Poll: What do the Browns do now?

Now that RG3 is almost undoubtedly going to be a Washington Redskin, what should the Browns do? Log your responses here.

  • Eli

    ok. I voted for Jason Campbell because you made it an option and I couldn’t help myself.

  • Guest

    The Redskins are in a different position from the Browns.  They have a ton of cap space and their management/ownership isn’t averse to signing high priced free agents.

    They can rebuild through free agency instead of only relying on the draft.
    Thus, 1st round draft picks have less value to the Redskins than the Browns.

    The Redskins will throw their money around in the next few years to make up for the lack of draft picks. Vincent Jackson, Mario Williams, etc. will replace rookie 1st rounders. 

  • Acrossthefield11

    I want to try to put this into perspective.  I’m a little upset that we won’t see RG3 in the brown and orange but I’m also relieved that the browns didn’t trade THREE first round picks to move up TWO spots.  Think back to four months ago.  RG3 was lacing up to play the Longhorns in his regular season finale.  Neither the Browns, nor any other team were clamoring over him at that point.  He was projected to be a first round – early second round pick.  RG3 is the same QB today that he was on December 3, 2011.  He wasn’t even on most Browns fans’ radars… If we were going to go QB in the draft, I think Matt Barkley was the consensus pick.  Next, this kid wins the Heisman (rightfully so) and comes of as articulate and intelligent in interviews and all of a sudden, he’s God’s gift to football.  Then he runs an unofficial 4.38 forty at the combine (largely irrelevant to the position) and people want to do whatever it takes to get him. 

    All I’m saying is thinking back to December, he was another QB in another draft. The media and some flashy combine numbers have turned him into a monster.  Drafts are the lifeblood of a franchise and for a team that is rebuilding with management with a proven track record in the draft (H&H), each pick is worth its weight in gold.  People love to go back and cite the Eli Manning to Giants scenario in 2004 but forget the Cowboys scenario in 1989.  They traded Herschel Walker to the Vikings for 6 draft picks (which led to Emmit Smith, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson) and is considered to be the move that lead to Cowboy dominance in the 1990’s. 

    I think Heckert had no intention of ever paying 3 first round picks, but was simply bidding the price up, fully expecting to trade down and accumulate a potential extra first or early second rounder. 

  • Kildawg

    Forgot to place trade down for even more picks with the #4 pick. (Pundits) always assume that a player would be taken, and we all know what assume means. The most popular ‘other’ is most likely the trade down option. We did it last year and netted Taylor and Little. Who’s to say that STL won’t be more loose with the picks from WAS? Then another trade down at #6 is likely as well (deja vu).

  • Kgorecki

    Typical Cllleeveland screws up again…..


    I posted this same thought before even learning the Washington trade. Just fascinated at how the heisman/media hype turned this kid into a franchise savior without him even playing one down in the NFL. Just like you said, it was a short time ago no one save for in conference people cared too much about him. 

  • I couldnt believe the Browns missed out on RG3. Colt McCoy isnt going to get it done and guys like RG3 dont come around very often. Homgren losing his touch.

  • Chucky Brown

    Blackmon/Weeded combo in RD1