NFL Free Agency Rumor: Hillis back to original agent, Sexton

The Hillis game of musical chairs appears to be coming to an end once again and Jimmy Sexton seems to have found a chair again. According to a source who talked to ProFootballTalk, Hillis will welcome back his old agent.

Now, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Hillis plans to re-hire Jimmy Sexton, who has since joined CAA. Per the source, Ben Dogra of CAA also will be involved in the representation.

Again, nobody knows exactly what any of this means for Peyton Hillis and his future with the Cleveland Browns. All we know is that the Browns will have an “exclusive” window to negotiate before next Tuesday March 13th. Of course exclusive goes into quotes because there is all sorts of alleged tampering that takes place in supposedly exclusive negotiating windows, so we’ll see.

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  • AMC

    If Hillis wants to be back in Cleveland, he and the Browns will find a way to get this done.  If the most important thing to him is getting a certain amount of money, he won’t be back.

  • MrCleaveland

    The blue giraffe dances in the moonlight.

    –Double-O Forty

  • Svairedale

    Let the crybaby go elsewhere.  He is a cancer in the locker room and just get someone that wanst to play for the Browns.  He is an embarassment.  He will get a contract and fall apart no doubt and take the team spirit with him.

  • Eric G

    Mike Bush!

  • C-Bus Kevin

    Real Headline:

    “Hillis Rehires Original Agent In Hopes Of Reintroducing Original Offer; Browns: That’s Not How This Works”

  • MIKE

    Hes done

  • gren

    I think it’s a bit late for Hillis to get a deal done with the Browns. Once the Raiders or some team that loves to overpay gives him an offer, it’s all over.

  • mgbode

    Raiders are under new management.  Though I would be extremely intrigued by the idea of pairing 2 of the most gifted RBs in the NFL (in extremely different ways) who also double as 2 of the most injury prone RBs in the NFL.

    McFadden & Hillis would be absolutely amazing for the 1/2 of 1 game that they were both healthy (can they trade for Felix?).

  • steve-o

    I expected Hillis to keep his new agent a secret

  • Steve

     To feed your idea, of course McFadden and Hillis have already played together at Arkansas!