Updated: With RG3 Gone, Browns fans prefer McCoy, Blackmon

With the blockbuster trade between the St. Louis Rams and Washington Redskins now completed, all that’s left to do for Browns fans is figure out the best way forward. We conducted a poll today to do just that.

First of all, on the trade itself Browns fans overwhelmingly agree that they are happy the Browns didn’t pay the exorbitant price that St. Louis was asking. 69% of Browns fans agreed that the Redskins are welcome to the second pick at that price. A mere 11% of fans think the Browns should have paid whatever cost. Finally, 20% of Browns fans claim they never wanted RG3 to begin with.

As far as what the Browns should do moving forward, the results were less decisive, but decisive nonetheless. 60% of Browns fans are fine with one more year of Colt McCoy with more weapons. 17% of Browns fans would like the Browns to sign Packers free agent backup QB Matt Flynn. 13% of Browns fans want the Browns to find a QB in the draft, with 4% of those hoping for a first rounder. Finally Jason Campbell was preferred by 3% of Browns fans and only four people (not percent, but two people) would like Kyle Orton. 7% said they didn’t know, but something else.

Finally, with regard to the #4 pick in the upcoming draft, Browns fans pretty overwhelmingly choose wide receiver Justin Blackmon with 55% of the vote. The poll assumed that Andrew Luck, RG3 and Matt Kalil were all off the board. 28% of fans chose top-rated cornerback Morris Claiborne. 8% chose running back Trent Richardson. Thankfully a mere 1% recommended reaching for QB Ryan Tannehill.

It seems to me that Browns fans are acting very rationally in the wake of a trade that looks pretty irrational on paper. Browns fans still seem eager to address quarterback, but not by violating common sense. If it is going to be Colt McCoy, it seems Browns fans want to make sure he has every chance to succeed by snagging the top-rated wide receiver, Justin Blackmon.

As we all know fans aren’t scouts or GMs, so we’ll see just how similarly the Browns’ front office feels. Judging by the reports that the Browns were in on the bidding for the #2 pick, it seems like the fans and front office have been on the same page so far.

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  • Ritz

    Huge problem with that chart:

    No difference between Tim Rattay and Eli Manning on that chart. They are listed as non-busts. But clearly, just because Rattay was drafted late and a solid backup does not mean picking a QB late is effective. While the ‘bust rate’ may be the same, the ceiling is not.

    QBs drafted early, while they may end up being a ‘bust’ are taken early for a reason: They are more talented, have more potential, are more skilled, etc. This means that when they are not a bust they often are in the pro-bowl.

  • mgbode

    if we were picking 1st, then noone would argue to draft Luck.  there’s a difference between taking what is there and giving up the farm to trade up.

  • dan

    If you believe that it would be wrong for the Browns to trade 4, 22, 37 and next year’s first for 2, then you also believe that, if they had 2, it would be right to trade down for 4, 22, 37 and next year’s first. So whether the Lions were correct in not trading down really is relevant to whether it would be correct for the Browns to trade up. The Browns aren’t likely to be in position to draft the #1 quarterback next year and if they are, odds are the people who passed on making a deal for RG3 won’t be around to enjoy it. This really was as close as they were going to get to bring able to get an elite QB prospect, if they weren’t willing to pay the price this year they’re not getting one. And neither are we, the fans.

  • Pbriggs15

    the problem with Tannehill is he is 2nd round graded QB thats going to shoot up draft boards because of lack of depth. (also ponder in 2011) If Barkely and Landry Jones had come out this year Tannehill the 5th QB off the board in the 2nd round