Audio: Craig talks Browns with Ken Silverstein on 92.3 the Fan

I talked about the NFL draft today with Ken Silverstein on 92.3 the Fan today.

I do think the Browns will find a way to trade down. We’ll see.

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  • Nice job, Craig! The audio seems to skip ahead at like 3:40 though.

  • Yup. I was recording and after I got off the phone I stopped recording forgetting that the online feed was a couple minutes behind. I probably missed about 30-45 seconds of audio…

  • We can add that to your ‘the lost tapes’ collection 🙂

    The Eagles rumors have me a bit flustered; part of me says no and then
    my logic kicks in and says that is a TON of picks in the first two
    rounds.I like the idea of getting three first rounders but it worries me a bit because there is always talent that falls into the second round. Since this team could probably take BPA at every pick I don’t know if it’s worth it to package those additional second rounders to move back up unless it is someone they absolutely can’t live without. I can definitely get on board with packaging them to move back towards the top ten if someone like Floyd is still available though. 

  • liked for not trading back up.
    disagree with ‘falling in love’ and moving back up.  it’s heckert’s achilles heel, imo.  eg, if floyd isnt there at say 15, we really couldnt accept stephon hill as a consolation prize?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Heckert only knows one direction and that’s down so he’s perfect for the Cleveland Browns.  Besides they need to stockpile and build through the draft for a few more years and maybe, just maybe, when the time is right they’ll make that one move to put this team over the top.  Wait, I think I’ve heard that somewhere before, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.