While We’re Waiting… Cavaliers statistically, hogging draft picks and Tribe roster mistake?

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“On the Defensive side, the Cavaliers have a rating of Poor defending the following Play Types: Spot Up, Post-Up, P&R Ball Handler, Cutting, Miscellaneous, and P&R Roll Man. In some ways that could read: feel free to do whatever you’d like against the Cavaliers on offense if you’re prepping for a game, but in other ways you can see how a team might look at this and decided to Pick and Roll the Cavaliers to death. Not to say it’s as simple as looking at this sheet, but the data does support the fact that the Cavaliers do not defend the P&R well in anyway. Watching them on television does too though I guess.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


“Cleveland has amassed so many draft picks, they almost literally can’t use them all. One year after picking 1st and 4th, Cleveland is the only NBA team owning more than five first round draft picks over the next four drafts. Cleveland’s eight 1st round draft picks far outpace anyone else. Add those to seven second-round selections, and Cleveland has a roster’s worth of available options to add to Kyrie & TT. What all these picks could facilitate is the subject of a different, speculative column. Instead, I’ll just touch on how sneakily good most of their “extra” first round picks can be.” [Ketrick/Cavs the Blog]


“While that idea certainly has value in a vacuum, it goes back to something that I wrote last week that was expounded upon by Anthony Castrovince, as Castro writes that “the Indians, at this moment, project to have three guys in their everyday lineup who were non-roster invitees in their camps just one year ago — Hannahan at third, Shelley Duncan in left and Casey Kotchman at first. Hey, at least corner spots aren’t considered pivotal power-producing positions or anything…” with Castro’s piece (which is worth a whole read) drawing some frightening comparsions between Lonnie and MaTola (who was sent down on the same day as Chiz) being blocked by “one-tool” players at points that they should have been handed everyday MLB PA without hesitation and with Castro summarizing that “the Indians better hope Chisenhall tears it up in Triple-A, because a lineup with Jack Hannahan, Shelley Duncan and Casey Kotchman in three of the four corner positions is in dire need of some offensive upside.” That’s where I eventually come down on this – that ON THIS TEAM on Opening Day as it’s currently constructed, Chiz’s offensive upside (he was the 25th rated prospect going into last year, per BA, with his “bat” being his best tool) outweighs the stability of Hannahan’s glove, groundballers considered. ” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]


A completely ridiculous premise? Yes, but hey you have to have fun– “First of all, you must know that I intend on playing fast and loose with the names. If there is a foreign version or a different spelling or even a shared abbreviation of different names, I’m lumping all of that into one group. I’m crazy, and I don’t care.

Team Al: Al Harrington (PF), Al Horford (C), Al Jefferson (C), Al Farouq Aminu (SF), Al(ec) Burks (G), Al(onzo) Gee (SF). I actually don’t hate this team. Sure, it doesn’t have anyone who can create shots for others, but it has a pretty brutal frontcourt. [I Go Hard Now]


Finally, Trent Richardson bowls over Browns’ RB coach Gary Brown. [SBN Cleveland]

  • JNeids

    No Varejao on Team Andy???

  •  I didn’t even notice that. That team has a lot of bigs, but you would think Andy should have been selected over a couple of those.

  • Steve

    Ah, that time of year where Cousineau pines for every halfway decent looking minor leaguer to get his long deserved shot as a full time major leaguer. 

  • Hey, I’m the guy who wrote the article, and that was a big struggle with me (whether to keep him on that team or not). Ultimately, I thought it was more of a stretch than the other names… And it’s a big heavy-team anyway. Lack of another PF/C wasn’t going to be the difference of how good that team is.

    But like I said – I almost included him, so you definitely have a point.

  • Jack


  •  What do you mean by ‘more of a stretch than the other names’?

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Yea….Im not following that logic either.  Anderson, commonly called Andy, isnt on team Andy because his name is a stretch?  What?

  •  Especially when the team has 2 Andres, an Andray and an Andrea.

  • mgbode

     I don’t know, but I’d rather have AV on my team than this guy:

    Andy would be a SF on that team, which is funny though (he’s the only one of the bigs with enough hustle and quicks to handle 3s — and Iggy would have to be the SG).

  • Jack

    Anderson Varejao is the ONLY player on that entire roster that is called ‘Andy’ by anyone…

    …Varejao is commonly referred to as Andy by both fans and commentators alike.

  • He does go by “Andy Varejao”, at least locally. Andray Blatche is a bigger stretch.

    It was an entertaining piece for sure though.

  • My thinking at the time was that the other names on the list are official variations of “Andrew.” Like I said, though, I was torn about whether to include Anderson or not.

    But I apologize for slighting AV. Let’s say it was just a kindness so he wouldn’t have to play with Andray Blatche.