Box Score: Pistons 87, Cavaliers 75

That was….better? The Cavaliers at least defended better and Kyrie Irving was really aggressive in trying to top Brandon Knight. But beyond that, the Cavaliers offense was pretty horrible in this game and the Pistons more or less were able to just coast to victory. Alonzo Gee was simply destroyed by Tayshaun Prince in this game, and that’s really what set the tone for the rest of this game. 5 losses in a row, 8 of 9 overall. Things are getting ugly.


B. KnightG37:407-152-30-0+140453002116
R. StuckeyG6:470-20-20-0-4002010000
G. MonroeC32:184-130-00-2+63102322238
T. PrinceF37:0811-214-43-4+191830004129
J. MaxiellF32:596-90-00-0+74911030212
Percentages.422.467.625Team Rebounds: 8
A. Daye29:233-71-41-2+16122122018
W. Bynum20:163-90-12-2-4031110118
B. Wallace15:420-10-01-2+6360004001
J. Jerebko15:010-20-13-4+5040110043
D. Wilkins12:461-40-00-0-5132000002
B. GordonDNP – Coach’s Decision
W. Russell Jr.DNP – Coach’s Decision
C. VillanuevaDNP – Coach’s Decision


K. IrvingG36:329-191-53-3-103965201222
A. ParkerG32:452-51-30-0-7165200025
T. ThompsonC29:583-120-03-4-156110113329
A. JamisonF36:547-212-41-1-63423032217
A. GeeF34:591-61-20-0-8294211023
Percentages.345.294.833Team Rebounds: 8
S. Samuels18:022-30-00-0+3140010124
M. Harris15:153-100-13-3-5011000319
O. Casspi13:012-70-20-1-4130000024
D. Sloan11:281-40-00-0-2012012102
L. Walton11:060-00-00-0-6000200020
S. ErdenDNP – Coach’s Decision
D. GibsonDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Dinglehopper

    We should change our name to the Shermans for the rest of the year.

  • Wfny


  • ePop

    I think it’s in response to them tanking. 
    To quote Bio-Dome: “I’M A SHERMAN TANK!”

  • Modellsux


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Man Prince was the King last night he owned the Cavaliers.  Gee really let me down not to mention one of my fantasy playoff basketball teams.  Top five pick and better, let’s go!