While We’re Waiting… Replacing Sizemore, Measuring Kyrie and honoring the fans

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On replacing Sizemore- “Certainly, it could be argued that they should have done more in terms of insurance policies for the eventual Sizemore injury (and I did make that argument), but if no other options offered themselves in the off-season market, you start to see the real conundrum facing the Indians if there is doubt that Sizemore will be healthy for any portion of the season in terms of still looking to acquire a viable alternative that may not be out there. Maybe the Indians REALLY think that Grady is going to come back and they aren’t just putting on a strong public face about it, figuring that they can handle some amalgamation of Duncan/Cunningham/Spilborghs/Lewis until Grady returns to settle the OF issues.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

A couple pieces on Kyrie today. First, he’s good but not superman- “Well, more than anything, Kyrie Irving is human. And still just 6’2″. Irving was rendered normal in the fourth quarter by the Boston Celtics defense. They were in his head a little bit, as Irving repeatedly chose to shoot layup-floater combos 5 feet from the basket rather than getting all the way to the rim.” [Curry/Cavs HQ]

And comparing him to Lin- “Shooting a stellar 47.9 percent from the field, 43.5 percent from beyond the arc, Irving has also established himself as an elite foul shooter with an 86.3 percent clip from the line. The fact that he’s doing this all at 19 years old with less than a full season of college basketball under his belt is nothing short of amazing. This kid has immediately entered the league and shown that not only is he a franchise point guard, but that his ceiling is incredibly high and Irving has the opportunity to become an incredibly prolific contributor. Make no mistake about this—Irving is the real deal.” [Norof/Bleacher Report]

Ranking the Cavaliers, part 2. [Fear the Sword]

You know how the Indians have honored John Adams and his drum occasionally? Included him in events and such? Check out how the LA Clippers treat their ‘superfan’- “Clipper Darrell, who wears a ridiculously awesome (or awesomely ridiculous) blue-and-red suit and once organized a fan demonstration to woo LeBron James to Staples Center, is quite possibly the loudest and most passionate superfan in the NBA. This year, with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin leading the team to legitimate championship contention, he’s finally seeing results on the court.

Most teams, given this situation, would celebrate their good fortune with their biggest fans, and possibly even reward them for years of loyalty. However, the Clippers operate by different rules. And so, in a move that makes very little sense to any observers, they’ve asked Clipper Darrell to drop the team association from his name and stop doing interviews related to the franchise.” [Freeman/Ball Don’t Lie]

Finally, if you didn’t see Grantland’s piece on the Malice at the Palace yesterday make sure you do. [Abrams/Grantland]

  • Boomhauertjs

    Is there any chance that Grady isn’t out for the season when the Tribe gives us an update on his status later today?

  • Probably not.  That press conference is ominous; why have one if all you’re saying is he is coming back earlier than reported?  I’d say it is him announcing his retirement.

  • Probably not.  That press conference is ominous; why have one if all you’re saying is he is coming back earlier than reported?  I’d say it is him announcing his retirement.

  • porkchpxprss

    I pains me to defend Don Sterling, but I get where the Clips were coming from.  Apparently Clipper Darrell routinely sells his own line of Clipper Darrell paraphenalia with authentic Clippers logo on it and neither gets it approved by the organization, or pays royalties, in addition it sounds like at best he blurs the lines as to whether he is part of the organization in interviews.  At least according to the Clippers they have tried to come to an agreement with Darrell, and he refuses. 
    I guarantee if John Adams started selling drums with the official Indians logo on it and not paying royalties they would shut him down in a heartbeat.   The Clips are scummy but they are in the right on this one.

  • mgbode

    no.  that’s not how Grady injuries go.  he’ll have a timetable set that will eventually get delayed.  then he’ll come back and have a good week or so before re-injurying himself because he still wasn’t fully healed and he was compensating for the injury by stressing something else.

    rinse.repeat 4-5 times per season.

  • mgbode

    I don’t know.  He did attend and watch Clipper games for all those years.  That amount of torture may entitle him to it.

    (yes, that is joking.  I understand the Clippers side on this one)

  •  This ‘announcement’ has me pretty curious as well. You just announced the injury, what more could there be?

  • EyesAbove

    Given the fact that they immediately wrote him off for opening day, I think they will announce that the injury is something a lot more serious than a “strained back” and he will go to the 60 day DL or be out for the season.