While We’re Waiting… Getting to Know Randy Lerner, Irving 4th Best Rookie and Buckeye Scholarships

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OUTSTANDING profile of Randy Lerner done by WFNY friend Vince G.- “Not to belabor the point, but the Browns and Randy Lerner believe in what they are doing. “We are not beleaguered, we are not going to lay down, this is not business as usual,” says Lerner. “We are working hard to turn around this f****** nightmare.” When offered the opportunity to share a message with the team’s fans, Lerner says only this: “It’s a massive privilege to be in the position I am with the Browns. A massive privilege.”

Browns fans just hope that Lerner has it right this time, that he can finally wake his team and his city from the nightmare that never seems to end.” [Grzegorek/Scene]

At least one writer isn’t sold on Irving as ROY- “Irving is a very impressive scorer. While he doesn’t have many weaknesses, the few he does are glaring. His turnovers are very high, especially in regards to the number of assists he gets. He’s also pretty foul prone. Rubio’s scoring has not been that impressive. At a 50% TS clip he’s essentially breaking even every time he takes a shot. That said, his assist rate is off the chart and he’s also remarkably good at stealing the ball while keeping his fouls own. Like Irving his turnovers are a bit high, but given the number of dimes he’s passing out we’ll forgive him.

The Rubio vs. Irving debate comes down to a popularity contest of sorts. Rubio is really good at playmaking and getting the ball. In short, he’s fitting the prototypical PG role to a tee. Irving is really good at scoring, with a few weaknesses many are ok overlooking. When it comes down to it both are good players but Rubio is currently the better of the two. Unfortunately scoring is what the voters notice Irving will likely end the season with more accolades (at least if both players keep their current play up)” [Alvarez/Wages of Wins Journal]

Someone is wrong about Canzler- “You’ll pardon Antonetti for restraining his excitement about Canzler. The Indians couldn’t get Peña, but the Rays did. Now the Indians have the Rays’ fourth- or fifth-string first baseman, but they’re still going after the guy who the Rays dumped to make way for Peña. Wait, which is the team that’s perpetually playing Moneyball? Oh, right: Both of them.

The history of players like Canzler who apparently nobody really wants isn’t encouraging. Another season or two in the minors, no matter how well he hits, means a spot on everybody’s Quadruple-A All-Star Team. Which is really awesome if you’re attending a convention of baseball nerds, but doesn’t really do much for the kids’ college savings accounts. Now we sorta gotta pull for Russ Canzler, because we’ve all felt at some point that nobody really wanted us.” [Neyer/SB Baseball Nation]

Big Ten switching to four year scholarships instead of one year renewable ones. At least some schools are- “In October, the NCAA allowed schools to offer multiyear scholarships as part of a package of reforms. The full NCAA body is expected to approve multiyear scholarships later this month. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has voiced his support for four-year scholarships.

 Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Illinois confirmed to that they have given out four-year scholarships to this class. Ohio State and Nebraska also confirmed on signing day that they are giving out scholarships that no longer have to be renewed annually. Purdue, Indiana and Minnesota are still awarding one-year renewable grants.”  [Bennett/ESPN] (Hat Tip Mg Bode)

Look for a piece by Andrew on the Buckeyes’ class, but for now take a look at the class profiles over at Eleven Warriors.

  • Anonymous

    it’ll be interesting to follow how easily schools can get out of their now 4-year commitment, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • porkchopxpress

    The four year commitment is a positive step.  I know the Big Ten doesn’t allow oversigning, and that players who don’t perform aren’t supposed to be released from their scholarships to make room for recruits, but I’m sure it happens.  From a football point of view its only a good move if the coaches take the gloves off when recruiting.  Tell the kids the truth,if you come to a Big Ten school you get a guaranteed 4 years.  Go to ‘bama or LSU, and they will dump you at any time if they can sign a top flight recruit to replace you.

  • Anonymous

    vince’s article really was great… definitely a must read for any and all browns fans

  • Humboldt

    It’s 10am, and despite the f-bombs and seemingly coached leader-in-crisis-mode rhetoric, Randy Lerner is still pathetic and irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    I liked the specific mentions of Browns plays, games, happenings.  Shows he at least is keeping a finger on the pulse.   Relying on a DA run to win though I think is referring to the KC game in ’06, not the ’07 season I think.

  • Anonymous

    also interesting to see who will follow suit with this development.  Pac12 and ACC would make sense as they have some similar signing rules to the Big10 (not quite as rigid).

  • porkchopxpress

    On the Irving versus Rubio thing, I hate to go the “McCoydoesn’thaveenoughweapons” argument.  However if you swap power forwards Love for Jamison, I can almost guarantee Irving’s assists climb by at least 2 and Rubios drop about the same.  What I really like is that finally we have a matchup where typical racial profiles are reversed.  The white guy is the “athelet/artist” while the black guy is the fundamentally sound, take the good shot make the right play guy.   
    To be honest though they are both really good, and have a different enough game that its fun to debate because it speaks to the style of play you prefer.  Kinda like the Jordan vs. Dominique debates we’d have as kids, before Jordan kinda put that one to bed.

  • Anonymous

    Rubio is always looking to pass first (even when the pass isn’t there he’ll try to force it in there).  I think he’ll always have better assist numbers just from that side of things.  I think it’s also why he’ll have a tougher time taming his TO issues.

    Irving is likely still trying to figure out Scott’s offense, and if he can get a good shot, then why not take it?  this isn’t a Westbrook in OKC situation where he’s leaving a MVP-candidate ignored by looking for his own.

  • DocZeusX

    If advanced metrics tell you that Jon Friggin Leuer is better than Kyrie Irving, you’re using them wrong.