Justin Blackmon on Cleveland: “It was just a visit.”

After listening to the interview that Adam the Bull and Dustin Fox conducted with Justin Blackmon, I am thinking that he could have been one of the top ten draft picks that didn’t want to come to Cleveland. When asked about his visit to Cleveland, Blackmon first seemed reticent to even acknowledge that he had visited the team. Then when pressed for elaboration, Blackmon told Dustin Fox that “It was just a visit.”

I am not a voice expert and I did come into the interview with preconceived notions that he was a guy who was likely one who helped foster that rumor that top picks didn’t want to be selected in the draft by Cleveland. So I do admit my prejudices.

To the radio show’s credit, they asked Blackmon directly if he was one of the guys who didn’t want to come to Cleveland. Blackmon denied it, but the whole sound in the tone of his voice all interview long had me questioning his sincerity.

When Adam the Bull finally asked him about his perceptions of Colt McCoy, Blackmon couldn’t help but giggle first. Either he was nervous to answer the question or that’s what he thinks of the Browns and the guy who currently tops the depth chart at quarterback. And after last season’s results a lot of people would wonder who could blame him?

Point being that the Browns will need to find guys who look at the situation in Cleveland and want to be a part of the solution. They need guys who think they are good enough to help do the job of righting this ship and turning the team around. When a guy is picky about the quality of team he is going to, I think it says a lot about their overall attitude, and how big their aspirations are. I had my doubts ahead of time and Blackmon’s interview today didn’t turn that around for me.

Based on my prejudiced listen to Justin Blackmon today, I have my doubts that he is a guy who is ready to lead a team anywhere. I don’t doubt that he can be a good or even great player, but he doesn’t seem like a guy you ever have to be pegged as the best player on your team. You can go ahead and slot him where you will among the top ten, but he didn’t move up in my book.

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  • Acrossthefield11

     IDK… as much as I dislike Braylon Edwards, he embraced the city while he was here.  He still does charity work here as far as I know.  I even remember him doing the O-H thing to try to win over the fans.  These two seem much different on the surface to me at least.

  • Max

    “We have a very, very competent young head coach who will be here for a long time, 
    said Holmgren, 
     “fortunately our ideas match on a lot of topics. I think that’s why we have a chance to move forward.” (PD 12/14/2011)
    Whats not to like? 


  • –posted above–

  • matt asked, and it’s a good question.  here are HAND SIZES of misc WRs.

    blackmon 9.25
    floyd 9.38
    wright 8.63 <-not a typo
    sanu 10.13
    randle 9.5
    toon 9.0
    criner 10.5
    jeffery 10.25
    hill 9.38
    jones 10.25
    white 9.25
    posey 9.63

    – sanu just moved up on my board.
    – the mystery of kendall wright hype continues.  all it's missing is 2000 words from joe lull on why he's the pick followed up with a bunch whiny tweets 

    – and yes saggy:  hakeem nicks 10.5

  • ClevelandFrowns

    I don’t see how anyone could listen to that interview and come away with a more negative impression of Blackmon as the #4 pick than they had before it. What would Joe Haden have said in 2010 that would have been any different than what Blackmon said here? The Browns don’t tell us about anything that happens when these players visit. Why should we expect the college kids to give us any more information?

  • Casey Loveall

    Draft Claiborne and have Haden and Claiborne burn his Ass everytime he comes to town.

  • Hermie13

    Kendall wright isnt considered a top 10 or top 5 pick, nor ever was

  • mgbode

    I know.  But, he is considered a 1st round prospect despite that his main skill in college was to “go deep” and wait for RGIII to find him.

    Blackmon did the dirty work and went deep and was the best WR in college football at creating YAC IMO.  He plays bigger than his height.

  • Hermie13

    He really isnt that much (if any) better than Dez Bryant. Agree completely on getting a WR later. I mean if theres an AJ Green there or larry fitz or andre johnson, sure take him top 5….but not a blackmon, crabttree, bryant. Just eait til the 20s or 2nd round.

  • mgbode

    usually is.   especially in a year like this year where there is no clear-cut choice at our slot.

  • mgbode

    I don’t think anyone has called Cleveland the skinny girl before.

  • mgbode

    “You can get the same quality receiver maybe in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th round that you might get in the first”

    the odds of landing that quality are much, much higher in the first.  and is true about EVERY position.  not sure why you don’t get that.

  • mgbode

    yeah, just watch how Nicks and Sanu catch balls that seem destined to be incomplete.  It’s ridiculous.   Those are the two best hand-catchers I have seen in watching college football.  

    Kevin Johnson was another one.  Interesting to see if the hand size correlation extends to him as well.

  • porckchopexpress

    Sorry it was a skinny boy from Cleveland, leather jacket with Marilyn in the nude on the back

  • Hermie13

    Not saying i want wright. But the comp to crabtree doesnt make sense.

    Fair enough on blackmon. He also looks slower on tape/in games than his 40. He is gonna struggle if asked to be a #1 WR. Wright would too, but dint see mant calling him one.

  • Hermie13

    This is true….but you only have so many 1st round picks. Use them wisely. Take the best talent on tje board. Claiborne or richardson

  • BuckeyesRus

     Is that why Joe Thomas signed a long term contract with the Browns when he could have left? Or Jackson? You don’t know what you are talking about! Blackmon’s tune will change if and when he is drafted. The NFL is a club and you don’t get to far dissing any of its teams! I think Blackmon is in for a rude awakening [if this article is accurate]. He doesn’t have the character to be an elite anything in the NFL. Hopefully for his sake, he will wake up!

  • BuckeyesRus

     How stupid can you get! We have too many needs to do that! We need more picks not less. Trade down with St. Louis and get their 34 and 39 picks.

  • BuckeyesRus

     That’s what I’m talking about!!!