Jim Brown on Trent Richardson: “I think he’s ordinary.”

When arguably the greatest running back in the history of the NFL played for your franchise, it only makes sense to ask his opinion when the team is rumored to be leaning toward drafting a new running back.

Most former athletes would give a boring, vanilla, vague nod of approval. But not Jim Brown. In an interview with ESPN radio, Jim Brown made it clear he doesn’t think Trent Richardson is anything special.

“I’m not overwhelmed with it,” Brown said of the idea that the Browns could take Richardson. “The problem is that he’s ordinary. I think he’s ordinary.”

Asked what about him is ordinary, Brown said, “the size, the speed, his moves.”

Asked if any running backs in this year’s draft impress him, Brown said, “Not really. It’s not a good year, obviously.”

Brown would go on to say that today’s NFL is a QB’s game, and if you look at the QBs and RBs on many recent Super Bowl teams, it’s a point hard to argue with. Still, with so many pundits saying Richardson is the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson, it’s going to be awfully hard for the Browns to pass on a potential franchise RB who can easy some of the offensive burden from Colt McCoy and the WR group.

Perhaps that’s a little counter intuitive to how the best teams do it today, but it just might be the best option the Browns have.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    or Montezuma Monroe from “Any Given Sunday”

    #I don’t get strokes mutha(blank)! I give ’em!

  • cleveland__rocks

    “When I watch football today I see a game of quarterbacks,” Brown said. “Protecting quarterbacks, throwing the ball, short passes, long passes, all kinds of passes.”And in a game of quarterbacks, Brown doesn’t see the point of drafting an ordinary running back.
    from later in the article.. i like Richardson but he has a point.

  • Harv 21

    holy ___, JB can make someone spill id like that. Dude, you ARE the greatest player ever. 

  • d0nkey

    What if Jim Brown is blowing smoke, so that another team might think twice about jumping to 3 and taking TR out from under us?

  • saggy

    And how do you stop quarterbacks??



  • Chuck

    What about Binary?

  • Dr. Sheldon Cooper


  • Chuck

    Just don’t step on his bunion….

  • Ryan

    What do you expect Jim Brown to say… 

    I’m sure Jordan thinks Kobe looks “ordinary” too…

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    RUNNING MAN!!!  haha 

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    If we are basing our judgement off of ESPN i think you are mistaken, Tim Tebow is CLEARLY is the best football of all time.  Ever.  

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack


  • Flush em down

    He’s right.

  • Jewpants

    Are those RB’s the reason they’re good? I think not

  • Holly_1319

    find it hard to believe jim brown would make remarks such as that about a kid who hasn’t even carried his first ball in the nfl….but heck who knows…..maybe he cought up astro–and it came out ordinary..spelled wrong but try again astrodanary.nope don’t have the spelling like brown didn’t have the right words on a kid who probably looked up to him.  classy   lets get some monsters up front for the kid like trade up for ot matt kalil,og brandon brooks,og kelechi osemele or og cordy glenn and let the kid break all kinds of records……..

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Actually DL do more but I love a great CB too.

  • mgbode

    why not just make 10 louder then?

  • mgbode

    I did the ASCII -> Binary conversion before running the comparison.

  • mgbode

    right.  Ray Rice and Frank Gore have nothing to do with those teams being good.

  • mgbode

    anytime you can do the exact opposite of what Jim Brown says to do, you did something right

  • Curie High

    Old and bitter. Nuf said.

  • Lyon25

    wish i could like this multiple times

  • Rasalghulahmenra

    Hey! Kool-Aid!!!

  • Bigdawg392

    I just wonder how good Jim Brown would be in todays football.Defenses are a whole lot faster,hit harder and are just all around better than when he played.His opinion of anybody goes in one ear and out the other for me.


    Jim Brown is not very balanced emotionally as a human – being.

  • Jim Brown

      Fantastic draft for the Cleveland Browns so far, they now have their new
    starting running back, and their new starting quarterback.  Any draft
    where you get your starting quarterback and running back in the 1st
    round you know you had an awesome draft.  Good job Cleveland!!!

  • Jolietjake2

    He was a pretty terrible person 40 years ago, doing all those young white girls. Still was a great running back.

  • NeitherTebowFanNorHater

    You’re absolutely right. ESPN has been using Tebow like a football ever since he came in the league, punting him back and forth everyday to get the best ratings position, even if a pass would have been a more appropriate play call. Somewhat like a bad comedian telling a dirty joke because he doesn’t know how to tell a good joke.

  • Jenkinsaaj

    Mr.BRown no disrespect but this guy has a nice upside to him and he durable type running back with decent vision. So this is why I say your opinion is ordinary.

    A.Jenkins new York aka 64 sqe

  • Colt McCoy

    I don’t agree. A couple of OL and a WR would have been better picks.

  • Shadow_play

    “It’s last season’s Winners.” “No, last season’s losers.”

  • playball58

    If he had a little class and wasn’t so bitter, he would have deferred judgement. The older JB gets the better he used to be. Wonder how he would fare in today’s systems.

  • K

    You also need to know that Jim Brown has been dissing the Browns ever since they took away his mouthpiece as spokesperson and semi-talent evaluator for the organization. Also, you need to know that when he was a spokesperson within the Browns organization his recommendations and praising of talent has led to the woeful position the current Browns are in. In short, he’s an idiot talent evaluator.

  • wis browns

    What good is a QB with no quality receivers to throw to? He’s in the same boat as McCoy

  • Ahnold

    Idiot commentator?  So he IS the Michael Jordan of Football (Great player, no evaluation talents to speak of)..

  • Ahnold

    I will give JB credit for chaning a sport.  Lacrosse.

  • K

    Weeden may be in the same boat as McCoy was but at least Weeden has got an oar.  He has a better body, stronger arm and the very most important thing of all…he has shown incredible accuracy.  And you all know that accuracy in the pros is absolutely vital for success!  There is very little separation between receivers and d backs (and in the brows case..no separation) so pin point accuracy is an absolute must.  Colt showed some signs but way too many throws were off target.   He needed targets with major separation and most teams in the NFL just don’t have that.

  • lculmer

    JB’s comments are totally misdirected.  The team JB played for is now located in Baltimore.  This ain’t his team any more.  Time to move on.

  • Ace521

    To justify the 3rd pick in the draft and the 4 picks we gave up he better beat Jim Browns rushing record.

  • cleveland keeps buying into media hype and gets shitty players so they can lose more games. keep it up and draft crappy offensive weapons, when what you do need is an o line that can protect the QB.

  • bonzie

    Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy,,you are a senile old man

  • Who the hell cares about Jim Brown’s opinion.  He also stood up for Maurice Clarret!  He is a grumpy old wife beatin has been!

  • Tom

    Jim Brown has lost a great % of his mental faculties…perhaps he too is suffering lingering effects of too many hits. Imagine how good Richardson would have been if he played in brown’s day of 175 lb. DB’s..and I ask…would Jim Brown still be running over today’s 
    equally athletic, and bigger players?

  • Scttldrch

    Y’all are just too young to remember JB as a player…it shows.

  • Ibsig47

    I saw Jim Brown play and I have never seen anyone as good.  But being the best there ever was does not necessarily translate into being a good judge of talent.  See Michael Jordan and Kwami Brown.  

  • Jeff

    Jim Brown is obviously getting waaaaaaaaaaaay too old….he probably thinks HE could still play ball!  Get over yourself Jim!!!!!!

  • Adamf

    It would be nice if Jim Brown actually showed some leadership and brought some encouragement to the team. He comes across like a cranky old man who cannot give anyone a nod of approval. We all get it that you think you were great and in your day you were but now you are just great at cutting people down.

  • Hollw_1319


  • Holly_1319

    that wasn’t word for word what i posted