Box Score: 76ers 103, Cavaliers 87

That’s more like it. It may seem funny feeling ok about a 16 point loss, but in this game the Cavaliers came out and showed some fight, taking just a 4 point deficit into the locker room at the half. Jrue Holliday went off in the 3rd and the Sixers’ talent overtook the Cavaliers, but the Cavaliers at least played hard in this game and showed some pride and spirit in the way they played.

It was nice seeing Kyrie Irving back in uniform and starting for the Cavaliers, even if he was limited in minutes. He played a somewhat quiet but strong and efficient game. Tristan Thompson played nicely early in this game, Lester Hudson found his scoring groove again, and Samardo Samuels continues to play pretty well late into this season.

You hate to talk about “ifs”, but “if” the 76ers hadn’t gone on a 24-2 run in the 3rd quarter, this game might have been a lot different. I was hard on the Cavaliers today, and I still think they deserved it, but I’m happy with the way Byron Scott got the guys to play in this game and there were plenty of positives to take away from this game.

All while adding to the lottery odds. Not a bad evening for the Cavaliers.


J. HolidayG28:599-146-60-0+141251100224
J. MeeksG24:521-30-03-3-6021200015
N. VucevicC7:580-00-00-0-11030300030
A. IguodalaF33:468-153-80-1+2511374211019
E. BrandF20:496-100-00-0+122412100212
Percentages.524.600.800Team Rebounds: 5
L. Allen29:062-50-00-0+3255101044
L. Williams26:033-70-02-2+29145030118
E. Turner25:124-110-12-2-40442010210
T. Young21:446-100-00-0+140230200112
S. Hawes16:044-50-00-0+14271100138
S. Young5:270-20-01-2-10000000011
T. BattieDNP – Coach’s Decision
C. BrackinsDNP – Coach’s Decision


M. HarrisG21:413-80-21-4-8233300127
K. IrvingG19:384-101-30-0-6034100019
T. ThompsonC22:315-60-02-2-61501100012
A. JamisonF28:215-130-21-2-151433010211
A. ParkerF21:462-41-20-0-19032100005
Percentages.456.357.625Team Rebounds: 6
D. Sloan28:412-50-00-0-10027200004
L. Hudson26:196-132-31-2-80000100215
O. Casspi26:142-61-22-2+3041101217
S. Samuels25:106-110-03-4-101500010115
L. Harangody13:221-30-00-0+6040000002
L. Walton6:170-00-00-0-7002100000
A. GeeDNP – Coach’s Decision
A. VarejaoDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Jack

    1 stupid win away from being 3rd … gotta lose out and hope sactown beats CHA

  • NeedsFoodBadly

    What’s Samardo’s deal? Every time I see him, he looks generally doofy, confused, and, well, chunky. 

    Is there any upside or hope of improvement with this guy like there was with Hickson? Like Andrew says, he IS improving somewhat, but what do people think is his ceiling? Dude confuses me. 

  • JRS19

    Andrew, no need to apologize for calling out the Cavs.  Seriously, last night was every bit as shameful as the 26-game losing streak was last year.  Also, that sentence, “If the 76ers hadn’t gone on a 24-2 run in the 3rd quarter, this game might have been a lot different” tells you how bad this team is and shows that like last night, they are pitiful.  I know, I know, there are injuries and the season is off-kilter because of the lockout, but there it is even tonight: evidence of a bottom of the barrel NBA team.  And I thought with LeBron leaving, we might have learned our lesson, but I fear we’ll be looking at Kyrie to be the miracle worker to bail the team out again the next few years.  I shudder at the thought of relying again on one player to shoulder the load.

    Please Mr. Gilbert…sign some real NBA talent to the roster over the summer.   

  • Kildawg

    Don’t forget about the draft. Perhaps Mr. Gilbert is being cautious in FA, just because ‘real NBA talent’ is out there doesn’t mean it will actually work.

  • porckchopexpress

    It really is embarrassing how this thing has ended up.  That 24 point run in the 3rd just should never happen ever.  I do like patting myself on the back because I said all year that it was okay to root for wins because we were going to take our share of lumps, I just didn’t know we were going to end up like Nikky Santoro in a cornfield.  I do keep reminding myself that with only 2 more days they have played more games in April then the Indians.

  • porckchopexpress

    According to CDOT (Cleveland Department of Tanking) the Sac/Cleve crap race is going to come down to our game at Washington and their game at Charlotte.  They are the only two clearly winnable games left for either team.  I’m not too worried about ending up in 4th and having Sacramento end up 3rd.  David Stern’s “random” lottery has an uncanny way of rewarding those who make him happy and punishing those who anger him.  Right now there is nobody that is deeper in the dog doo behind the David Stern dog house than the Maloof family.

  • porckchopexpress

    I don’t know what his ceiling is but I’d like to see he and Semih get another year to prove themselves.  Like they say you can’t teach height, or in Samardo’s case girth and wing span.  He’s only 23 with 2 years in the league doesn’t cost anything, and without specific examples I think there are alot of teams in the league that have regrets about giving up on a big man in his early 20’s only to see him bite them when he matures.

  • mgbode

    and won’t it be a ‘surprise’ when the recently sold Hornets land Anthony Davis?