Cleveland Browns and NFL Draft Chat with at 8pm

You’ve heard our podcasts. You’ve partaken in our live chats. Tonight, worlds collide as we talk Cleveland Browns and NFL Draft  with the kind folks over at The Cleveland Plain Dealer and

Craig and I will be joining columnist Dennis Manoloff and web extraordinaire Glenn Moore in a special one-hour live event that will involve any an all who choose to participate. The audio will stream at, the chat over the applet below — you can just listen in or choose to comment as you see fit.

Who do we want the Browns to take in the first round? Who do we think they’ll take in the first round? What holes will they choose to fill in from there?

Party kicks off around 8pm — doors open at 7:30. BYOB. Cheers! 

  • ok, im going to give it a listen and if the tribal knowledge about receivers’ and qbs’ hand sizes is shared im going to be most disappointed.

  • Fred Roth

    have a question: What are the odds that the browns trade up for #3 for their #22 and 3rd round pick and Draft richardson and  clairborn back to back?

  • mgbode

    #22+#67  != #3

    odds = 0%

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Supposedly they gave up a 5th, 6th and 7th along with #4 to move up to #3