Box Score: Jazz 109, Cavaliers 100

Too little, too late. I’m sensing a theme, here. The Cavaliers come out flat, play poorly for much of the game, make a furious 2nd half comeback, only to fall just short at the end.

Antawn Jamison tried to carry the load early as Kyrie Irving had an awful first half. To his credit, as he is prone to do, Irving recovered and had an enormous 2nd half. If the Cavaliers are going to snap this losing streak, they need Irving to stop looking to set up everyone else early and to come out aggressive and looking to score from the start. Until that happens, I suspect we’ll see more games like this.

As it is, the losing streak now stands at 6. Now it’s off to Denver on Wednesday.


R. BellG20:451-30-20-0+6021300002
D. HarrisG15:092-40-05-6+4021000009
A. JeffersonC39:119-160-07-8+1631370131225
P. MillsapF34:405-120-03-5+163952121413
J. HowardF26:126-140-02-3+72512200514
Percentages.500.556.828Team Rebounds: 8
G. Hayward27:408-112-35-501450100123
E. Watson22:501-21-22-2+7031101045
D. Favors13:464-60-00-0-5251410138
A. Burks13:051-10-00-0-3000000022
J. Tinsley10:012-32-20-0-2002101006
C.J. Miles8:180-20-00-0+8000000000
E. Kanter7:331-60-00-0-7230000132
J. Evans0:500-00-00-0-2000000010


K. IrvingG31:4510-191-41-1-21440001322
A. ParkerG20:452-51-20-0-6001020125
R. HollinsC27:451-20-01-4-2140100033
A. GeeF34:535-113-52-4-41432010315
A. JamisonF34:148-181-65-6-113463101422
Percentages.457.391.630Team Rebounds: 15
R. Sessions22:005-121-23-300213102014
T. Thompson21:581-60-01-3-5131003213
D. Gibson21:302-31-21-2-10024000006
O. Casspi13:071-21-21-2-5030010014
S. Samuels12:032-30-02-20040120016
S. ErdenDNP – Coach’s Decision
L. HarangodyDNP – Coach’s Decision
M. HarrisDNP – Coach’s Decision

  • Steve

    I’ve got to be honest, I’m getting pretty sick of Jamison jacking up 20 shots a night, and not just because he’s got a TS% that is 57th out of 80 power forwards. This team should be developing a roster that can compete in three years, and having a guy who won’t be around next year leading the team in minutes and attempts just doesn’t make any sense. This team needs to be giving run to the guys who are part of the future, and now that it’s finally obvious to everyone that trying to make a playoff push this year isn’t going to work out well for this team, it’s time to go 100% down the development route.

  • 216in614

    Exactly. I hate watching Jamison play. We need to get rid of him. I realize coach Scott respecs him as a vet but the youngsters need to play.

  • floydrubino

    Think about how bad our team would be if we didn’t get kyrie through picking up baron davis deal.  Think about if we only had the one pick and only got thompson. It was a tough draft to get any real talent but the guy is barely contributing plus on top of everything he’s Canadian.  Some real rocket scientists working in the cavs front office picking a Canadian at #4. That’s as dumb as the Blue Jackets drafting ice hockey players from Jamaica.

  • floydrubino

    I think the reason why they can’t is because their roster is so pathetic that they have no one to play. I can’t stand Jamison with his shots that he is just throwing at the rim from 15 feet and in. I have never seen someone throw a tear drop that is a brick but he pulls it off on a regular basis. Why don’t we sign Joe Alexander and give him a try. He is a bust but at least he has some upside if he develops.

  • Steve

     Or just give 30 minutes to Thompson and see if he can improve. The roster is fairly pathetic regardless of how many minutes Jamison gets, treat the rest of the season as September for a baseball team thats out of the race. Let the youngsters get their feet wet.

  • ClevelandRocks

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say on this site.

  • Amclaughlin2

    I think Steve Nash would like a word with you.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Ryan Hollins – 4 rebounds and 0 blocked shots in almost 28 minutes of playing time.  Samardo Samuels put up those same numbers in 12 minutes.  I’m not saying Samuels is good, I’m saying, “That’s how bad Ryan Hollins is.”

  • Harv 21

    My new attitude toward Ryan is one of sympathy. He didn’t ask for the NBA body, and he probably wishes an Alonzo Mourning-type heart came with it. He doesn’t want to bang for a rebound, or be on the foul line, 12 seconds left and the air heavy with expectation. He’s a nice young man who won/lost the gene pool.
    No, I’m getting ticked at Chris Grant, who is pretty tall himselfand should know better. Chris, there is indeed such a thing as a useless tin man of a 7 footer. Team morale would be improved with a 6’8′ klutz with some ball hunger. Or going all Don Nelson with 3 guards

  • Harv 21

    … and no center.

  • floydrubino

    The fact that you took it so seriously is pretty funny. Name one canadian player that’s good. There might be 1 or 2 but no one is good that comes out of canada. Don’t use Steve Nash because he was born in South Africa. He is not even Canadian. Jajuan Johnson is better at the 27th pick than Tristan Thompson. You are satisfied with tristan at #4. I guess I won’t make any more jokes because you will take everything to serious.

  • floydrubino

    Steve Nash is South African who lived in Canada. So he is not Canadian and he wasn’t picked until the 15th pick also. If you take a Canadian in the first 5 picks of any draft ever unless it is a guaranteed amazing talent how could you keep your job as a gm I will never understand. There was not much talent in the draft this year but you are telling me that you should of picked thompson over brandon knight, gordon hayward, jimmer fredette, and there is a couple more. I know we need big men but you don’t bypass talent that can put up 20 a game on you to get some guy you could pick past the 1st round. I’m sure if you dug around enough you can find 1 or 2 good canadian players but that is the point.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    You know I’m a Thompson backer, so I’m obviously going to remind you that Thompson is 3 years younger than JaJuan Johnson and was better as a frosh than Johnson was so there’s that… but I think you’re also forgetting that hardly anyone plays basketball in Canada.  Almost everyone plays hockey.  So I’m not sure you can say that all Canadians are terrible at basketball when such a significantly smaller percentage ever try to be good at basketball.  If you’re joking then I will say haha, yeah Canadians are bad at basketball, but if you are truly saying that it’s dumb to pick someone purely because they’re Canadian, then I’ve got to agree with ClevelandRocks.

  • floydrubino

    Lol. I said the truth in a joking way. No one plays basketball there. You are naming the reason why I was saying it in a joking way.  Obviously if there is a freak of nature that is a sure thing from canada you take him. But I thought it was a pretty obvious thing that everyone knows people don’t play basketball in canada. When I say that Johnson is as good as Thompson I mean they are both average. I’m not saying Jajuan is good I’m saying Thompson and him are average. I’m telling you right now Thompson will be a decent role player at best. As for your comparison your saying Thompson is a lot better than Johnson is your opinion. So by you backing him with pick #4 Thompson is going to be an all pro every year. Because when you pick at #4 you want this pick to be an all star.