Report: Indians Work Out Vlad Guerrero In Dominican Republic

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN, Vladimir Guerrero worked out for Cleveland Indians’ scouts at the Indians’ Dominican academy.  Guerrero hit .290/.317/.416 with 13 HR in 590 plate appearances last season with the Orioles.

According to one source cited by Rojas, “There seems to be a genuine interest by the Indians to see if he can help the team.”

If Guerrero cannot latch on with an MLB team, he’s suggested he would explore the possibility of continuing his career in Japan.

There have been some recent grumblings that the Indians’ brass has been nonplussed by the open competition for the left field spot.  Guerrero would seemingly play into that competition were he to be added to the fold, though his range has been particularly questionable in recent years.

  • kjn

    *takes off glasses, tightly closes eyes, vigorously rubs bridge of nose*

  • LaundroMat

    I’ll bet he can still hit.  I’d support this gamble.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    He has barely played the OF in the past three years but he’d be a perfect platoon guy at DH verse lefties.  Start Duncan in LF at same time.  Verse righties you have Hafner at DH.  I’m sure he won’t cost alot, why not?

  • Steve

     Because you’re already limited with what you can do offensively by having Hafner take up the DH spot, you really can’t afford to give up 2 spots on the roster for just the DH position, and that’s before even considering that guys like Duncan, Santana, and Sizemore will probably need to spend time there.

    They already picked up Hafner insurance in Canzler. He can sit in AAA until Hafner takes his trip to the DL. He’ll fill in adequately enough.

  • Double_Up

    I heard the Indians were thinking about adding him a week ago, but I said nothing.  It was from my Mexican relatives, spanish reports of course.  I’d go with this, even of it was a platoon.  Good luck to him and the team.

  • kjn

    He posted a 101 OPS+ last year.
    Jack Hannahan posted a 101 OPS+ last year.

  • kjn


    He’s started all of one game in LF his entire career. It’s been three years since he’s played the OF on anything like a consistent basis.

    How bad must Canzler, Spillborghs, Duncan, Pie, Lewis, Crowe, Neal, Carrera, and Cunningham be?

  • Harv 21

    wait, maybe they mean his son.

  • Harv 21

    actually, by “working him out”  they mean carbon dating him to make sure he’s not really 57.

  • Robbie

    Since my new job, I don’t get to check WFNY that often during the day.  Just now, I see the two headlines involve the Indians looking at Vlad Guerrero and the Browns looking at Cedric Benson.  Haha… five years ago I’d have been missing something.

  • floydrubino

    Would love to see this happen. Vlad is one of my favorite players of all time and he could provide some power in the lineup playing him at dh when hafner gets hurt again.

  • Wow

    dude you didn’t know anything stop lying.

  • Brandon

    His range in the outfield is probably terrible now but I bet he still has that cannon, which will offset the range a bit. He used to have one of the best arms in baseball. He wasn’t bad last year and in 2010 he hit better than anyone on our team last year. If we can get him to a 3 million dollar contract he would be a steal.

  • FearTheRoo

    Only about 5 years too late there Tribe…

    But really don’t have a positive feeling about this upcoming season, so any help we can get I guess!

  • WormsInTheShower

    Nonplussed doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  • WFNYJon

     I’m sure he still has a great arm, but that means a lot less in LF than RF, and with Choo back, the only place for him is LF or DH.  It just doesn’t seem like a good fit to me, but I’m trying to keep my mind open just in case.

  • Double_Up

    You think my relatives in Mexico can’t understand Spanish, or that they are liars?  You must be joking.

  • Chucky Brown

    is that a rhetorical question?

  • kjn

    He was bad last year. He had a sub 100 wRC+ which means below league average. Not what you want from a DH (or a defensive liability in left).

    I don’t mean to be negative, it’s just that guys usually don’t get better year-to-year as they move through their late 30’s. Vlad is at the point where he barely walks anymore. On top of that, he doesn’t have the power he once had. 13 HRs last year in 590 PAs. To compare, Laporta hit 11 in 385 PAs.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Actually, you can’t infer that from the article… the definition of nonplussed makes sense in the sentence and there isn’t enough connotation to come to your conclusion.