Aaron Craft’s brother deploys for Afghanistan today as OSU faces Syracuse

Aaron Craft’s brother Brandon Craft deploys for service in Afghanistan as member of the US Army today, as Ohio State prepares to play Syracuse with chance to advance to Final Four.

This from Doug Lesmerises of the Plain Dealer earlier today:

This is today for the Craft family: one son trying to reach New Orleans, while the other is headed to Afghanistan.

“We have an opportunity like this to play in the Elite Eight,” Ohio State sophomore point guard Aaron Craft said Friday, “but it gives you perspective on some things. We fight for a basketball game but he’s fighting for something bigger than all of us.”

He is Brandon Craft, Aaron’s older brother, a member of the Army who will deploy today from Fort Lewis in Washington, fulfilling an assignment that had been delayed for several weeks by a knee injury suffered during training. After a knee injury several years ago ended his football career at Findlay University, Brandon Craft enlisted as his younger brother was entering Ohio State in 2010.

“He was always around athletics as much as Aaron was,” their father, John, said Friday. “I think being in the Army and being part of that kind of team helps fill the void.”

Thanks for your service, Brandon. Be safe.

  • Craft to the Rafters

    two great Ohioans!

  • buckichuck

    This puts everything else in perspective! Aaron’s a hero; his bro. Brandon a Super Hero!

  • Tsdavis

    I’m a UK fan but if they happen to play Ohio State this year it won’t be so bad losing to OSU.  This kid, Aaron Craft, is so much fun to watch and appears to be the supreme student athlete.  Now I learn about his brother’s deployment into a war zone with the Army.  Truly these parents must be so proud.  I wish Aaron the best of luck at New Orleans and I’ll pray for Brandon’s safe return home.  These kids aren’t just great Ohioans, they are great Americans.  And thank you to the parents of these young men, you’ve done an amazing job.

  • Natedawg86

    Would have loved to have craft as one of my soldiers!!!

  • Garry_Owen

    Amen, brother – but I’ve had dozens of guys just like him.