Irving on SI Poll: Byron Scott one of the Best Coaches in the NBA

Besides that [running], he’s one of the best coaches in this league. Just based on the fact he listens to you, but also he gives you an opinion that’s in your best interest all the time. He was a player, so he understands how we’re feeling. That’s basically what it’s about. Having a coach to go out there and play, he understands you’re going to make mistakes and he doesn’t take you out right away. He hopes you learn from it.

– Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving in response to the SI player poll that listed Byron Scott as one of the least preferred coaches in the NBA. Scott added that “a lot of [players] want you to kiss their butts, and I’m not going to do that.”

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(Source: Cleveland.com)

  • porckchopexpress

    I watched a really cool documentary on the Harlem Rens (Renaissance) basketball team last night.  It included all of the ugliness that blacks endured during this time period, but it also showed the passion that these men played with and the passion they inspired in guys like Dr. J and Kareem.  One commentator that kept popping up that bugged me was Carmelo Anthony.  This is a guy who twice has absolutely quit on coaches and teams when he didn’t get his way, who almost completely refuses to play defense or work as part of a team in any meaningful way.  Yet here he was talking about his fondness for these old school players.  Coach Scott seems to be one of those coaches who embody the work ethic and team approach of those older players.  Guys like Carmelo pay lip service to how much they love the old timers but their action towards coaches and the game itself is in direct opposition to what they say. 
    On the one hand its great that the sacrifices of these guys paved the way for Carmelo to have the opportunities he has.  On the other hand its sad that young players who benefit so much seem to show so little on court respect for those sacrifices.  Oh and I’m glad that this time we got a #1 pick who seems to get it.

  • erchoov

    I hope Scott is our coach for a long, long time.  Regardless of what he’s had to put on the court, the guys play hard and seem to truly respect him.  His job isn’t to kiss butts, it’s to win games and teach guys how to play it the right way.  If everyone had stayed healthy, I still thought 21 wins was a stretch.  He makes no excuses and continues to hold guys accountable for mistakes.  I can’t wait for a year or two from now when this team is flooded with talent and other guys have had more time to develope. What a great hire.

  • mgbode

    our last #1 overall picked “seemed” to get it too (and in alot of ways always did “on the court”).  especially early on.  I’m cynical about ALL athletes, but I do enjoy what Irving has brought to the table thus far.

    Hopefully, Scott can instill his old-school approach and we can build a team that is greater than the sum of it’s parts.  Sort of like that team that destroyed us a couple times the past few weeks (Spurs).

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Just get him some more young talent and the Cavaliers should be okay.  I’m hoping the Cavaliers can get something done this offseason with free agency and the draft.

  • floydrubino

    Byron Scott is the perfect person for this job. He has been around the games best his whole career as a player and coach. I loved him as a player and he knows what it’s like to be on championship caliber teams. Kyrie saying it now means that not only should fans respect him but now the best young player in the nba likes him. Hopefully Byron and Kyrie have a great ride for the next 10+ years because if we can somehow hit on Anthony Davis this year in the draft we could be something incredible for years to come. It would be like having rookie versions of Chris Paul(better than) and Tim Duncan to build your team with.