NFL.com says Browns could “realistically be 0-13”

Gotta love this time of year when everyone pretends like they can count wins and losses based on some preconceived notions of what teams are and what they will be for 17 straight weeks! NFL.com isn’t very optimistic about the Browns chances.

Let’s play “Find the win so the Browns can avoid going 0-16.” They’ll be huge underdogs in every game they play against much more talented teams except for these two: an away tilt at Indianapolis in October, where Andrew Luck may have his sea legs under him; and a home game against the Redskins in mid-December. Cleveland could realistically be 0-13 headed into that one.

Just remember when the Browns were supposed to roll the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2010 and how the Browns were supposed to get stomped by the Colts last year. Peyton Manning gets injured and the Buccaneers had a breakout year reminiscent of the Browns in 2007 when they beat the Browns to open the year in 2010. There are a lot of hands to be dealt between now and the end of the NFL season. The Browns could be 0-13, but it ain’t likely.

The Browns have an uphill battle, but this feels a bit like trolling. I guess it is my fault for answering…

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  • forgot a word to check, its cool it happens to the stupid of us

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  • Garry_Owen

    You’re a good sport.  We can be a nitpicky bunch.  As long as you know that it’s in good fun (usually). 

    I must say, though, it takes everything I have within me to refrain from correcting every error.  I’d be happy to serve as your translator.  I think I get you. 

  • spelling mistake,guess everyone gets them

  • lol….i just want our team to be built with a great foundation before we get the rest of the wr’s and rb’s…..if a base or foundation and the guts of your team isn’t buit strong and tough first then it will all crumble and we will have to start over building again….your guts of your team is o-line,d-line,secondary and qb…..

  • my computer locks up then prints have my words and letters…shcrap but its not like new york times are paying me for my spelling ,if that was the case i would need a translator

  • mgbode

    if you are going to call out someone for making a spelling mistake, then you should first make sure that they have a spelling mistake.

    that would be a punctuation mistake above.  carry on 🙂

  • ya stupid teams want to lose every game so fans stop watching,listening,and going to the games so we get first pick next year,players want to play bad because they don’t want alot of money,but best of all coaches,and gm’s,and front office personal want fired in this worst way…  oh tell me more oh great one…lol  just sayning…. offensive line must be a low prorety because there tring to lose the next decade so they pick in the top 5 for the next century.  your a football town hero genious typ….no serious im just making fun of you its cool

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  • mgbode

    sorry, sworn to secrecy.

  • mgbode

    yeah, I couldn’t help it 🙂

  • injured worker who cant work but keep having a losing team i will still root for them apparently my spelling ,makes me no nothing that i know more then most on a game i played and watched my whole life……alot of browns fans are very savy an intellagent and know the game but yes knuckle heads are in every city ..oh take him and he will run for 2000 yards against this schedule because cousins was cut by a former super bowl team so he must be able to block and an o-line isn’t important because only the great ones had on in jim brown,emmit smith,waltor peyton,but one player could run with a terrible line in barry sanders so it must not be imortant, a duh. and lauvoa and pinkston will suddenly be good guards becase after 23 yrs of playing they will finally figure out your needed to hit the other team and make sure he doesnt get past you every single play…its cool knuckle head im just making fun of you ..lol,your quates where half way funny to you ,thats all that counts

  • if we had lt thomas lg kelichi osemele or lg cordy glenn c mack rg brandon brooks rt kalil.  then d-line we have taylor rubin sheard and mybe add curry or if some how coples slides at 22  ….man tahts the trenches set for a decade or more then grab the wr and rb…we will get qb by default ,we are not ready yeat to compete in just thre third year building….but a sure bet  is we will beat the defending super bowl champs………we beat packers pre season doesn’t really count but didn’t play them in season,then we beat the saints,the stealers,the giants… i know for the last several years we beat the super bowl champs. i don’t get it to be honest but your cool so want to help you out…take that to vegas..won my pops some money

  • sorry if my jokes made people upset… ilove cleveland,ohio,and all of you……all i was trying to say we need a good to great o-line for a foundation.   but with our  talent we have now going against this schedule i said we needed a pro bowl line.  it’s a requirment for us this year but i guess not long term.. sure would be nice i’m a defence and o-line fan.  i like smash mouth football.  and sickens me to see our o-line play get knocked all around and getting smoked every snap,besides thomas and mack,the rest of line stinks.

  • just messing around man….sorry  be cool, going play with my kids now  man down the fort

  • DontbringLBJback

    Everyone here that is talking about the Browns winning 7 or 8 games should start singing that song from Willy Wonka… “In a world of pure imagination!”  🙂

  • lol winning your talking about winning….we will be lucky to win a game.(jim mora play off rant,but true for us lol)

  • floydrubino

    So you are one of those type people that take one line out of a comment and don’t show the whole comment to make some type of a stand to make yourself feel better. Got it.

  • floydrubino

    I would never draft a center early in the draft. I have said in all my posts to draft 2 guards and a tackle. I realize that your only way for you to make sense is to inflate my comments to make yourself have something to write about. Well done. You are such a complicated person. I know any intelligent person couldn’t picture what type of person you are just by the tone of your replies.