DB Mike Adams signs with Denver- not offered a contract by Browns

The Denver Broncos have signed former Browns CB/S Mike Adams according to reports, and by Adams himself via his twitter account

“clev didnt offer a contract for me 2 stay, so now im a Bronco. I went hard every play 4 u clev! I will miss that locker room, and the fans!”

Adams reportedly had other visits scheduled, but Denver couldn’t let the veteran leave without a deal. Adams played 5 seasons for the Browns, playing in 76 games. He started 32 of those games, including all 16 last season. The versatile DB played the nickel back, corner back, free safety and strong safety in his time in Cleveland, as well as kick and punt coverage. Nicknamed ‘Pops’, he was a popular player in the Browns locker room.

  • Max

    I do not understand. I think this means we have another hole to fill

  •  Shhh you’re repeating yourself and Garry_Owen says that’s not fair or right even if its accurate.

  • Jack

    Lives = needed

  • Haas

     They must have really seen something in Usama Young last year that no one else did.  Young was given every opportunity to beat out Adams and couldn’t.  Definitely a downgrade from Adams to Young and Hagg.

  • Kildawg

    Adams filled a decent-sized role here. Wonder if Sheldon Brown could slide to FS and make Young the third S (Cover 3, Dime, 3 Deep, etc.) However the Browns would need to draft a CB like Claiborne or Minnifield for this to work.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Larry Dolan is their financial advisor if you have a player who could earn a raise then let him go!

  • MrCleaveland

    I think maybe the Browns just ran out of “RE-SIGN HERE” contract forms and they’re waiting for the printer to deliver some more.

  • erchoov

    I like it.  This team’s shaping up to be the steamiest pyle of crap in the litter box.  On a side note, I’d love for the Cavs to sign Greg Oden.  Give him a cheap two year deal. 

  • Return of the (ALex) Mack

    Greg Oden 2 year league minimum with incentives and a team option for a 3rd year?  

  • Max

    Mine’s pretty good, thanks. So good in fact I don’t feel inadequate to the point where I need to tell someone to get a life on a message board

  • Elwayshorseteeth

    What’s not to understand? Why pay a 30-year old free agent when you have two promising second year guys in Skrine and Hagg? I have no problem seeing Adams go, he was a good player, but not one they had to re-sign (hence no offer). I really think the Browns will draft Claiborne and have a truly shut down secondary. which would free up the safeties to attack the run.

  • Max

    I guess you have a higher opinion of Hagg than I do. Maybe they are thinking about moving Sheldon Brown to safety? Maybe they will draft Claiborne. Who knows? I know they said they aren’t going to be active in free agency, and now we have one less capable Safety on our roster, with a finite number of draft picks. But, maybe the Broncos gave him more than he was worth to the Browns. I haven’t seen the terms of the deal so that is a possibility.

    Based on all of these questions, I do not understand. Looks like we have another hole to fill.

  • Roosevelt

    I thought that of Oden until this year. But by now it’s inevitable that he’ll just never get well. He’s three years removed from playing organized basketball, and he’d have to be a truly incredible individual to be in any kind of shape now. 

  • erchoov

    Rumor is he has 3 legs, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Still worth a gamble.  The Cavs aren’t spending money until after 2013 season anyway. 

  • Big Z

    I liked Mike. I’m happy to see him play for a winner.

  • porkchopexpress

    On the Peyton Hillis is a genius for leaving and Joe Thomas and Steinbach are idiots for staying scale where does Mike Adams rank on your people who agree with you/don’t agree with you scale?  Or is it not fair or even right to ask that you stand behind your opinions.

  • LMTShawn

    So, I guess most fans now think that Mike Adams was pretty close to a pro bowl player? The guy was pretty good at picking off passes by Florida teams, and that’s about it. Sure, he beat out Usama Young, but if memory serves me correctly, Usama was injured during the short camp and preseason. Mike Adams was a decent stopgap if you had an injury, but why complain about a backup? Save the money there with Hagg and Skrine while picking up another young guy in the draft and move on. The guy is not a starter. Are we going to start complaining about Artis Hicks going to Miami too?

  • mgbode

    mike adams is a good 3rd safety. we needed him as a starter.  FS was a “need” starter with or without him IMO.

  • Mansoor Khan

    Man. I liked Adams. But I’m comfortable with Young as a stop-gap.