2012 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Select QB Brandon Weeden

With the 22nd-overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Brandon Weeden, quarterback out of Oklahoma State.

There was heavy speculation that wide receiver Kendall Wright would be the selection had he not gone 20th-overall to Tennessee. With the addition of Weeden, there will instantly be a quarterback controversy in Cleveland as Weeden will be 29-years of age and Colt McCoy’s 2011 season left a lot to be desired from a progression standpoint.

In 2011, Weeden led a high-powered Cowboys offense, throwing for over 4,7oo yards and amassing 37 touchdowns with a completion percentage of 72.3 percent.

This selection falls right in line with the last mock draft submitted by ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. Already having bolstered their run game with the addition of Trent Richardson, the Browns will look to address the wide receiver and offensive line positions through the duration of the draft.

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  • Harv 21

    you said “first start” – and it isn’t valid comparing the potential  of an already experienced NFL starter beginning with a new NFL team with an older rookie just entering the NFL.

    But it’s true that Young played effectively into his late 30s, and probably part of the reason was that he sat for a few interim years and avoided the concussions and beatings that eventually did him in.

  • Max

    Weeden is 10 months older that Kolb. 2 years older than Flynn. 3 months younger than DA and a year older than Quinn.

    And to me the only reason why people think Weeden is any better than those guys is because he looked good in a mediocre defensive conference against kids 7,8 or 9 years younger than him. I wonder how Kolb, Quinn, DA or Flynn would have looked in Stillwater this past season? I’ll bet none of them would have lost 3 games.Fact of the matter is, Weeden was plan Q, but since the Browns failed on plans A-P, they are now trying to sell us a bill of goods that says this is the guy who can lead us to the precipice of mediocrity.Please forgive me if I am not convinced. I hope Im wrong. I hope Im wrong. I hope Im wrong

  • Max

    yep, and if it doesn’t work then next year we have some experience offensive skill playersand a jelled offensive line to ease whatever rookie QB’s transition

    naaah…makes too much sense

  • huh?

    Replace the engine or the hubcaps? Surrounding colt, and I greatly respect colt, with tons of talent will still be limited by colt’s total upside; we are not the ravens with Trent differ. To take the next step we need to risk a new engine. His age is meaningless; may actually be a strength. My concern is how long it takes, armstrength or not, from the spread shotgun to the under center west coast. Even Holmgren said it takes three years. Is this Holmgren’s third “first year”? If the engine adds 200 horsepower, then the risk is worth it. We will know soon enough. Plus, colt has too much integrity to divide a team. He is no seneca.

  • Hermie13

    I hope we are wrong too but dont see it..

  • Hypno_Toad

    I’m not saying all that. I just don’t understand how the same group of people who were upset that McCoy was gonna be starting next year can be upset when we draft a replacement. Yeah, it was a bit of a reach. I understand that. But the whole “The world is over, the sun won’t come out tomorrow!” 92.3-esque attitude is driving me crazy.

  • Bigmeeks

    Brandon Weeden beat both Luck and RG3 last year. What’s not to like?!

  • stien

    I think it’s a great pick.  The Browns QB’s only have a one year window to start before they get replaced.  If Weeden can get 2 yrs in he will be the most sucessful QB since the Browns return.  Even with his age, 2 years could be done.

  • stien

    Browns QB’s only have a shelf life of 1 yr, 2 if your lucky.  Even at his age, they should be able to stick him out there for 2 years.