NFL Free Agency: Peyton Hillis got paid… a little bit

When Mike Holmgren stated that sometimes it is good for both sides to have a fresh start, he really meant it. Right or wrong, there should be no question going forward just how little the Browns wanted Peyton Hillis back. The Chiefs got themselves a really good speculative bargain in their reported 1-year $3 million deal.

Per a source with knowledge of the contracts, Hillis receives a fully-guaranteed base salary of $1.4 million, along with a $1 million fully-guaranteed roster bonus that comes due over the weekend.

The only fluff comes from $400,000 in per-game roster bonuses.  If he has, say, strep throat and can’t play in a given game, he won’t earn $25,000.

PFT are the masters of getting down to business when it comes to NFL contracts. The good news for Hillis is that $2.6 million of the $3 million is guaranteed. The bad news is that it is a far cry from the offer the Browns reportedly offered to Hillis during this past season.

Remember that Tony Zarella reported the Browns wanted to sign Hillis to a 3-year deal guaranteeing $3 million, but dangling as much as $16.5 million total in front of him. Granted those incentives could have been hard to earn, but it sure sounds better.

Just goes to show how much the Browns soured on the distracted, injured back.

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  • BIKI024

    good stuff.  also, a lot of the Hillis supporters seem to think he gave a discount to KC to reunite with Daboll, but i have a hard time believing he wouldn’t have accepted a more lucrative offer, and who knows if any owere even made..   the Chiefs are obviously being cautious with him as well, due to the lowball offer that is a far cry than what it seemed like Hillis was in the market for this time last year..  NFL once again proves that it stands for Not For Long

  • DonFelder

    I will kill this front office for a lot of things, but not for letting Hillis get away. He was a big problem last year and probably overrated/injury-prone the rest of the way based on his career history. 

    My only problem is their saying they would try to get a deal done and then supposedly not even making an offer. But who knows. They may have reached out and been rebuffed immediately. Seems hard to believe a middling player who would definitely be getting a mediocre payday would rebuff *ANY* offer, but this guy is definitely dumb and I wouldn’t put it past him. 

  • 216in614

    My analogy…

    If im buying a car from salesman #1 and some other salesman #2 has the same car for cheaper and I still buy the car from salesman #1 isn’t it salesman #2 fault? If the salesman #2 came out and said I wanted to sell you that car for cheaper but you just wanted to buy that car from salesman #1 no matter what my offer was. Isn’t that salesman #2 admitting hes bad at selling cars?

    From an executive you don’t want to hear he really wanted something but jsut couldn’t get it done. What you want to hear from an executive is something more like “We made a calculation on what we could pay for him and still turn this thing around and the Redskins exceeded it.” At least that makes it sounds like he is in control.

  • swig

    Is this the worst post-Madden contract ever?

  • Harv 21

    agree. I think the FO really soured on his in-season distractions. Hard to think of another Cleve athlete so completely fixated on his contract after such a small sample of quality performance. Let’s see what Romeo lets him get away with in KC as he resumes his chase for a multi-year. 

  • Easily.

  • JM

    I’m not as mad when I realize that no one really wanted the guy, especially when he only was offered $3 million. But the team just letting players go and opening even more holes is frustrating. Unless they are gonna hit on every draft pick.

  • steve-o

    Which $3M player will have more impact this year, Peyton Hillis or Juqua Parker? Meanwhile the rest of the league is laughing at us for commiting around 40M to Frostee, Parker and Patterson. I don’t mind havng those guys but if our stategy is to not get carried away in FA then why overpay non-impact players by at least a factor of 2?

  • mgbode

    for this year (approx):
    $3mil to Parker (if all incentives met)
    $5mil to Patterson (if all incentives met)
    $4mil to Rucker (if all incentives met)

    $12mil for 3 players.  And Rucker/Juqua will really be sharing responsibilities at DE (Rucker the run-stopper, Juqua the pass-rusher), so we spent $7mil on a DE and $5mil on a CB2 or CB3 (I think he takes the CB2 spot but we will see).

    considering all the crazy contracts going around in the NFL during FA, why would anyone be laughing at that?

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Look at the topics but even more so the comments and count how many times $$$ is a topic.  Amazing and sad.

  • Suewaller

    Burning my HIllis jersey my heart is broken and that is something considering how the Browns play