NBA News: Kings Buyout Former Cav Hickson

According to a tweet from Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sacramento Kings have reached a buyout agreement with former Cavalier first round pick JJ Hickson.

Hickson, who showed much promise playing along side LeBron James in Cleveland was traded this past offseason to the Kings for Omri Casspi and a heavily protected 1st rd pick.

Neither Casspi nor Hickson have worked out well for either respective team, but whereas Casspi has been mostly quiet, Hickson has not been shy about his unhappiness in Sacramento. Despite all of Hickson’s athletic ability, he was never able to find a role in Sacramento and the jump shot he was working on so hard in Cleveland only seemed to regress. With no role and no future with the Kings, a buyout agreement was reached.

Hickson has reiterated a fondness for the Cavaliers this season when the Kings and Cavs played, but Cleveland would seem like a perhaps unlikely destination for him as Hickson and Coach Byron Scott never seemed to be on the same page. One potential destination could be Miami where Hickson could once again thrive under the tutelage of LeBron James, who often mentored Hickson in Cleveland.

[Time Machine: Chris Grant discusses J.J. Hickson trade]

  • BrownsFanSF

    Can we sign him back and trade him for another bench player and first round pick…

  • Mansoor Khan


  • Tsunami

    I’d pay him the league minimum.  He’s 6’9″, has an nba body, can jump outta the gym, can finish, and is young.  Plenty of deficiencies, but he has too much talent not to figure it out at some point and be a respectable big.

  • The Cavs should NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, bring back Hickson. It was a blessing we got rid of him when we did. Hickson seems downright lazy at times, and we don’t need those constant mental lapses back on this Cavaliers team.

  • Chris Gillespie

    As mediocre as Casspi has been, Sacramento got totally hosed on the Hickson trade.

  • jim

    You’re right; we should just let Tristian Thompson make those constant mental lapses.

  • erchoov

    I like Hickson but the guy is lazy and I don’t think the Cavs need that around their young guys.  Plus, I’m not sure how it would help the growth of this team with Thompson getting less minutes for JJ?

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Is this statement implying that Thompson is prone to mental lapses?  If so, I would have to strongly disagree.  I’ve watched almost every Cavs game this season and Thompson makes nowhere near the number of mental mistakes that Hickson made (or that Drew Gooden made before him).  I actually respect Thompson’s intelligence, or at the very least his basketball IQ.  I could never say that about Hickson.

  • CBI

    Guess we can say now that we won that trade.

  • Reality Check

    Is there anything in the world that can change the minds of stubborn Cavs fans that still think JJ HICKSON could’ve brought in Amare Stoudemire, and the Cavs didn’t do it.

  • Natedawg86

    I was just about to check how bad the Kings were to see if we had a shot for that first rd pick.  Thanks for nothing Hickson.

  • swig

    Do you really want Amare, his $18mill contract, complete lack of D, and creaky body at this point?

  • swig

    I hope Hickson figures it out…  As long as it’s not with the Heat.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

     I thought the possibility of that trade was thoroughly debunked?

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

     I thought the possibility of that trade was thoroughly debunked?

  • Thompson is also a rookie, who has continually improved as he’s gotten acclimated to the NBA. Hickson is in his 4th year. I don’t think any more needs to be said.

  • Thompson is also a rookie, who has continually improved as he’s gotten acclimated to the NBA. Hickson is in his 4th year. I don’t think any more needs to be said.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Hickson to the Heat would be painful to watch as a LeBron hater… the one thing Hickson did well was finish alley-oops, and he’d see plenty of them in Miami.

  • I wouldn’t take him now, of course, but two years ago he could’ve been the difference maker for us in the 2010 Playoffs. Certainly more than Jamison was. It also probably would have affected LeBron’s free agency decision making.

  • mgbode

    Steve Kerr himself has said numerous times that JJ Hickson just wasn’t a good enough player to give up Amare.   20-30 yrs from now people will still be saying it though.  sigh.

  • mgbode

    just for informational purposes:

    The draft pick is lottery-protected 2012, top-13 protected in 2013, top-12 protected in 2014 and top-10 protected from 2015-17. If the Cavs don’t receive the pick by 2017, they will receive a second-round pick.

  • the other thing hickson excelled at was pwning dwade.


  • Only if that pick is in the top 55 picks. If it’s not, then Cleveland does not get a pick from them. I have no clue why that caveat is in this trade, but it is.

  • steve-o

    My concern with this is that teams will stop doing trades with us. Grant has made other GM’s look foolish every time they do. It could also go that way with the Sessions trade if he leaves LA this summer.

    Thanks for the info mgbode. I’m holding out hope for the 11th pick in 2015.