NFL Free Agency: Where’s all the Browns money?

Tom Heckert

I know a lot of people are frustrated with the Browns today as free agents get signed in places like Washington, Buffalo, Tampa Bay and elsewhere. The Browns are estimated to have $17.4 million plus the $1.6 million in awarded money from the Redskins and Cowboys penalties. It is one thing to hear $19 million and it is quite another to try and understand how the Browns are as bad as they have been and yet aren’t tops in the NFL in terms of salary cap space. So I went and did the best I could to figure out the 2012 cap figures for Browns players just to get a feel for how this team is built financially.

Just a couple of disclaimers. Piecing together salary cap info that is 100% accurate is nearly impossible unless you work in the league offices. I took some liberties pro-rating signing bonuses and estimating other bonuses in certain cases. Still, even if my margin of error is 5% it should still be educational to see just where all the money is. Also, I filled up the end of the roster with any old guys who are making around league minimums in order to get the roster size up to 55 which it would be for the regular season.

In the end, with my estimating I got the Browns salary cap in 2012 to be just north of $105 million which gives them just over $15 million in salary cap room. That means in all my estimating I ended up being a couple million high over the course of the roster.

NAME POS. AGE Experience.  2012 Cap Number
Thomas, Joe OL 27 5                  12,500,000
Rubin, Ahtyba DL 25 4                    9,375,000
Haden, Joe DB 22 2                    8,165,505
Steinbach, Eric OL 31 9                    7,428,571
Jackson, D’Qwell LB 28 6                    6,200,000
Brown, Sheldon DB 32 10                    5,366,667
Gocong, Chris LB 28 6                    5,012,500
Fujita, Scott LB 32 10                    4,316,000
Dawson, Phil K 37 13                    3,800,000
Wallace, Seneca QB 31 9                    3,000,000
Watson, Benjamin TE 31 8                    2,880,000
Moore, Evan TE 27 3                    2,868,750
Mack, Alex OL 26 3                    2,403,000
Mitchell, Jayme DL 27 6                    2,400,000
Jackson, Brandon RB 26 5                    2,250,000
Taylor, Phillip DL 23 0                    2,100,000
Young, Usama DB 26 5                    2,000,000
Greco, John OL 26 4                    1,500,000
Cribbs, Joshua WR 28 7                    1,438,000
Sheard, Jabaal DL 22 0                    1,272,500
Maiava, Kaluka LB 24 3                    1,190,000
Ward, T. J. DB 25 2                    1,008,750
Massaquoi, Mohamed WR 25 3                        815,000
Hardesty, Montario RB 25 2                        740,000
Ventrone, Ray DB 29 6                        734,000
McCoy, Colt QB 25 2                        727,750
Lauvao, Shawn OL 24 2                        714,250
Little, Greg WR 22 0                        706,250
Hodges, Reggie P 30 5                        650,000
Benard, Marcus DL 26 3                        615,000
Cameron, Jordan TE 23 0                        576,750
Marecic, Owen FB 23 0                        567,500
Gronkowski, Dan TE 27 3                        540,000
Ogbonnaya, Chris RB 25 2                        540,000
Daniels, Stanley OL 27 2                        540,000
Williams, Eddie FB 24 2                        540,000
Mitchell, Carlton WR 23 2                        518,363
Sanford, Brian DL 24 2                        500,000
Hagg, Eric DB 22 0                        476,250
Stephens, Emmanuel DL 25 1                        450,000
Paxson, Scott DL 29 2                        415,000
English, Auston DL 25 1                        415,000
Lewis, Thaddeus QB 24 1                        415,000
Windsor, Rod WR 26 1                        415,000
Wolfert, Jeff K 26 1                        415,000
Pinkston, Jason OL 24 0                        415,000
Skrine, Buster DB 22 0                        415,000
Alford, Dominic OL 24 0                        415,000
Dockery, James DB 23 0                        415,000
Jacobs, Benjamin LB 23 0                        415,000
Robertson, Craig LB 24 0                        415,000
Shaw, Jarrod OL 24 0                        415,000
Sims, David DB 25 0                        415,000
Smith, Armond RB 25 0                        415,000
Smith, Brian LB 23 0                        415,000
Spears, Quinton LB 23 0
Spencer, Owen WR 24 0
Tripp, Kiante DT 24 0
Yount, Christian LS 23 0


Some interesting notes. Of the major players under contract, twelve of them are set to come off the books for 2013 to the tune of about $26 million. So, if the Browns go into next season near or below the salary cap they will have $26 million coming off the books already. That includes Sheldon Brown, Scott Fujita, Phil Dawson, Ben Watson, Jayme Mitchell, Josh Cribbs, Brandon Jackson, Kaluka Maiava, Mohamed Massaquoi, Ray Ventrone, Reggie Hodges, and Dan Gronkowski.

Out of that list of players, it would be nice if the Browns had incentive to keep Josh Cribbs, Brandon Jackson, Kaluka Maiava and maybe (maybe) Mohamed Massaquoi.

What does this mean for building a team? Well, the Browns have the 4th pick and the 22nd pick this year. A.J. Green was the 4th pick a year ago and his cap number for 2012 is probably around $4.5 million. Colts offensive lineman Anthony Costanzo was the 22nd pick a year ago and his 2011 cap number was about $2 million. Right there you can chop $7 million off the cap for two guys who should become important starters for the team.

In addition the Browns have the 4th pick in the second round and will have to have roughly one million available per year for that pick. Add in the rest of the rounds and the Browns need to have somewhere north of $10 million available in cap space just to sign their draft picks.

Yes there is other flexibility if the Browns decide to restructure someone or cut a veteran, but not tons and tons. The next time you think the Browns should sign career #2 receiver Pierre Garcon for $42 million over five years, keep this in mind. The Browns also want enough room to consider bringing back Peyton Hillis, re-signing Dimitri Patterson and hopefully finding a right tackle and/or defensive end.

Sorry to say folks, but this rebuild is still over a year away as the Browns continue to load up in the draft and wait out contracts to turn the roster over. As far as free agency goes, it doesn’t really seem like the Browns are sold on Flynn, so don’t expect them to sign any free agents for much more than the Brandon Jackson $2.5 million level at most.

  • Psaid2

    The reason why H&H said we wouldn’t make a big splash in free agency is that no one wants to come here unless the are overpaid (like Rucker). The Browns will spend the money, just not going to get anyone that is good. 3 million for some minor back up fromPhilly?