Report: Browns “not players” for Matt Flynn

According to New Era Scouting’s Matt Miller, the Browns won’t be pursuing Matt Flynn when free agency hits later this afternoon.

“Hearing from two sources that #Browns are not players for Matt Flynn. Take it for what’s its worth.”

The teams that are ‘in’ on Flynn according to Miller are the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins. 

“More Matt Flynn news, apparently Seattle and Miami are clear favorites but could be delayed due to Manning”

Even Miller then admits that all teams use misdirection at times like these, but we were told the Browns wouldn’t be making a splash in free agency. Spending money on a quarterback day one of free agency would qualify as a splash.

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  • Jjalovec

    Are we trying to tank another season for Matt Barkley? I feel like they are just sitting on their hands. Hold me I’m a Browns fan.

  • Chucky Brown

    Im more then ok with this

    I think Ive moved into the one last chance for Mccoy or Weeden Camp

  • 216in614

    Personally I love their over conservatism so far this off season refusing to buy high on anyone. It’s not sexy for sure but in the long run I think they are doing this thing the right way.

  • Harv 21

    The Matt Flynn sweepstakes feels like it has “trap” written all over it. Gaudy stats for 2 games leading an excellent offense dovetails with the NFL Big Truth Du Jour that you go absolutely nowhere without a big time quarterback and, voila, some just-ok QB kills your cap faster than you can say Scott Mitchell.

    Just as happy Browns aren’t taking a leap of faith with this guy. There will be promising guys like him available next year and the year after that, hopefully with a more extensive resume.

  • TSR3000

    Could not agree with you more. Flynn will be overpaid. Let’s build a team first and then plug in a QB.

  • Acrossthefield11

    Matt Flynn = Fools Gold.  Give McCoy another year with some weapons and address the situation in the future if need be.  I’d be surprised if there’s a player in the NFL that will have a bigger chip on their shoulder coming into next season than Colt.  I doubt Holmgren and Heckert are in fear of their jobs enough to feel the need to grab a QB now (Flynn, Weeden, Tannehill) and set the team back 5 more years.

    Who else is available in the draft besides Barkley next year if Colt doesn’t succeed? 

  • saggy

    if they’re truly tanking, they should trade their first round pick this year completely away for next year’s first, second, and third.

    just go ahead and stink this season, and get Barkley, and  another 1st round pick.

  • AlwaysNextYear

    I agree, BUT, it seems like the Browns are doing NOTHING….. Look at any news headline and every other team is mentioned for something, but, the Browns aren’t anywhere (except how they screwed up the last minute deal for RGIII)

  • mgbode

    if we really want to tank, then we need Dan Orlovsky at QB.  he’s helped 2 different teams get the #1 overall pick already.

  • Chucky Brown

     this is also the 1st time my “you might also like” was completely related to this topic

  • mgbode

    My feelings on Flynn are known.  I also feel that the Dolphins are the heavy favorites for him anyway if they don’t get Peyton (and it doesn’t look like they are getting Peyton).  

    If he signs elsewhere, then Foles/Coleman in the middle rounds is my “next best scenario”  (Colt starts the year)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    You been waiting 12 years heck 20 so what’s the difference personally I think the Browns all but bypassing free agency is a joke.  There are players out there who could come right in and not only contribute but improve the team.  And I’m not talking about guys who would command the biggest contracts.

  • JohnnyRockU

    I tend to agree.. Too many other factors this past year which limited Colt’s success A) Nil Running Game, B)  New Offense Scheme, C) Multiple Dropped passes, etc)  I Say Give McCoy somebody that can catch the ball…  pick up a QB NOW. for back up.. BUT .if we tank.. TANK REAL GOOD AND GO AFTER BARKLEY NEXT  YEAR..  Than nobody will second guess giving up on Colt McCoy ..  its not like he throws the ball terrible, sure there were a few bad passes but so what, many QBs do that… HE can scramble.. his scrambling has saved our azz’s many a 3rd downs…

  • JohnnyRockU

    I hope they are not tanking purposely… Do you really believe they ever have truly done that ??  Im good w not breaking your bank in Free Agency  unless you get a top WR. We have wasted too many nice picks on WR’s that basically do not pan out !!!
    Colt is getting blamed but the WR’s this year didnt really help his cause. But maybe another year experience will help them out.. well once I say that i suddenly recall the BENGAL’s Rookie  and 2nd year receivers who run circle round our guys
    OH OK……..No mercy on our receivers !!

  • JohnnyRockU

    Lets be honest..  and face reality about getting Barkley in draft next year.. First off if the Browns improve significantly NOW at RB, Get increased production out of the receiving   corp..actually have a  Healthly O Line? than think about it…we all know our D team overall is improving  for sure.. Suddenly the Browns are in the Playoff  hunt NOW

  • JohnnyRockU

    I understand how hard it is to really justify giving up on McCoy and risking it all on Matt Flynn….. if you want to do that  rely on a few plays you see from a Back up QB well..
    I recall the Back up French Name QB we saw in Pre Season who looked great I believe ended up at Cinncy…

  • JohnnyRockU

    I understand how hard it is to really justify giving up on McCoy and risking it all on Matt Flynn….. if you want to do that  rely on a few plays you see from a Back up QB well..
    I recall the Back up French Name QB we saw in Pre Season who looked great I believe ended up at Cinncy…

  • Mark

    Lordy begordy! Can we at least wait until free agency opens at 4pm to start all the complaining? Can we see what the Browns actually DO before we declare the season a failure? Here’s my advice for all ‘the sky is falling’ types around here – sit back, crack open a beer, pet the dog and enjoy yourselves. Life is good. The Browns will do what they do and we’ll all assess the damage when it’s over. Sheesh…

  • Ritz

    Cause thats so easy to do, just find one down the road and plug him into the offense

  • TSR3000

    It’s not. But it’s just as a logical plan as drafting one at #2 or paying a lot of money to an unproven veteran. 

  • Ritz

    Good, the best way to get better is not to take any risks and just go with what didn’t work last year.

    And for those of you who just say, ‘Lets wait for Barkley next year”…

    Do you realize we would most likely need the No. 1 overall pick. The Browns were HORRIBLE last year and still could not get one of the top 2 QBs in this draft. It is foolish, ignorant, and just plain dumb to assume we can just get Barkley next year – or even to assume that we will be in position to draft a elite QB prospect.

  • Shadow_play

    I feel that they should be in fear for their jobs. It will be three years and no improvements? This fanbase was ready to eviscerate last year. If this team shows no progress then they will revolt.

  • steve-o

    The criteria for bringing in any new QB should be the very real possibility of seeing him hoist a Lombardi trophy one day. I don’t see that with Flynn. He might very well be an upgrade, but we already have OK QB who fits our system covered in spades.

  • BenRM

    We weren’t going to get him, so why waste the effort?

  • BenRM

    Ryan Mallet 2013!!!

  • Chucky Brown

    If you really are banking on Barkley why not just support signing leinart

    I predict similar career arcs for both

  • floydrubino

    Maybe Heckert already knows where Flynn is going and they are floating out wanting Tannehill so somebody will trade up to Minnesota’s pick to get him because Heckert wants Kalil. Let me rephrase this I wish that Heckert is doing this because what is done is done with the RG3 situation and it is so obvious that even though they said it was sealed bid that Fisher told Shanahan what it would take and Washington said okay with going over the top with the idea of having tannehill as their option. Just make the correct decision on picks and we all know Tannehill is not the right pick at #4.

  • Ritz

    On what basis? They went to the same school? What other simmarity is there?

  • Big Z

    If Joe Philbin doesn’t get him in Miami, teams will think there’s a reason he stayed away.

    Unless someone wants him as a backup…

  • Big Z

    “The Browns will do what they Do” LOL! I think that’s why everyone’s nervous!

  • eldaveablo

    I can’t like this enough. 

  • Jerry278

    C’mon it’s Cleveland! I love the Browns therefore it stands to Reason that we have the LARGEST GROUP of IDIOTS running the show that we could possibly have. Holmgren is a sidenote of a once great coach who now suffers from I havent made an impact on any football move in so long I forget what they hired me for. free agency starts and we need receivers and what have they done? NOTHING! just another typical season for the mistake on the lake! GO WHOEVER!  

  • Jerry278

    Colt was never given a fair shake, but this is Cleveland and when is anything ever fair here? Give Colt some weapons in some class A receivers and a line that can protect him and then judge his talent. We havent seen enough of him to make the BUM call. I believe also that this Flynn deal is just another crap shoot. Regardless of where he lands if he doesnt have protection and receivers who can catch he is just another arm doomed to failure!

  • Markemackey