NBA Free Agency: Cavs to waive Jason Kapono

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reports via his twitter that the Cavaliers won’t have to worry about what number Jason Kapono might wear.

Now that that’s solved, all that remains is to figure out what the Cavs will be able to get out of Luke Walton. It seemed like the Cavs weren’t treating Walton like just a body in a trade.

Then again, I might have thought the Cavs could use a three point specialist like Kapono on a very tiny salary (by NBA terms) of $1.2 million.

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  • I imagine the Browns won’t get anything out of Luke Walton seeing as he’s a basketball player

  • Ack. Fixed.

  • DonFelder

    Hmm. I’d like to see what kind of shooting Kapono could have offered more so than what Walton has left. Would have been worth a look. Oh well. I trust Chris Grant a lot so far, so keep it up Chris.