Box Score: Knicks 91, Cavaliers 75

After finding out Kyrie Irving was going to sit this one out, I set the over/under for Cavs points at 73. I was pretty close. Take note: Manny Harris only got in the game for the last minute. Sloan played 34 minutes and Hudson (signed 2 days ago) played 24 minutes. Message sent.


A. ParkerG36:064-100-12-2-60131200210
D. SloanG34:355-100-10-0-192743201110
T. ThompsonC15:281-20-01-2+3010200043
A. JamisonF35:005-151-22-5-192704101413
A. GeeF33:233-80-06-10-183622101412
Percentages.389.154.630Team Rebounds: 13
L. Hudson24:152-80-50-0-6063410004
S. Samuels18:003-50-00-0-18230200156
O. Casspi15:441-40-22-2+1150001004
S. Erden14:322-60-04-6-1110100148
L. Walton11:532-41-20-0+4011000015
M. Harris1:040-00-00-0-1000000000
K. IrvingDNP – Coach’s Decision

New York

I. ShumpertG38:553-122-52-2+180222500110
B. DavisG29:152-62-40-0+6145100016
T. ChandlerC28:443-40-08-11+761212030414
C. AnthonyF33:087-141-24-8+103422101419
L. FieldsF22:282-80-10-0+6251610024
Percentages.395.321.688Team Rebounds: 12
J.R. Smith34:398-153-71-2+192922500120
S. Novak22:372-81-60-0-1030101015
J. Harrellson19:191-40-16-8+9360011028
T. Douglas9:512-50-21-1+5021100025
J. Jordan1:040-00-00-0+1000000010
M. BibbyDNP – Coach’s Decision
J. LinDNP – Coach’s Decision
B. WalkerDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Ritz

    “Take note: Manny Harris only got in the game for the last minute”

    That’s because he isn’t good. He can’t defend and forces shots. Contrary to what many commentors seem to think he really does not deserve more minutes.

  • CavsFanInLA

    Sloan did a great job tonight, and looks like he might have some real potential as a backup PG….

    I love these hard-working players like Sloan, Hudson and Gee….

    They seem to really appreciate having their chance at playing in the NBA…  

    From the interviews that I’ve read and watched, they also seem like real character guys.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    There are lots of Cavs fans hoping that the team will tank the rest of the season and try to get more lottery balls… well they are going to get their wish.  I can’t imagine Cleveland winning more than 3 or 4 more games for the rest of the season.  They might not win again. I mean, they look horrible… it’s officially time for me to cancel my monthly nba.com League Pass subscription.

  • porckchopexpress

    This isn’t meant to trash the Cavs because of injuries and whatnot they are what they are. However, that might be one of the worst starting fives trotted out in 30 years.  Three guys who have spent most of their career in the D-league, a rookie, and Jamison are your starting 5.  Your bench consists of 3 more D leaguers, a second round pick Luke freaking Walton, and Omri “I hope I can hang around long enough to be Luke Walton” Casspi.  Think about that, 6 starters/rotation players were undrafted/D-league players.  This team has a chance to break last years 20 whatever game losiing streak. 

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Very true Harris hasn’t shown me anything.  He’s a roster filler as far as I’m concerned.