NBA Trade Rumors: Portland, Los Angeles and Minnesota close to three team deal

Yahoo!’s Marc Spears is reporting a deal in the works between the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves-

“While Blazers holding it up, sources close to MIN-LAL-POR deal expect it to go down. Crawford to MIN, Blake to POR Beasley to LAL & more.”

The significance of this trade to Cleveland fans is this- the Lakers are trying to obtain Beasley to play small forward, and send two players out of Los Angeles in order to clear a roster spot for a new point guard.

If this deal goes through, it could very well open the door for a Ramon Sessions to LA move. That might also signal that the Lakers don’t intend to send a player back to the Cavs, meaning a draft pick would be coming Cleveland’s way and the Lakers would use their Odom trade exception.

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  • mgbode

    let’s hope that is the case

  • herpderpy

    Please. No need to trade Gasol when you can make smaller but good moves. PG: Sessions SG: Kobe SF: Beasley/Artest (Beasley may come off the bench) PF: Gasol C: Bynum
    Tell me that isn’t a good starting lineup. Bench leaves more to be desired though.

  • Willharris2778

    sessions,a 1st rd pick really,i can see sending luke walton or something but a 1st pick in such a deep draft,this would not be wise,maybe for a howard or williams,maybe jennings,but sessions a bench player,dumb

  • Albrightjarrett

    A first pick for Howard,Jennings,Williams. Yur stupid

  • Jaker

    you arent from around here are you?

  • Jhiko5

     n/ob-ody would trade jen/n/in/gs for that

  • JC

    Per ESPN (take that with a grain of salt) Portland would get LA’s 1st round pick.  Didn’t mention the acquiring or pursuit of a PG.  I hope it does work out that the Cavs can get a first round pick for Sessions.  Dude is a proven scorer.

  • Jack

    @Rick – pretty sure Portland is holding up the deal b/c they want LA’s first round pick. 

  • Jack

    Sorry, JC – didn’t know ESPN said that and that you had already posted. Only makes sense though.

  • Jack

    I think this trade probably spells trouble for the Cavs chances at trading into the first round…

  • architrance

     *Lakers have two first round picks*