NFL Free Agency News: Browns to Release RT Tony Pashos

The Cleveland Browns will release right tackle Tony Pashos, according to a report from the Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot. Pashos will likely be cut by Tuesday, just one week after he had surgery on an injured left foot. Cabot spoke with his agent, Rick Smith, who stated that the he was “really upset” about the move.

The background is that Pashos played most of the 2011-12 season on a bum left foot, after he ruptured a tendon. But because another tendon remained in tact, he was able to play for much of the season – medically aided of course:

“Because the team lacked depth on the offensive line, especially at right tackle, Tony wanted to help the team,” said Smith. “He knew what he was doing. But in order to be able to do that, he had to be given an enormous amount of pain pills and shots,” said Smith. “It was an enormous amount, to the point where at Christmas, he went into the hospital with three ulcers from the pain medication. You can see that he missed the final regular season game, because he was in the hospital with the ulcers.”

It’s an ugly story, and you can understand why he would be upset at the news. He did, however, go into the situation with eyes wide open and was simply ineffective last season. Now, it appears he will be cut loose.

Pashos signed with the Browns as a free agent in 2010, earning $4 million in salary and bonuses his first year and $2.2 million in 2011. The 31-year-old tackle will receive $1 million for injury protection per the collective bargaining agreement.

This move increases the likelihood that the Browns could address the tackle position via the upcoming draft. USC’s Matt Kalil is the consensus highest-ranked tackle per many draft analysts. If the Minnesota Vikings pass, Kalil could conceivably be taken with the fourth-overall pick.

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  • mgbode

    well, if Pashos got surgery and missed 2011, then he would be recovered by now and not get the $1mil injury buyout (and I assume we would have cut him anyway if he had only started 3 of 32 games in his time here.  so, his playing hurt got him something.

  • BrownsFanSF

    It got Colt a face mask full of turf.  Sometimes playing hurt isn’t helping the team…

    On another note, always crazy to see what these people do to their bodies to continue to play the game.  Poor guy just took years off his life.  Sure he’s a bad football player, but you never want to hear about someone going through stuff like that.

  • I wonder if Pashos saw “the hit?”

  • Also:

    “You can see that he missed the final regular season game, because he was in the hospital with the ulcers.”

    I think many Browns fans missed that game (and others) due to ulcers.

  • Harv 21

    “I loved Mo Green. But when someone put a bullet through his eye I didn’t get mad. I said, this is the business we have chosen.”

  • Russ


  • JoshKess


  • KevinHignett

    The Godfather, Part II. Then Roth got blasted in the airport during his “I’m a retired investor, living on a pension” bit.

  • Guest

    Levi Brown?

  • nxmehta

    Why would the Browns keep a guy who played poorly, is injured and will likely miss next season, and is expensive?  Because they are nice guys?

    Bye bye Tony.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    Tough man.  Stuck it out to get paid one more year and (presumably) take care of his family.  From a football standpoint, dont let the door hit you on the way out, Tony.  From a more humane perspective, what he endured to show up on Sunday was pretty badass.  I dont know much about ulcers but that cant be easy.

  • Harv 21


  • RGB

    Steve Hutchinson is available…

  • Big Z

    Dear Tony,

    You complained they “didn’t have your back” by re-signing you. 
    We’d say they had your back by paying you millions for two straight years of frequent injuries and horrible performance. 

    Enjoy the $1 million for doing absolutely nothing. The rest of us will never know how awesome that is, but we’re pretty sure we wouldn’t slander the person who gave it to us. 

    Get lost.


    Most Browns Fans