Cabot: Matt Kalil and Browns to Hold Private Workout

With the third-overall selection becoming as much of an uncertainty the selection owned by the Cleveland Browns, the Berea Faithful will hold a private workout for Southern California offensive tackle Matt Kalil on Wednesday.

Mary Kay Cabot of The Plain Dealer reports that Kalil, the top-rated offensive lineman of NFL Draftees, will be conducting his second meeting with Cleveland as the 6-foot6-inch, 300-pounder was in town for a private visit earlier this month.

The Minnesota Vikings, owners of the third-overall pick, have reportedly been looking for partners to trade down. In the event they do stay at No. 3, the Vikings could use help at left tackle, but have also been rumored to be in the mix for LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne.

If Kalil falls to the fourth pick, Cabot reports that the Browns would most likely field offers from teams interested in trading up for a premier starting left tackle as he would be moved to right tackle in Cleveland — the fourth-overall pick has been considered by many to be too costly for a player tasked primarily with run blocking. Kalil served as a backup right tackle in 2009 and started one game at that spot against Boston College.

“Joe Thomas to me is a good comparison [to Kalil],” said ESPN’s Todd McShay. “I think Kalil has a little bit more — I don’t want to say nasty in him, but he’s got a nasty side.”

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(Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

  • yes you shouldnt talk shicrap on someone who out weighs you by abou 250 pounds or so

  • chump bait for the tour boat on the ocean side

  • Beevee777

    Matt Kalil…..please do not waste a draft pick on this guy …..we need scoring talent….RB’s and Receivers in that order………..forget lineman and give the QB some help

  • sometimes you say well he is the best prospect at tackle in about 9yrs scince big joe thomas,so i guess the card goes up at pick four

  • yes because o-line doesn’t block for running backs giving them lanes that they need to bust for six.and they don’t give the qb and wr time they need to get open or time to stay on there feet with time to throw for touchdowns……please dont take the best player or second best at very least in the whole draft when we are at pick four? but serious,    take kalil at four,have him talk to his buddy qb barkley to enter the suplemental draft as we will give up our number one pick next year in 2013 draft and pay him more then luck will get and use other picks and maybe future picks for a trade up with vikings to draft rb richardson….now wr is very deep this year,next year,and the year after that so thats covered.  sorry for being a smartascrap     just good fun ribbin.

  • ask tom brady if he  had kalil and thomas how much they would of won the super bowl by…..he had no time rushed throws and got sacked from justin tuck 3 or 4 times and rushed a throw turning into a safety along with other rushed plays and wr’s and rb’s rushed there routes and plays and the hurries caused mistakes with qb throws,running backs with no lanes,wr rushing or stopping routes short and missing and dropping passes because of the pressure from tuck smoking the right tackle all day and when he didnt pierrie paul did on right tackle….this is browns third year in rebuild.it takes atleast 5 yrs to build the guts of your team strong and tough and after that your ready for prime time.  a o-line is the most important positions in football….they dominate the ball,line of scrimmage,the clock,the game,they give your qb time to throw while keeping him on his feet,they give wr’s time to run there routes and time to sell the routes with no hurries and time to get open to score touchdowns,a o-line gives your running back huge holes to blast through and lead him down the field for touchdowns,they give you time and are one of the top reasons you score,keep your defence well rested..they dominate and destroy the teams your playing against and gives you the best and only chance to win with time!

  • kalil is athletic enough to play lt or rt and he has played rt before in a pinch through hi career

  • Fenstemakeram08

    browns need a rt, wr, and rb with first 3 picks; best talent at each. Why wouldn’t a guy like Kalil, Wright, and Martin/Wilson be potentially just as good a combo as any other for improvement. As long as they don’t get stupid and take a developmental qb with the first 3 I don’t care. It could be blackmon, martin, adams or Richardson, hill, adams (or other rt prospect). I will trust them to pick the right combo.

  • Beevee777

    HollyW…..you are undoubtedly correct, however our offensive line although not great is good enough to start drafting some firepower, all the lineman in the world will not help you when the opposing defense sends almost everyone they have because they know you have no running or receiving threats……this is not conjecture on my part or the opposing defenses because this is what is taking place every Sunday………no offensive threat send everyone in on the QB.

  • Beevee777

    Like I said the right move…………..the Browns should hire me they would have a better team…………

  • Beevee777
  • Beevee777
  • Beevee777
  • Beevee777