While We’re Waiting… Catching up with Bassy, Final Four thoughts and Re-branding the Indians

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Catching up with ex-Cavalier Sebastian Telfair- “I’m not sure if Telfair will re-sign in Phoenix again next year, but I hope he does. I think it’s a good place for him. I first spent some time talking with Telfair out at the Impact Basketball Series in Las Vegas this past September, and he’s one of the nicest NBA guys I’ve ever talked with. Most people don’t realize that I think, but the guy is real cool. When I walked into the locker room yesterday, he said hello and asked me how I’d been doing right away. I said I was good, and asked him the same. He said he’s enjoyed his time in Phoenix, and is learning a lot from Steve Nash. He also said he didn’t fill out an NCAA bracket this year, but he’s pulling for Louisville. I told him Samardo Samuels was too, and he laughed.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


Our old friend Mike Brown finally standing up to a star player? “The storyboard vultures are circling, and for good reason. Pushing a superstar working with two iffy knees, one that was drafted into the NBA during Bill Clinton’s first term as president, is not the smartest thing to do. But to drop Kobe like that? To stand up to him there, instead of some other time? Some other, not nationally televised, time? It made no sense. Kobe wasn’t having his best game (18 points on 15 shots, three assists and three turnovers), but he wasn’t having a terrible one, either. And tired legs haven’t been Bryant’s problem this year. Good decision-making down the stretch of contests, with Kobe firing away, has. And that’s fixable in a way that doesn’t involve benching.” [Dwyer/Ball Don’t Lie]


“So really the lesson that I think I’m starting to learn is that once March starts, pretty much nothing that came before it matters. Ask Louisville. The Cardinals lost 4 of their last 6 regular season games, but find themselves the winners of the West Regionals after getting luke warm and finding ways to win ugly game after ugly game. On the other hand, don’t ask Kentucky, who has been straight up dominant, aside from a loss against Vandy they seemed more than a little disinterested in. But you can ask Kansas, who lost to Baylor in the Big 12 tourney and then eeked out games against Purdue and NC State before blowing out a hobbled UNC team.

In any case, though all four teams took different paths to the Final Four, the do share a number of commonalities; as we’ll see today, defense rules (and is pretty much the only reason why Louisville was even invited to the party), but that isn’t the only statistical item of importance between these teams. Because of that, the Final Four games may get extremely ugly, which should put a smile on your face.” [Ginter/Eleven Warriors]


“Are The Forbes Valuations Worth Using? The answer is easy: yes. While one can quibble with how the numbers are derived or their total accuracy in what the market will bear, in the end they are the best barometer out there (you can view this year’s breakdown of the numbers, released just this week, here). If one applies other analysis to the Forbes valuations, one can get a solid sense of where clubs are headed in terms of not only their value but their available resources for player payroll and other aspects of running the club. That said, as MLB goes, so do I: they are not the be-all-end-all. Hard numbers are far too difficult to obtain for all facets of a club’s operations. As the leaked financial documents that came to light via Deadspin and The Associated Press show, “predictive analysis” and “reality” do not always match up. In that, it’s good to come back to using club sales and what players garner in the free agency space. Never underestimate what clubs are willing to fork over even if the numbers seem to say it’s too much. Whether it’s the Astros’ sale or the free agent contracts of Jayson Werth or Albert Pujols, it’s about what the market sets, not always actual value.” [Brown/Baseball Prospectus]


Finally, the Uni-Watch ‘re-brand the Cleveland Indians’ contest continues. [UniWatch]


  • Boomhauertjs

    No matter what the Dolans say, that Forbes report is going to make them look cheap. And I think that perception will always exist in this town under their ownership, unless they start spending like drunken sailors. Fair or not, that’s the reality.

  • mgbode

    Anyone else notice the Bengals parading 1st round busts in this FA period? 
    Derrick Harvey (8th overall JAX)
    Jamaal Anderson (8th overall ATL)
    Jason Allen (16th overall MIA)
    and now Terrence Newman @5th overall for DAL (ok, not a bust initially, but lately)

    even their re-signs:
    Reggie Nelson (21st overall JAX) – ok, the one non-bust on this list.  at least for Cinci.
    Adam “PacMan” Jones (6th overall Tenn)
    Pat Sims (hey, a 3rd rounder – and actually drafted by Cinci to boot)

    BenJarvis Green-Ellis must be wondering if they got confused on him – UDFA

    someone should tell the Bengals infamous scouting department that these guys have NFL tape to look at too now.  they don’t have to use their college scouting reports anymore.