While We’re Waiting… Getting to know Donald Sloan, Holmgren’s enemy and a new name for the Indians?

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A profile of new Cavalier Donald Sloan from a few months back- “Those 38 games of “running the show” were enough to get Sloan invited to training camp to play for the USA in the 2011 Pan-American Games. Of the players competing in Mexico, several were D-Leaguers who were sitting well in terms of making of NBA team, with Sloan being one of them. We’ll go in depth on the Pan-Am Games in another Chasin’ The Dream, but Sloan made enough of an impression by his play in Mexico that the Erie Bayhawks made him a priority on draft night, dealing vet Blake Ahearn and a second rounder to bring him to Erie.

“It’s all about confidence. Once my agent, Brian Elfus of Impact Sports Basketball, told me that I had teams coming to see me in Tulsa, following me down to Mexico, then put me on the phone with Alan Houston on the D-League Draft night and he told me ‘Sloan, we want you in Erie. We think you’re an NBA point guard.’ That was all that I needed to hear. I was stoked,” the elated Sloan reminisced on his memories of his initial phone call with Knicks Assistant GM Alan Houston. All it takes is something like that to light a fire under you to make you realize that you can truly do this on the next level.” [Bohn/Slam Online] (Hat tip- Jason Lloyd)


Interesting. A look at the AL Central in 2014. “The Indians have been in some form of rebuilding since 2008; last year, most everyone was surprised that the Indians were able to field a competitive team. Chasing a division title into late August in 2011 was well ahead of schedule. Now the Indians have to deal with expectations.

Of course, the Indians do not play baseball in a vacuum, because that would be difficult for the players. As the Indians move forward, there are four other teams that have some say regarding the Tribe’s playoff hopes, many of the players on the five teams currently will be gone, and even the players around will be a few years older. To try to get a grip on how these teams might look in 2014, I looked at the payroll patterns of each team, the existing contract commitments for beyond 2013, as well as a very cursory look at the farm system. All payroll information comes from Cot’s Contracts.” [Let’s go Tribe]


Another take on Holmgren’s comments the other day- “In truth, Holmgren got bitten by a more aggressive suitor … and that’s the way the ball bounces. Perhaps he should study a few key points from the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness: “Capitalism, God’s way of determining who is smart, and who is poor.” “Crying, acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon.” “Rage. Poise. Property rights.” Yep. Ron Swanson would dominate this NFL thing. Mike Holmgren, personnel executive? Not so much. At least, not this time.” [Shutdown Corner]


A Uni-Watch Indians’ related contest- “Last weekend’s request to have a contest for the new name and uniform for teams named for native peoples (on this day when we stereotype the Irish, no less), really didn’t get narrowed down terribly — so let’s make it simple:

Let’s offer some suggestions for new team names for the Washington football team (currently named the “Redskins”) and the Cleveland baseball team (known for now as the “Indians”). Today — let’s come up with a few new names for each. Post your suggestions below in the comments. Tomorrow, I’ll select some of the best suggestions for each and we’ll put those to a vote. Once we have a new nickname, we’ll build a uniform and logo contest around those new names.” [Uni-Watch]


A couple of different takes on recent events. The Sessions trade from a fantasy basketball perspective, and Peyton Hillis’ value as a Chief. [Yahoo Fantasy Minute]

  • Mark

    I usually avoid the whole “Indians” and “Chief Wahoo” discussions because everything has already been said and most people seem to be talking past each other. However, Uni-Watch is onto something interesting. I think some of the resistance to replacing the name and logo is the unknown – what would they be replaced with? I’m curious as to what Uni-Watch comes up with.

  • i can’t feel donald sloan as an nba player name

  • Roosevelt

    They should change the name to “Tribe” and get rid of Chief Wahoo. That way, they pay homage to tradition while avoiding the offensiveness and keeping a non-cliched name. 

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Patriots signed a pair of WR I guess they didn’t think the passing attack was good enough unlike the Browns!  😉

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Are there a considerable percentage of Native Americans out there that are still truly offended by the likes of the Indians, Seminoles, Braves, Redskins, etc?  I understand some of the logos are exaggerated, and I guess this could be construed as racist, but almost all logos are like that.  Are Greek people offended by the spartans or trojans?  Are religious people offended by the Saints?  The Oklahoma State Cowboy looks ridiculous.  Are cowboys and ranchers offended?  The characterization of some logos shouldnt be received as an insult.  I dont think there is anyone in the world who thinks Native Americans actually have bright red skin.  The real question is whether someone’s ethnicity should be the subject matter for a team’s name.  We already have religions represented (Saints, jesuits, etc.) and we already have nationalities (Canadiens).  Im personally not for a name change, but I would like to hear all your opinions.  

  • Chuckaluck1402

    Keep the name Indians and go back to the logo they used from 1929-32, the Indian with the full headdress.  Naps?   I can see the jokes flying now!

  • Lyon25

    being part Native American I can say I nor anyone else in my family ever mentioned being offended by those names.  You bring up great points that other names and/or stereotypes are used but we don’t get bombarded with changing those names all the time.

    I don’t see how you can be offended by what someone else chooses to call their team. 

  • erchoov

    Cleveland Fart Hammers.  I hope this gets picked so we can come up with a logo.

  • porkchopexpress

    Given the number of protests against these logos and names I would say yes there are sufficient people to be offended.
    Troy (Trojans would actually be from Turkey not Greece, and unlike Native Americans, the Spartan state as depicted does not exist.  Secondarily, the Spartan and Trojan mascots are not depicted as bucktoothed exagerated characterizations, they are musclar warrior types, and the name is not based on the skin color/negative stereotypes of Greek/Turks.  Had Michigan State named their team the olive skinned non-bathers I think people might have a problem.
    Saints are not ethinic specfiic, persons of all races and countries of origins can become a Saint, and the Saints logo is not a stereotyped characterization of people’s beliefs about Catholics.  Cowboy is an occupation, not racial/ethinic background.  You can take the hat off anytime, (You should have used the WVA Mountaineers to try to make this point).
    You’re right most people don’t think that Native Americans have bright red skin.  Just as people don’t think that Asians have huge buck teeth, or african americans have huge exagerated lips, however for decades it was acceptable to promote those stereotypes on TV and print.  I don’t think you would argue for those stereotypes to be allowed to come back simply because “Nobody believes they are true. 

    I suppose I could make the argument that imagine there was a white mascot that depicted an unrealistic portrayal of of a group of white people and made light of their propensity for violence.  You would obivously say “Notre Dame”.  Now imagine that white people had been enslaved, raped, had genocide commited against them, been kicked off their land, had a group of another race build a university on that land, and then name their team the “Fighting Irish” to honor the people they had killed.  Might not see the harmlessness in it then eh? 

    Point being its needlessly ignorant, it won’t hurt anyone to change the names, in ten years nobody will understand why there was a fuss.  And besides it is a crime against nature that we don’t have a professional sports team in town named the Cleveland Steamers.  Indians management could buy the Yankees started lineup just selling Steamer shirts across the country.  Lets make this happen.