Box Score: Raptors 96, Cavaliers 88

The NBA is all about matchups. Some teams you match up well against, others you don’t. The Cavaliers, for whatever reason, just do not match up well with Toronto. Usually it’s obvious to see why a team doesn’t match up well with another. That’s not the case with this one. I can’t really put my finger on what it is that makes the Cavaliers play so poorly against Toronto. Whatever the reason, the Cavaliers are now 0-3 with 1 to go against the Raps.

Jamison and Gee did their part again, and Sessions was huge off the bench. But once again, Kyrie Irving had a rough night. The Cavaliers seemed to keep waiting for him to take over in the 4th quarter, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be this time. Meanwhile, Jerryd Bayless had a huge night, scoring at will on the Cavs PGs to the tune of 20 points. Bargnani had 19 and Barbosa scored 17 off the bench. As a team the Raptors had 14 offensive rebounds, which continuously hurt the Cavaliers.

All in all, just another brutally frustrating night against Toronto.


J. BaylessG36:596-134-74-4+60473000320
D. DeRozanG33:041-60-02-20124001024
A. JohnsonC22:564-40-02-4+92934010410
A. BargnaniF28:428-150-13-3+51813011219
J. JohnsonF18:453-50-00-0+11342002026
Percentages.500.421.667Team Rebounds: 6
E. Davis25:193-60-02-6-1241102248
L. Barbosa24:567-143-80-0+11110110517
L. Kleiza19:153-81-30-0+4132300037
A. Gray19:030-00-01-2+3373001031
G. Forbes11:012-30-00-0+2031020014
S. AlabiDNP – Coach’s Decision
R. ButlerDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. MagloireDNP – Coach’s Decision


K. IrvingG30:165-171-43-4-101771002414
A. ParkerG23:321-30-12-2-5022010014
R. HollinsC21:271-30-00-2-11140011232
A. JamisonF36:168-180-24-4-50010001320
A. GeeF30:044-81-37-7+12613401316
Percentages.382.200.818Team Rebounds: 12
R. Sessions27:136-90-14-6+20462100116
T. Thompson23:002-60-05-6+5030001129
D. Gibson20:270-50-30-0-11013001000
O. Casspi16:011-21-12-2-3130000035
S. Samuels11:441-50-00-0-3340100222
S. Erden2:370-00-00-0-3000000000
A. VarejaoDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Omar’s Magic Glove

    You are right, Toronto just seems to have the Cavs number this year for whatever reason.  This would have been a big win to get ahold of the eighth seed, but ah well.

  • Dombard11


    Cavs : johnny flynn
    Lakers: sessions
    Houston : lakers 1st rounder

  • swig

     If you’re not on a mobile device might want to go here:

    Pure speculation, doesn’t make too much sense to me

  • LeoC

    Its easy to figure out. We have zero centers or length and Toronto has a bunch of length even if some their guys are average they’re better than our big guys. Cavs really need to draft a big man or get one in free agency. Hollins and Erden are useless and hoping Andy comes back isn’t gonna work he’s still not tall enough and we still lost to Raptors when he was playing. Also Bayless destroyed Irving all night. Offensive rebounding was horrendous yet again. Big stat of the night…Jamison playing 36 minutes and not getting a single rebound….how is that possible without even trying? And isn’t it pathetic the pg of the team is the leading rebounder….unreal…i think this team has some talent but at times depending on position its really bad and a huge drop-off