose with luck only to lose in the third or fourth over time to a rb fumbling on the half yard line and stanford recovered…..they would make the deal only if kalil falls to us then they would take our picks

  • his second game he played injured with a bum knee and still put 7 up on the board….first game they had 8 to 9 guys in the box man he still plowed over guys he had all purpose yards if not 100yrds real close and was the most dominate o-fensive guy in the game.

  • MadHat

    Draft Richardson at 4.  Package later picks from this year and next to jump back into first round and take two more playmakers with 22 the other pick.  We need difference makers.  And of course a RT.

  • Derek


  • just telling how the draft might give us options in the four teams that want to trade with us and the players that will fall to the us at the picks……….no one knows just shooting the shcrap

  • lol..huh…waat…little too much i

  • Big Z

    Couldn’t break 100 against the best COLLEGE defense… my point stands. He scored 7 points on a top-tier COLLEGE defense while injured – hardly a case for making him your #4 overall pick.  Chris Ogbonnaya  can net sub-100 yard games against NFL teams w/ 8 and 9 in the box. Does that make him a first round pick?  

  • i agree and see your point,  its kind of will he be special or just another back…..i think are 4rth pick is or should be ot matt kalil,then if you think he is the guy you come get him and run behind some big tough meat heads the big eater up fron that will stop you in the ground and to be honest you and me could run behind that line

  • mgbode

    I think the Colts (home of Unitas and Peyton) understand the importance of a franchise QB and are willing to build around who many think the next one is.

  • i know…but man he is going to get smoked! they got rid of everyone on the team….they will label him as a bust ,like couch,carr,ect…not to say those two would of been great who knows when you get sacked 69times a year alone and your best wr was kevin johnson…man those qb’s where ruined…when manning came there where some players…….still not supporting couch because he was all by him self and never complained but him and qb quin where the last two qb for browns that beat the stealers

  • i know…but man he is going to get smoked! they got rid of everyone on the team….they will label him as a bust ,like couch,carr,ect…not to say those two would of been great who knows when you get sacked 69times a year alone and your best wr was kevin johnson…man those qb’s where ruined…when manning came there where some players…….still not supporting couch because he was all by him self and never complained but him and qb quin where the last two qb for browns that beat the stealers

  • Big Z

    Oh yeah, if Kalil’s there they have to take him. I wouldn’t mind if they took Richardson, I just don’t buy the hype that he’s gonna come in and raise the offense from the dead.

  • Big Z

    Yeah, they’re gonna regret letting Polian go.

  • Big Z

    I’d have no problem with Claiborne comin’ to town as long as they don’t forget about WR at #22 or in the 2nd round.