NFL Report: Three top draft picks don’t want to play for Browns

According to Matt Miller (Senior NFL Draft Lead Writer at Bleacher Report and Founder of New Era Scouting), agents for top draft picks have told him their clients do not want the Browns to draft them-

“I have now heard from three agents, all with Top 10 picks, who don’t want to play for the #Browns.”

“#Browns fans are missing the point. A) Don’t shoot the messenger. B) Draftees not wanting to play there says a lot about free agency too.”

When asked, “You think trading out of the top 10 like that have in 2009 & 2011 hurt their perception?” Miller had this response-

“I do. Phil Taylor is a damn fine player, but two trades out of a top money pick? People notice.”

With the new collective bargaining agreement, draftees’ salaries aren’t going to be that different regardless of who selects them. It is the draft position that matters, not the team doing the drafting. Still, a reputation for being cheap around the league certainly isn’t one you want.

We know Mario Manningham agrees.

  • I really don’t think it is proper to call our defense one of the best in the league just yet.  We lost 6 of out last 6 games, remember?  Benson ran for 100 on us in week 12 and Redman (their backup) ran for 92 in week 17. 

    Teams practically toyed with us; like a kid swinging haymakers at a bully who is holding them away at arm’s length with a palm on their head.

  • Obviously?  What was the difference between the 2010 and 2011 49ers?  Jim Harbaugh.

    He is a coach, you know…

  • He didn’t say he EXPECTS them to 6-10, he said 6-10 isn’t acceptable.  Those are different statements.

  • Jeremy

    So Mister know-it-all errr Oribiasi?  Your solution to the Browns is to fire the whole front office and start over again?  And you called us the idiots?  If the new regime doesn’t do well in their first two years, should we fire them too?  Actually to me Oribiasi I’m starting to think you might be a Lerner because guess what, that’s what we’ve been doing for the past 12 years.  Why do you think we have this bad rap from agents and the league?  These guys are all probably thinking we will run these guys out of town next year and they will be playing for different regimes every two years.  We need stability and let these guys work it out.  Like i’ve said before, I wish they would be more aggressive in FA, but they have been in the business longer than me.  They have a plan, let them do it.  AND NO I DON’T HAVE TO KNOW WHAT THAT PLAN IS!!

  • Jeremy

    How do you know we aren’t headed in the right direction?  Can you see the future?  If so what are the Mega Million numbers my man?  I hope so very bad this regime makes you eat a HUGE plate of crow.  Like all “bullies” though you’ll run and hide.

  • Jeremy

    Did H/H draft Qinn?  Of course that is rhetorical.  That is part of my point of the last post though Oribiasi.  Hiring and firing regimes until we find one that gets us to the playoffs in their first or second year is not a good NFL business model.

  • mgbode

    no, toying with us is Baltimore in ’09 going up 15, then running up the middle the rest of the game and trading punts because they knew we couldn’t move the ball.

    we had chances to win especially the last 3 games.  teams don’t mess around with their playoffs chances/seeds like that just to “toy” with us.

  • cant say i blame them. its been unbearable to be a fan.

  • porkchopexpress

    Bleacher Report is 2 “Aliens probed my rectum” stories away from being the Enquirer. 

  • How is cleveland cheap? we resigned thomas, patterson, and jackson to pretty good deals. They also paid rucker pretty good as well. As for the trade down scenario thing i really dont get that either? We needed more young talent across the board and you do that that by trading down and accumulating picks.  i say screw which ever those draft picks are. They are going to be paid accordingly to where they are drafted anyway and if they play good for the browns they will get big new contracts like the guys i mentioned. they sound immature and i think we could do without signing them

  • DontbringLBJback

    RGIII’s agent came out and said “We don’t want to go to the Browns.” 

  • DontbringLBJback

    RGIII’s agent came out and said “We don’t want to go to the Browns.” 

  • DontbringLBJback

    Best post ever… gotta get my beer goggles to read it though!

  • joec

    Considering the source is from a guy at Bleacher Report, I don’t buy it.  Bleacher Report is a laughable, uncredible site and how someone can consider something they say as factual is beyond me.

  • bupalos

    Well let’s see…if I was slotted as #1, 2, or 3, then no. If 4-10, then yes.

    Gee. 3 guys don’t want to come here. And we have the 4th pick. Gee.

  • bupalos

    The Cleveland psyche is so bad at this point that random writers that want to draw traffic just make up any negative nonsense and wait for the repeats and clicks. It’s a cottage industry. Sorry to see Frowns and WFNY going full-on sucker here.

    My mother’s cousin’s brother heard that last year’s draftees are unwilling to spend money from Cleveland because they dislike Holmgren so much!

  • 1stAnubiis

    Maybe you should if he is doing a good job. Look the depression for fans like is well….depressing. Agents will say just about anything to get their client and themselves more money and endorsements so these hater type articles and rumors don’t mean squat! Fact is the front office of the Browns is building a winner for the future and they did not promise Heaven in a year. Progress was shown on the defensive side of the ball. Some more will show up on the offensive side hopefully starting with picks #22 and #37 as I want that first pick to be Claribourn.

  • 1stAnubiis

    Well sometimes being careful takes time. Now how you precieve it is your opinion.

  • 1stAnubiis

    Yea but the talent on that team was assembled prior to his arrival.

  • Patwick

    I’m glad Holmgren is out of Seattle as a coach & GM!

  • good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need leaders,winners,and people who are not scared to lead!!!!!!!!!!!!! we don’t need pre madona’s like braylon edwards,william green,ect!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT TOUGH MENTALLY AND PYHSICALLY PLAYERS TO BUST THE SNOT OUT OF SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT FOOTBALL PLAYERS TO JOIN US DAWGS AND FIGHT AND CHANGE OUR TEAM AROUND NOT CRY BABIES OR MENTALLY WEAK PEOPLE!!! WE WANT SOMEONE THAT CAN LEAD A TEAM OUT OF THE SELLAR NOT A FRONT RUNNER THAT CANT DO IT WITH US DAWGS!!!!!!! WE WANT DAWGS NOT PUTTY CATS!!!!!

  • J White2010

    IF you want to win any time soon, be happy not to get RG3. I live in Big 12 country, and while he’s a fantastic athlete, but the league is full of athletes who couldn’t make the transition from college, and most of those guys were on legitimate winning teams….when was the last time the Heisman went to a player on a team with 3 or more losses? Even if he was a great player? Slash was a better RG3 than RG3, and we all know what happened to him, and ironically, he came from basically the same league, Big 8/ Big 12. Seriously, go back and watch his games, I’ll give him props, but not #2 props after watching him blow up against medium to really good defenses. They barely beat the worst team in conference by 1 point.
    He might turn out great, a long way down the road, but I doubt it.