Reed: Jamison’s expiring deal not as highly coveted

The Cavs picked up Antawn Jamison (and his huge salary) for a first round pick and Zydrunas Ilguaskas’s expiring contract. Now Jamison has an expiring contract himself, so it makes sense the Cavs could flip him for another overpaid vet, right?

The Plain Dealer’s Tom Reed doesn’t expect the Cavs to get much for The Jumpshooter:

Hey, Tom: In the next few days it is possible the Cavs will trade Sessions and/or Antawn Jamison if they can get a first-round draft pick for each. If successful, would the Cavs want that first round pick for this year or in 2013 or 2014? — Rich Smith, Columbus

Hey, Rich: I think they are hopeful of getting a first-rounder for Sessions. I don’t see them getting such a return for Jamison.

Jamison is one of my favorite punching bags on this team (the list includes Anthony Parker, Omri Casspi and, of course, Ryan Hollins) but, defensive issues aside, I like what he’s done this year. He was a terrible pickup for LeBron’s home stretch (the Cavs needed a grizzled playoff vet, not a chucker with years on bad teams who gets by on sneakiness. Plus, he totally screwed up Mike Brown’s rotation) but he’s been great, steady influence, on this young team (again, as long as you don’t consider defense). Offensively, Jamison can score in bunches and his hot streaks have kept the Cavs in a lot of games this season (he’s the only other consistent scorer on this team asides from Kyrie).

But I’m not too surprised the market isn’t too strong for Jamey. I don’t see a contending team trading a late first for Jamison (I mean, other teams have tape of the 2010 Boston series too) and unless a non-contending team is really hurting financially, I can’t imagine someone giving up a first for him.

Personally, if the Cavs can move him for anything (second round picks, bag of basketballs), I say do it. I’m firmly in the “stay away from the 8th seed” camp and if they can pick up something for the future for a guy who only helps this year, I’m in.

  • erchoov

    I agree.  It’s not that I don’t want the Cavs to win, because I do.  However,  I also thought we saw what happens when 1 star keeps us from getting another high draft pick for seven years.  This team has more pieces than when lebron started with the Cavs, but we desperately need that #2 guy.  With Barnes, Davis, Gilchrest, Lamb and Beal, this is a strong draft for where we need the most help.  I think we have to land one of these guys for a future we can really look forward to.  Overpaying for free agents and building with the #20 pick every year will only get you so far.  The Thunder is our model and they had 4 top 5 picks.  We need at least one more.

  • I agree on the high picks, but can’t help but think making the playoffs has huge benefits from both experience and perception standpoints. If we’re hovering around the 6th pick, it’s not much different from having the 10th. If that’s the case, go to the Playoffs if it’s possible.

  • Modellsux

    Hands down the most intelligent comment

  • Ritz

    I think Jamison’s expiring deal is valuable to the Cavs. Getting cap space is a very nice thing to do while rebuilding.

  • Kildawg

    I think the Lakers are looking for a third team to deal for Sessions since their first-round is a bit low. Minny might be an option since LA can get them an expiring contract to fill the Rubio void, or we deal with LA straight up by taking both their first and the one from Dallas with Artest for Sessions. 

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Hahaha, I approve of the word “chucker” being used to describe Jamison.  He’s had a pleasantly surprising season, but the dude loves to launch up a jump shot anytime anywhere.