Box Score: Indians 4, Blue Jays 3

The Indians got yet another strong performance from their starting pitcher, this time from Derek Lowe (seven innings, five hits, two runs (unearned) and a walk) and Carlos Santana provided the power (two home runs) and the Indians got their first win of the season. Things did get a little hairy in the 9th; Asdrubal Cabrera botched a double-play ball that would’ve ended the game and Chris Perez ended up facing Jose Bautista with the bases loaded. For the entire at-bat, I was thinking about how a HR would make the score 7-4, same as the first two games. Thankfully, Perez came through and got Bautista to pop-up, giving the Tribe their first win of 2012

WP: D. Lowe (1-0) S: C. Perez (1)
LP: J. Carreno (0-1)
Y. Escobar ss500000203.105
K. Johnson 2b422001001.357
J. Bautista rf-1b401001004.333
A. Lind 1b412100001.250
    R. Davis pr-rf000000000.200
E. Encarnacion dh401100103.250
B. Lawrie 3b300100103.214
E. Thames lf402000001.182
C. Rasmus cf400000002.067
J. Mathis c301000100.333
    B. Francisco ph100000000.000
2B – E Encarnacion (3, D Lowe); J Mathis (1, D Lowe).
SF – B Lawrie.
RBI – A Lind (1), E Encarnacion (3), B Lawrie (3).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – K Johnson 1, J Bautista 2, B Lawrie 1, E Thames 1.
GIDP – C Rasmus.
Team LOB – 9.
E – K Johnson (1, field).
DP – 1 (Y Escobar-A Lind).
M. Brantley cf200002000.077
A. Cabrera ss400000105.200
S. Choo rf411000101.154
C. Santana c422320102.250
T. Hafner dh100003000.200
    J. Donald pr-dh000000010.000
S. Duncan lf300000102.111
    A. Cunningham lf100000101.000
C. Kotchman 1b411000002.062
J. Kipnis 2b401000002.154
J. Hannahan 3b201101001.250
HR – C Santana 2 (2, 2nd inning off J Carreno 0 on, 0 Out, 5th inning off J Carreno 1 on, 2 Out).
RBI – C Santana 3 (3), J Hannahan (4).
2-out RBI – C Santana 2, J Hannahan.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – A Cabrera 2, C Santana 1, J Kipnis 1.
GIDP – J Hannahan.
Team LOB – 7.
 Base Running
SB – J Donald (1, 2nd base off J Frasor/J Mathis).
CS – M Brantley (1, 2nd base by J Carreno/J Mathis).
E – A Cabrera (1, field); J Hannahan (1, field).
DP – 1 (J Kipnis-A Cabrera-C Kotchman).
J. Carreno (L, 0-1)6.06444321.676.00
C. Villanueva1.00001101.200.00
J. Frasor1.00001101.500.00
D. Lowe (W, 1-0)7.05201100.860.00
J. Smith (H, 1)0.13110101.673.00
V. Pestano (H, 1)0.20000201.123.38
C. Perez (S, 1)1.01001102.6210.12
Pitches-strikes – J Carreno 97-57; C Villanueva 22-13; J Frasor 23-12; D Lowe 95-61; J Smith 18-12; V Pestano 11-8; C Perez 28-20.
Ground balls-fly balls – J Carreno 10-5; C Villanueva 3-0; J Frasor 1-1; D Lowe 16-7; J Smith 0-0; V Pestano 0-0; C Perez 1-2.
Batters faced – J Carreno 26; C Villanueva 5; J Frasor 4; D Lowe 27; J Smith 4; V Pestano 2; C Perez 6.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Mike Everitt. 1B–Paul Schrieber. 2B–Tim Welke. 3B–Mark Carlson.
Weather: 51 degrees, overcast.
Wind: 17 mph, left to right.

  • Yup

    still can essentially only score via the HR. Haven’t scored more than 4 runs, either. gonna be some real tough luck starters this year pitching for the Tribe…

  • akzipper

    Very happy with the starting pitchers, but hitting and bullpen are a bit shaky. I agree we need more runs and need to be able to score in ways other than the long ball. Hopefully they can pick it up!

  • Kildawg

    It’s still early yet, but nice W here. Offense and Bullpen Mafia affected by all the free baseball this weekend, it was practically an extra game altogether. Here’s hoping we can tee off against CWS and KC. At least we aren’t NYY and BOS: both winless so far. Go Tribe!

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’m definitely encouraged by the starting pitching.  I think the hitting will come around eventually as will the bullpen, but good starting pitching will always keep you in games.

  • porckchopexpress

    I’m sure that the unusually large contingent of Blue Jay fans that showed up in town were excited for a sweep.  Glad to send those Beiber loving flannel pajama wearers back home disapointed (sorry we had an exceptionally spirited debate going on in the right field corner on Saturday, I still haven’t let it go.)

  • 5KMD

    This point of view is interesting to me, only scoring on HRs that is.

    If those HRs (with men on base) were just shots off the wall for run scoring doubles would everyone be happier since we were scoring in more ways?

    A solid hit is just that. I know it feels like it is more sustainable if we score in multiple innings, but just keep hitting the ball square boys and we’ll be alright.

    Love the starting pitching.