Skip Bayless: “For next 10 yrs better believe I’ll take Kyrie over D-Rose”

Whether you love him, hate him, or are just sick of hearing him yell, Skip Bayless gave Cavaliers’ rookie Kyrie Irving a huge compliment.

Through Bayless’ twitter feed he had this to say about Irving

“For next 10 yrs better believe I’ll take Kyrie over DRose. Much better shooter, passer. Little quicker but not as strong (yet). More clutch. Kyrie: pure PG who can score. DRose is a primary scorer/2 guard masquerading as a PG. Both good kids. But Kyrie more QB who can take over.”

Bayless earned a reputation in Cleveland for being extremely hard on LeBron James during his years in Cleveland. He consistently said James lacked a killer instinct and deferred too often in big situations before the rest of the media began to say the same.

During today’s First Take show, Bayless argued that Irving is the better shooter, has better instincts and makes better decisions already at age 19.

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  • 216in614

    this guy is a tool. but he is correct!

  • Wow

    He actually defended Cleveland quite a few times on the show. It’s nice because that tool Crawford never does.

  • Steve

    This is the same reasoning that led people to say Kobe over Lebron, they enjoy watching a sweet stroke over being able to get to and finish at the rim. The latter counts for a lot, and while Kyrie can do that to, he’s not Rose in that regards. Also, Rose has turned into a good defender. Yes, I’ll give a 19 year old rookie a pass, but Rose has developed almost exactly like we want Irving to.

    Also, Rose is certainly not a 2 guard maquerading as a point. Despite handling more possessions a night, his assist and turnover rates are better than Irving’s. Even as a rookie his assist and turnover rates beat out Irving’s numbers this year.

  • Michael

    Um.. The season isn’t over yet.

  • Jaymesbawned

     rose also has a lot better cast around him to finish those assists and draw away double teams

  • Mansoor Khan

    Dude is full of hot air. The one nice thing he says about one of our guys doesn’t make up for all the hooting and hollering he does all the time. When he gets on the TV, just turn it off.

  • porkchpxprss

    Counter point; Irvings PER and shooting percentage are much better than Rose as a rookie.

    To be honest I think they are both such different players its almost impossible to compare their games objectively, its just what you like.  I will say that Rose’s style of play and back problems would be a huge concern for me if I was a Bulls fan.

  • mgbode

    I agree.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Was hoping to never hear this idiots name again but surprise he says something nice about a Cleveland player and away we go!  Love Irving he has exceeded my expectations by 1000% as I was one of those more then skeptical of him.  Should be the ROY by a ton BUT Derrick Rose wasn’t the league MVP for nothing.  Rose is the best PG in the game and this comes from a Chris Paul fan.  If Irving continues the way he has he will no doubt be right there with Rose but better, I don’t know.

  • Nicksansone85

    I am a Bulls homer, but…..

    Skip Bayless did say Andre Johnson was a better football player than Jerry Rice, too.

  • Steve

     Yes, Irving is a much better jump shooter than Rose was as a rookie. But Rose has developed a decent enough jumper since, how much better is Kyrie’s going to get? And the big difference between the two right now is the defense. We need Irving to develop as a defender the way Rose did.

  • BrownsFanSF

     I would be excited about this if anyone other than Skip Bayless said it.  It is an interesting point though.  Kyrie can flat out ball, I’m glad folks are taking notice

  • Vette8kid

    Skip knows! He saw LeBackstabber for what he is. Kyrie joins Joe Haden of the Browns as players who want to play in Cleveland despite the way the national media(ESPN) tries to paint Cleveland as “Siberia” for any athlete who  plays here. Let me ask you a question, ESPN. If you detract players from going to small market teams, won’t you get bored watching maybe 6 teams in every sport playing each week? That is what it will come to as ESPN help the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL construct “super teams” in the the large market areas. Jobs in Bristol will drop like autumn leaves. 

  • Rose is a great player and point guard no doubt but unless they sign somebody in the off season to help him, Boozer is a waste, Noah is just energy and that is great off the bench but please! and the rest of the cast are good in the regular season but Bulls will not go to the finals!  Unless they make a change they never will! Cleveland seems to be making smart moves for a change and at this rate the Cavs will be back in the Finals before the Bulls anyways Rose can be a former MVP (not this year) But in the End he won’t win  a ring in Chicago!

  • Every dog has its day,Skip finally got one right.And Kyire is only going to get better,hes only 19.I have heard Jay defend his hometown of Cleveland many times!

  • brady howard

    Labron who! Cavs dont need him or miss him!

  • Vt1126

    Skip Bayless just needs to shut his mouth up before a fan comes up there and gets him to shut up he is always negative now he is possitvie wow skip bayless changed

  • guy

    kyrie is a jack. dont get em wrong he is a great player but d rose is better he knows how to pass and kyrie has to big of an ego he thinks he can take anyone and is not consistant