PFT: Browns 4th with $18.5 million left in cap space

Now that the dust has settled from the last round of free agency, Pro Football Talk has calculated how much cap space that teams have remaining as we head toward the draft and free agency continues. Here are the top ten according to their calculations.

Bengals:  $20.5 million.

Jaguars:  $20.2 million.

Seahawks:  $18.9 million.

Browns:  $18.5 million.

Titans:  $18.4 million.

Buccaneers:  $18.3 million.

Chiefs:  $17.0 million.

Eagles:  $16.2 million.

Vikings:  $14.5 million.

Broncos:  $13.8 million.

The Browns haven’t been overly active so far other than signing their own players, of course. Also remember that my estimates indicate with the number of draft picks that the Browns have that they’ll need somewhere in the ballpark of $10 million available to sign draft picks.

  • THAT_guy

    I’m glad to see a front office committed to sucking as long as it takes to do this thing the right way regardless of how many cries for big moves they hear. No sarcasm font. I’ve lived my life rooting for a losing team, so that doesn’t bother me…at least theyre trying something new.

  • Yup…THAT_guy

     Just to clarify….I’m on board…. I’m tired of putting band-aids on gaping holes. Time to let the holes heal on their own and put our efforts into things we can actually control. We got to take in as many rookies that will be loyal…start winning games, change the perception of cleveland… and the rest will take care of itself.

  • I agree with that. Even if it doesn’t work in the end, there’s no denying that this is different than the last few times they’ve restructured the organization. They’ve been embroiled in mismatches and power struggles pretty much since Butch Davis was hired.

  • floydrubino

    And this is because no one in a power position has allowed an environment where people have job security doing the right thing in team building. We should be excited that Heckert understands just the basics of the importance of keeping your own players and drafting well to get value with players. We will succeed because when we draft a player we are getting at least the value of the pick just like in a normal business setting. When you draft you are trying to buy low(their early career before they get the big money) basically in the first 4 rounds roughly and get all pros with those picks. If we trade down and get even more picks in this area by trading down than we even get more all pros potentials. You can’t afford 22 veteran all pros on your team so you have to use these draft picks effectively. We should of been trying to trade down for the last 20 or 25 years now and probably even longer  Why we never adopted this until now and even allowed the Butch Davis’s to trade up falls completely on ownership.  Hopefully Heckert uses these picks to load up on offensive and defensive lines plus have 2 good cornerbacks. In the later rounds draft your rb’s wr’s, and qb’s unless you can get a Luck, RG3, or Calvin Johnson type talent.

  • saggy

    couldn’t we have afforded a PRIME free agent with $18.5 million?  I am seriously asking because i never even looked past Mario Williams, who I wouldn’t have minded spending on.  What good is it to have $18+ million and NOT spend it when there is a legendary DE out there looking to get paid?

  • Scott

     apparently per the article there will be 10 mil left after the rookie signings

  • Scott

     actually 8.5

  • Modellsux

    If that’s how you like your team run then move to D.C.

  • Mansoor Khan

    We could have. Take away rucker’s and parker’s pay and add 2-3 more million and I think you’d have Williams salary. But Idk. I try not to talk about salaries because I’ll never know the all the details about escalators and how the bonuses work. 

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL trade down for the last 20-25 years well back in the day the Browns were actually good.  Before the real Browns moved to Baltimore and you got stuck with this spawn from hell since ’99.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It’ll be real interesting if they draft Tannehill ‘cuz if that happens the people who think the way the Browns are doing things is the only way will have at least two maybe three more years to watch the grass grow.

  • Does anybody know if Steinbach has gotten any interest?

  • floydrubino

    The Cowboys of the 90’s created the blueprint. Get as many picks as you can in the the first 3 rounds and take opportunities for trades to get more of them. Load up on the lines and be dominant for years. Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith are good players but those big linemen made their careers. Up until the new rule change a couple years ago picking in the top 10 picks was a punishment not a privilege. If there is a sure thing superstar like a Luck, RG3, Michael Vick, or Calvin Johnson type player than it is worth picking early but the first 100 players taken normally are quality players that can help your team so get as many as you can so you are deep. And then after that you go with high risk reward guys later past the 4th rounds.

  • TSR3000

    Good point. I am on board with this regime but not if they take him.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Trading Herschel Walker for something like 8 picks is what helped Dallas turn it around so fast.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Interesting article from SI.com on the inexact science of drafting:


  • floydrubino

    If you didn’t read the part about trading down to get more picks I will rewrite it for you. You just reiterated my point and thought you were saying something that I wasn’t obviously saying. I know you are excited about remembering such a basic football fact but let me say my point again. Cleveland needs to trade down and get more picks in the first 3 or 4 rounds just like Dallas did to build a dynasty. If they do it over the course of a couple years like Dallas did they can create a dominant team through the strength of the offensive line. If there were a chance to get a player of the caliber of a superstar qb then you get him but if he isn’t there get the guys who will win you games and that’s the o-line and d-lines and db’s. It doesn’t mean give up on the qb because hopefully we can get a Osweiler type qb in the 3rd round(probably not any more) who may or may not work out but certainly is worth the upside to find out. Minnesota(Dallas’s trading partner) is only one team and they only have a certain amount of picks so Cleveland can still do what Dallas did and acquire multiple more picks in the critical areas of the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Another person who does this is Belichick but he didn’t start this concept so I am not giving him the credit that for some reason people do for thinking he started this blueprint. And when you say when the Browns were good in your original post that’s fine if that’s what you want but I don’t want the Browns to just be good I want them to be dominant and destroy teams.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Dallas recieved 5 players and 6 draft picks in the trade of Walker.  The draft picks turned into Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson.  

    No team gives that up to move up in a draft.  That’s the difference.  

    Please note I responded without the need to condescend like you continually do. 

  • floydrubino

    You still don’t get it. The five players that Dallas got were worthless except for one linebacker that played a little I think so they got 6 draft picks over 2 or 3 years. So you don’t think Cleveland in 2 or 3 years can’t pick up some extra draft picks. And what you have to understand is when they picked up these picks it freed them up to pick up players in other spots they might not have taken. Thanks for listing some of the players they got so I assume you are a stats looker upper and assume the whole story of Dallas’s dynasty is displayed on wikipedia. There was my little condescending bit at the end.

  • Team Brady

    k, stop now.