MLB Rumors: Tribe Pursuing Johnny Damon?

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune had this to say about the Indians’ search for an outfielder following an unsuccessful attempt to acquire Angels outfielder Bobby Abreu.

“There’s a chance the Angels will release Bobby Abreu (owed $9 million) if they can’t find a team that wants him. He has had a bad spring while moaning about a lack of at-bats. The Indians discussed a trade for him but backed off, seemingly to pursue Johnny Damon instead.”

Damon, 38, played in 150 games for the Tampa Bay Rays last season, batting .261 with 16 homers, 73 RBI, 19 steals, and a .743 OPS.

Without an acquisition, the team will open the season with Shelley Duncan as the team’s starting left fielder and Aaron Cunningham as the fourth outfielder, after he beat out Ryan Spilborghs for one of the final roster spots.

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  • Adam Rosen

    this situation has no winners

  • Grosen

    Maybe Kenny Lofton is available….

  • At this rate, I will be auditioning for Left field….. 

  • April fools?

  • saggy

    maybe the Tribe realized that Abreu was in danger of being released so, instead of making a deal for him, they just decided to sign him as a free agent. not the worst move.  But i like the Damon idea better. The dude is a winner, a clubhouse asset, and a leader on the field.  I’ll take him and his old legs.

  • Guest

    But he throws like my grandmother.

  • FearTheRoo

    That’s what I’m thinking! Since I thought the Indians already said they weren’t interested in him. I also saw an article and tweets about the Orioles signing Damon (which were part of a April Fools joke too)

  • Roosevelt

    That was my reaction word for word!

  • Steve

     “a winner, a clubhouse asset, and a leader on the field” I’d rather go for a guy who’s notable contributions actually help a team win games.

  • mgbode

    but we almost finally rid ourselves of Trevor Crowe.  I have nothing against the guy, but we’ve heard about him for so long that we just know it’s not going to happen here.  especially considering he wasn’t really even in consideration this year.

  • Hermie13

    Trevor Crowe is already off the 40-man roster. Has been since October

  • Hermie13

    Trevor Crowe is already off the 40-man roster. Has been since October

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’m kind of talking myself into Johnny Damon.  I think he’d be a better hitter than Shelley Duncan and he’s still got good speed for his age… he’d get to more balls in LF and his ability to steal bases is more valuable at the bottom of the lineup hitting in front of singles mashers like Jack Hannahan and Michael Brantley.  Sure, his arm is worse than Dunc-a-dunc’s or anyone else for that matter, but that’s not such a huge detriment in Jacob’s Field (you heard me) as opposed to other stadiums.

  • saggy

    Per George WIll:In 2011, this player joined Hank Aaron, Brooks Robinson and Pete Rose as the only players to appear in at least 140 games for 16 consecutive seasons….

  • Garry_Owen

    Four syllables continually smack us in the face with any consideration of these potential end-of-their-careers pickups like Damon, Abreu, etc:

    Travis Hafner.

    Without him, any of these signings would make sense.  With him, none of them do.


  • mgbode

    and we almost got Abreu for him (w/ a good portion of his contract paid by the Angels)

  • mgbode

    Hafner is going to have a huge year though.  Just to torture us enough of whether or not the Indians should/will give him a new contract or take the team option.

  • Garry_Owen

    You’re probably right.  Even so, he could be a Frankensteinian conglomeration of Ted “The Babe” Williams-Ruth, but unless that huge year includes playing full-time at 1st or 3rd, no new contract or team option.