Byron Scott Likely to Make Changes to Cavs Starting Lineup, Rotation

Following Cleveland’s 112-91 loss to the Chicago Bulls, Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott appears to have reached his breaking point with regard to his starting lineup.

Rooted mostly in defensive effort and execution, Scott stated that he is “concerned” to the point of making changes to his starting five and rotation, this game marking the first time this season where he has voiced displeasure to the level of making a move. It is believed that reserve swingman Alonzo Gee could be inserted in to the starting lineup, replacing Omri Casspi who has failed to adjust to his role on the Cavaliers since being acquired in the offseason.

Guards Daniel Gibson and Manny Harris could also see additional time off of the bench, if not in a starting role. Gibson has improved drastically on the defensive end and Harris, on his second 10-day contract, provides some offensive firepower off of the bench.

To this point, only injuries have altered Scott’s starting five-man unit. Casspi has started in all 34 of the Cavaliers’ games. He is averaging 7.6 points and 3.5 rebounds per contest.

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  • Lyon25

    It’s about time.  Get Casspi and Parker on the bench.  Gee def deserves to start & Casspi has done nothing to deserve more than minimal minutes.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    agreed.  How a starting SF in today’s NBA can average only 7.6 ppg is pretty startling.  Gee deserves the starting role.  I’d also like to see him, Irving and TT getting as much playing time together as possible.  The SG spot is a mess no matter who you start.  All 3 of those guys are bench guys on a competitive team.

  • Kikiju Bra

    I agree withTT. He is a 4th pick over all and scott should be looking to get him in the lineup as much as possible so as to develope hmi further so that when we get our next set of draftees here in 2012 TT can be ready to go. For now i also believe Gee should have the nod for SF starting.
          PG Irving
          SG Harris/or boobie
          SF Gee
          PF TT
          C  AV(when he returns)
      Parker is not playering well enough to be a starter
     Harris is more reliable.
     Gee contributes more as a resevrve than casspi does starting. He also is a crowd pleaser with a highlight play almost every night.
    I would like to know why mocks keep prodicting the cavs take a 4 or 5 in the draft. I think our biggest need is actually SG.
      SG then C then maybe SF.
      Whats everyone think?

  • Ricardo8sanders

    Sessions and Irving  should be on the court at the same time,Gee should start.Irving should always play point.