PFT: Browns re-sign Dimitri Patterson for three years

Browns fans were warned about Dimitri Patterson by Eagles fans, but in his role in Cleveland, Browns fans were pleasantly surprised. ProFootballTalk reports that the Browns have come to terms with the 28-year-old corner to remain in Cleveland for three years. While some may still complain loudly about the Browns corners not named Joe Haden, this is an important signing for depth and continuity in the Browns’ defensive backfield.

The deal is reportedly said to be worth up to $16 million with $6 million guaranteed.

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  • That is GREAT news. Now go get us Eric Winston.

  • Ritz

    You really think the Browns would do that? I mean wish they would…

  • Tmfriedman

    I’m happy…about this signing only

  • Ritz

    And I agree, this is a good resigning.

  • If there is a splash for this team to make that is worth the money, he is it. It seems to me like cutting Steinbach either means they like Pinkston and Lauvao or they’re clearing room for a move. It makes sense to me.

  • mgbode

    good.  hopefully he can supplant Sheldon Brown this year.  but either way, we have our CBs set for this year (unless we go BPA at #4 and draft Claiborne)

  • mgbode

    or both.

  • Ritzds9

    I agree, it makes sense to me too. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think its going to happen – thats the plan unfortunately.

  • 216in614

    As unhappy as the fans are right now they are doing a really good job on the defensive side of the team.

  • Mark

    I think Patterson is a good example of the type of free agent moves Heckert wants. Patterson was brought in as a low risk, young, depth player with a chance to become something more. Heckert didn’t break the bank in signing him and gave him a year to prove himself. He fit a role and proved to be a good value. These are the type of moves we should expect to continue to see out of the Browns.

  • clevelandhags

    This makes me happy. I don’t think they go after Winston. They’ll draft an RT.

  • Garry_Owen

    I haven’t understood the general disdain for Sheldon Brown, and have defended him far more frequently than is probably justifiable.  Are his stats (whatever stats a CB can have) and quantifiable performances that bad (I don’t see it), or is it just a general perception, perhaps based on his age?

    Please enlighten me, as I’ve actually thought him to be a solid contributor.

  • Jaker

    Ok but are we signing him to start or to be the nickel? I think we should draft a CB in round 3-4, like Leonard Johnson, Brandon Boykin or future Cleveland Favorite, Chase(son of Frank) Minifield. We should also cut Sheldon and Fujita for that cap space we covet so much.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    You mean we didn’t go spend $100 million zillion dollars on the best CB available in free agency?  We signed THIS guy?  Guess H & H don’t care.  They’re just mailing it in. 0-16 here we come!

    (sarcasm, obviously)

    Seriously, though…good signing.  He was solid last year, and keeps some depth on the roster.

  • Brandon

    Hillis + Steinbach > Patterson + Rucker. So far our talent level has decreased this offseason (baffling I know), but we were able to save significant money from those 2 + Pashos so the FO better have something up their sleeves. Winston would be a great pickup and if we could bring Steinbach back at maybe 4 mill a year our o line would be fearsome! TBH our noise in the FA market is probably over though.

  • Brandon

    Stats for a CB are borderline useless sometimes. For instance Haden had 0 picks last year but definitely had a better year than his rookie season. Nnamdi had 0 picks in his contract year in Oakland and got a monster contract from Philly. The  problem with Brown is that he’s simply too slow to keep up with some deep threats. No matter how good he is at bump and run or physical underneath coverage, he can’t stop the fly against some of the quicker wideouts, which is a huge problem. I really like Brown’s style of play and he was probably a very good corner with Philly but he’s just not a starting caliber corner anymore.

  • Bull City

    Very good point, and one I think is lost on a lot of people.  Rucker and Patterson are not spectacular signings, but they’re solid ones.  Plus, in Rucker’s case, anytime you can get a starter (11 games last season) from a division rival, there’s always an added bonus.

    Oh, and I hope I never see Sheldon Brown again.

  • Garry_Owen

    Not to be “that guy,” but can you point to specific instances last year where this proved to be true? It’s not that I’m saying you’re wrong, but I just don’t recall him being on the wrong end of a disproportionate number of downfield burnings. In fact, at the end of the year, it seemed like Haden was getting smoked far more often (though not that often at all, and admittedly against the #1 WR).

  • 216in614

    Also DQ52 was an awesome signing…

  • mgbode

    I had a few issues with Sheldon last year.

    1. he used to be good in run support, but last year he wasn’t getting up to the line and cutting off angles.  too comfortable waiting for the RB to get to him.

    2. same thing on screen passes.  he would sit behind the blocking WR and wait for the RB/otherWR to blaze past him and get a 15yd gain instead of a 5yder.

    3. he did get beat downfield a few times.  this actually wasn’t as big of an issue with him last year (2010 was worse) because we usually had deep S support to his side.

  • Garry_Owen

    Fair enough, but I still didn’t, and don’t, think he was worse than the other DBs.  I do recall one vivid downfield beatdown from last year, but I also recall that he tripped (and almost caught up to the guy).  In all, I thought he did a pretty good job last year, and I’m not even his agent.

    I think we need to get another starting CB, but I’m thinking more for the long run than the short.

  • mgbode

    yes, I had CB2 on my list of “nice to have” upgrades not on my “needs” upgrade list.

  • mgbode

    yes, I had CB2 on my list of “nice to have” upgrades not on my “needs” upgrade list.