Elias: Cavs Set New Record for Futility

The  Cleveland Cavaliers, who lost to the Bucks at Quicken Loans Arena on Friday night, 121-84, were defeated in Cleveland by the Spurs on Tuesday evening, 125-90.

From Elias Sports Bureau, the Cavaliers are the first team in NBA history to lose consecutive home games, each by 35-or-more points. In between those two defeats, Cleveland lost to the Knicks in New York on Saturday night, 91-75.

Following the loss to the Spurs, Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott repeatedly said that his team is “not even competing.”

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  • 5KMD

    Hey guys, we see you got the memo to lose games and get a good pick. But you can still, you know, score some baskets and stuff.

  • architrance

    Oh well – but at least we moved up to the #4 slot in the lottery. God – I hope we lose two to the Wiz. I mean, they are the Wiz and nobody beats the Wiz. (except for everybody)

  • steve-o

    The fourth slot would yield the following pick odds:

    1) 12% (Davis)
    2) 13% (MKG)
    3) 13% (Beal)
    4) 10% (Robinson)
    5) 35%  ???? (Barnes/C. Zeller/Lamb/Drummond/others?)
    6) 16%
    7) 1%

    It helps if MKG and C. Zeller decide to come out. I wonder who we’d pick at the fifth slot?

  • mgbode

    not all teams will have Beal above Robinson.  Or possibly Drummond.

    it seems like Cody is staying put.  would love him to change his mind (both as a Buckeyes and Cavs fan), but we’ll see.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I agree with your first statement although I’d say Robinson before Drummond.  I’m pretty sure MKG will come out or at least I’m hoping so because I’d love to have him.  I’d be fine with Beal. 

  • Harv 21

    I respect Byron Scott based on his coaching success elsewhere, but this is the second consecutive year his team has just stopped exerting any effort for a period of games. Missed last night’s game, so not sure who the perpetrators are. If it’s Jamison on fumes and already bankrolled for life, that’s kind of NBA standard. If it’s Kyrie and fringe players, that’s an indictment of Scott as well as them. Losing for lack of talent is one thing; checking out early shows no fear/respect for the staff, and a clubhouse culture problem. They may be tired, but so is everyone else.

  • cmm13

    Yes everyone else is tired.  But not everyone else is utlizing D-league players on 20 day contracts to fill the gaps from injuries and trades.

    No matter how hard Byron has Manny Harris, Lester Hudson or Luke Walton playing…they are still Manny Harris, Lester Hudson and Luke Walton.

  • Harv 21

    again, the issue is blowouts due to lack of effort, not talent. I’m going by Jamison’s and Byron’s post-game quotes. Doubt that the reported whooping it up in the locker room after these games, apparently reflecting the whatever attitude on the court, is the d-league guys. If it is, that certainly falls on Byron. There’s even plenty of selfish reasons for young guys to give effort. If they don’t see that it’s reasonable to wonder why.

  • BrownsFanSF

    I’d think MKG would be a pretty sure thing after winning the championship, what more do you have to accomplish?  Especially with Davis leaving

  • cmm13

    Difference of opinions..

    I can’t get too upset at the team getting the doors blown off when we are sending Harris, Hudson, Walton, Harangody, etc out on the floor with substantial playing time.

    If this was Kyrie, Sessions, AV, Jamison, Gee and Gibson losing like this then I’d concede on a “lack of effort”